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  1. Thanks you for spending your time with me on this. I will contact support.
  2. The problem is with making the screen smaller. The left edge just disappears as I attempt to resize the screen. If I have the left panel and the note list also displayed it will cut off starting with whatever is on the left side of the window. This example is just showing the note.
  3. I have (27642) Public installed on Windows now, and a new issue. I can resize the screen but the text won't wrap at the same point earlier.
  4. I'm having the exact same issue. It will only resize down so far and no further. When I enlarge it again I see a flash of a scroll bar that seems to be in the middle of where it won't go past. I think I updated recently and it was after I noticed this issue. Running Windows Reading the release notes it does say: New table features Click and drag to resize column widths I wonder if it thinks every note has at least one column in it and won't resize all the way because of it. The notes I have open don't have tables in them.
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