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  1. I don't know when this change BUT THINGS ARE BETTER, at least on the Mac. There is now a context menu option (ctrl-click) for "Convert Note to PDF". When you click this, it creates a new note in your default Evernote folder and have an embedded PDF, with all the same goodness as the original. In this new note-as-PDF, there is a 'Save As' icon within the note where you can save the note as a PDF. The saved PDF appears to have all the high fidelity of the original PDF, such as full resolution of embedded pictures, etc. Nice! Pj.
  2. I'm really bumbed out to hear this. I *just* found out about this feature yesterday and it solved a problem of "how do I keep track and read all the reading I need to do? (a portion of which comes from Notebooks in Evernote, another portion from RSS feeds which I aggregate into Google Reader)" I enjoy reading on my iPad and find the RSS readers there pretty good. I don't get the same experience form reading notes from within Evernote. The UX of moving from note to note isn't as smooth as moving from one RSS article to another. Second is the inefficiency of moving between multiple apps to address a workflow that I'd like to be in a single UI experience. Since this is really an infrastructure issue and not a limitation of app functionality, what are your thoughts for how to restore this user workflow?
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