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  1. I recently had a live chat with one of the reps at evernote and he tested it on his Galaxy S3 while we were chatting and sure enough it wouldn't let him keep the time/dates he manually picked. He informed me he would let the developing team know and that a fix should be coming.
  2. I'm having the same issue and it seems to be a samsung device issue. We have a Note 2, Galaxy S4, and a Note 10.1 and none of them can set the date and time without using the wheel or slider but if I set a date and time clicking by actually tapping on "tomorrow" or on the time. After I choose the day and time, I click done and my changes are not saved and it reverts back to whatever it was originally. However, I also have a Hisense Sero Pro and everything works fine on that device. Weird.
  3. I have a note 2 and a note 10.1 by samsung. On both these devices when I save an alarm reminder with the date and time, it is not saving the date and time. I also have a Hisense pro android tablet and when I save the date and time on an alarm, it saves just fine. This issue seems to be just with my note 2 and my note 10.1. The note 2 is running android 4.3 and my note 10.1 is running android 4.1. My Hisense pro is running android 4.2. I am having to use another task management app because I can't get evernote to properly save my dates and times on my note series devices. I have also tried to save alarm times and dates on my wife's galaxy s4 and again, it will not save. I don't know if this is a samsung-evernote issue or if it is happening on other branded devices but it is not happening on my Hisense pro. Any suggestions?
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