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  1. OK, here is the answer...for Android version.... In the notes list, the arrow at the bottom right of each notes title box brings up a menu with the option to keep offline. This does not work for a "stack" but only for a "note". I selected each note separately to select the offline option. I found no way to select all notes.
  2. It seems to be very different in my Android version. Can anyone answer my questions...please. Under settings there is a greyed out "Set Offline Access -- Go to notebooks list, tap the download icon and choose which notebooks to set offline". This is not clear or does not work, or I am stupider than I had thought!
  3. I have just signed up for Evernote Premium so that I will have access to data whilst offline. How, if required, do I enable the offline for all notes in (a) my Android phone; ( my PC? How can I check that all data is available on my offlined Android? By using airplane mode, and then what?
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