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  1. I updated Evernote (Windows) the other day. For the first time since then I am trying to add a simply note with a list of 1,2,3. It keeps wanting to force it to the indented number format, which I hate and don't want on my simple note. I can't get it to stop doing it. Then if I put a space between my number list the next item indents beneath it. It's driving me crazy. Anyone have any idea how to shut that off and let me just make a simply number list without formatting?
  2. Thanks you for spending your time with me on this. I will contact support.
  3. The problem is with making the screen smaller. The left edge just disappears as I attempt to resize the screen. If I have the left panel and the note list also displayed it will cut off starting with whatever is on the left side of the window. This example is just showing the note.
  4. I have (27642) Public installed on Windows now, and a new issue. I can resize the screen but the text won't wrap at the same point earlier.
  5. I'm having the exact same issue. It will only resize down so far and no further. When I enlarge it again I see a flash of a scroll bar that seems to be in the middle of where it won't go past. I think I updated recently and it was after I noticed this issue. Running Windows Reading the release notes it does say: New table features Click and drag to resize column widths I wonder if it thinks every note has at least one column in it and won't resize all the way because of it. The notes I have open don't have tables in them.
  6. Why don't we rely on the power of social media to get this basic editing tool added to Evernote. I just "Liked" Evernote on Facebook and requested it. Then I went on Twitter and tweeted "Please add the basic editing tool of highlighting to Evernote PC desktop version.". Obviously they don't care about Evernote forum users opinions, but if we had a strong enough voice in social media outlets it might force them to reconsider.
  7. I just decided to move from TreePad to Evernote. I thought the big problem I would have going to Evernote was loosing the sub-folder levels. I finally worked it out in my mind how to use tags to achieve what I wanted. Now I find the basic formatting tool to Highlight Text is not available. Gosh even TreePad could do that. I thought I was moving up in technology. I give presentations and need to highlight sections, changing font colors is not an effective work around. Another problem I have with no highlight option available is the opposite of adding one. Sometime I copy text from the web and the background color comes over. I just want to remove that background and find I have no way of doing that. Come on people if you can show the background how come I can't edit it to remove it. Simply Formatting isn't what I'm looking for either, because the fonts all change.
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