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  1. I recently read an article by Katie Floyd (http://www.macworld.com/article/2029451/how-i-went-paperless-with-hazel-and-evernote.html) which talked about how Hazel was being used to monitor a folder for specific files and, when the criteria were matched, create notes for each of them with specific tags in specific notebooks. Unfortunately when I try this approach it doesn't seem to work. The script is as follows: tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile notebook {"Inbox"} tags {"tag"}end tellEvernote activates without any trouble but nothing happens after that - I did a little further testing by adding a line after activate to create a new notebook called "test" and this was accomplished without any troubles. I also though I might be doing something wrong with the tags so I tried after having removed the tail end of the line to no avail. I'm not getting any kind of error message, Evernote activates and that's where everything ends: no note, no message, no joy. Are there any known issues here? Am I missing something obvious? Is anyone else having this issue?
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