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  1. Here's an interesting experiment to measure the effectiveness of the Evernote OCR capability: 1. Write on a test page, with distinct keywords interspersed. 2. Write some of the keywords rotated +90 degrees and -90 degrees. 3. Then use them in a sentence. 4. Use Page Camera to take a photo, sync it with Evernote, and then begin to make searches. - The first thing you'll notice is the search occurs in real time as you type. - The second thing you may notice is that some of the keywords are found and others are not. - The third thing you may notice is that searches can find even ROTATED text - The fourth thing you may notice is that the search IMPROVES WITH TIME but the more content (e.g., more pages and more text per page) the slower the improvement and the more misses and false positives - Finally, you may notice that the more search characters you type, the worse the search accuracy gets. For me, false positives are not as annoying as outright misses. I have pretty darned good penmanship - so your mileage may vary. OneNote also can do OCR on any photo/image, although the integration of this capability isn't as seamless as Evernote. I'll experiment with the same images on OneNote. Also, OneNote search capability still isn't there on Android (or if it's there I can't find it) so that may be the showstopper for me unless I move to a mobile Windows platform.
  2. I am a Premium Subscriber. Page Camera with OCR + Search is a relatively new Evernote feature so I expect some early glitches. But I sense this is one area where OneNote may have an advantage given the years they've had working with tablets and refining their OCR. I was an early adopter of tablet computing 5-6 years ago, but the hardware wasn't very elegant. Now it is (potentially). OneNote uses local processing for OCR so that search is faster. As a business user, my top 2 features for any note taking tool are: 1) ability to input using handwriting, and 2) making that hand written content reliably searchable. Speed is important for me because I can test (and therefore gain confidence in) the ability for the tool to recognize my handwriting. The Galaxy Note 2 can do OCR on the fly with either Evernote or OneNote, and it's pretty impressive, but it can't do mixed media and page layout the same way as with LiveScribe or Smart Notebooks (interspersing graphics with text on a page, and having the text be searchable). The potentially ideal solution is something like OneNote + Microsoft Surface Pro or Lenovo Helix.
  3. I finally got it to be searchable on another machine, but just synchronizing does not ensure an image is searchable. The OCR takes quite a bit of time to do it's thing. Pages will synchronize LONG before they are searchable. I guess the advantage is that the OCR does seem fairly powerful and accurate, and that the process takes no CPU cycles away from the mobile device. The downside is - waiting for the servers.
  4. I noticed I can search almost immediately on the Android device that I used to take the photo, but that my Windows machine cannot make the same search (minutes and still waiting). I'm assuming the search function works cross-platform?
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