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  1. Hello, at the end support rep says it's a bug, with no due date. Hopefully in next coming release. Thanks all!
  2. Hello charboyd and gazumped, Ticket# 690220 - submitted on August 11, 2014 Thank you!
  3. Hello Gazumped, Thanks for your suggestion. I will create supporting ticket. On red circle #1, when I switch keyboard in Thai and type in Thai, Thai character doesn't show. Then I switch keyboard to English and type in English, English character shows fine. I have no control of selecting font on search bar. On blue circle, I select font "TH Charmonman", and that shows correct in note. However, when Evernote copies first line of note on to subject line (Red circle #2), Thai characters change to square, while English character shows fine. eg. XXXXXXX ABCDEFG. I have no control of selecting font on subject line. Best Regards, Pumin
  4. Hello gazumped, Even I don't have any notes and simply type on Search bar, font just doesn't display correctly. (shows in square symbol)
  5. Hello, Thai font won't display only in search bar and subject line, instead, it shows as squares. Other places such as body, it shows fine. Please see attached screenshot. Not sure how to fix this. I tried to set menu language in Thai and English, but it doesn't help. I'm running Evernote on Windows 8.1 Best regards, -pumin
  6. Hello Gaz, Sorry for late reply, you probably figure out already. However, here is my screenshot of Zapier setting. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/41275833/zapier1.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/41275833/zapier2.jpg then I put * in any note titles, such as see doctor * next friday see doctor * next friday 5.15pm see doctor * next friday 5.15pm-5.20pm see doctor * june 1st 5pm see doctor * 06/15/2013
  7. If you dont' mind 3rd party service, I am currently using Zapier, lowest plan is currently free. You man google for it, but in short, it will scan your Evernote every 15 mintues and automatically post on to Google calendar (also email, tweeter, etc. I haven't explored all features yet) . In my case, I set up * (asterisk) as a filter, and when I put note title as "See doctor * May 15th 5pm", Zapier will find the asterisk, and copy that note on to your Google calendar, in which will notify / alarm on android phone. Nothing else has to do, just add a note with * and that's it. As a part of their refer-a-friend bonus, if you signup via following link. You and me get extra 100 free notifications per month. http://zpr.io/wPS Hope this helps.
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