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  1. I'm having this problem too - in the browser version of evernote. Has the feature been removed (I hope not, I used it all the time)?
  2. I too would love to connect my work account as well as my personal account.
  3. Hi all, I tried Dean's suggestion but wasn't able to get far. When I open 'Settings...' in the ScanSnap Manager and select 'Customize' from the settings window, I am presented with several tabs ('Application' among them). But 'Application' is grayed out, so I can't add/remove Evernote. I tried running the SupportTool and resetting permissions and application settings. Same problem. --- BUT! When I deleted Evernote from my Applications folder, and then reinstalled evernote using the App Store, it worked! Thanks everybody! Dane
  4. I am also having an issue similar to this one: I recently upgraded to OSX 10.9, so I suspect its related to this? Here are my versions: - OSX 10.9 - ScanSnap Manager v3.2 L63 - A ScanSnap S1300i - Evernote v5.4.3 (402231) When I attempt to use the ScanSnap 'Scan to document (jpg)' feature the following message appears on screen: "Scan to Evernote (Note) Failed to start up Evernote for Mac. Make sure that the selected application is installed correctly". I tried reinstalling ScanSnap: same error. I notice that if Evernote is not running, this feature works! But the above error message always appears if Evernote is already running. Its uber-annoying to quit evernote every time I scan a document. Any thoughts? At this point I'm just scanning to a folder and manually importing...
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