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  1. Hi evernote users, you can help us win Evernote's developer cup. We are a startup and our app, Seer, works with gmail + evernote, and reminds you of your most important emails. We are looking for a few of you to test it out before we submit it later today. You can see more at http://getseer.site44.com/ and send me a message if you want a login. We appreciate your help Conall + Joe
  2. gazumped - thank you for the feedback. Files were our first focus, and as a result the emails and others are a bit too listy right now we agree. Also working on a search. We hope you will continue to help us improve it. We appreciate the feedback you sent us already. C6REW - we are glad you agree with us about having a bit more than keywords to help you navigate your information. we have work to do, but really value your feedback as we prioirtize it -- let us know your thoughts once you hook up evernote
  3. We are looking for Evernote power users to try our new web-app, Seer. Seer helps you stay organized, so you can find what you need quickly and get things done. Visit erlibird.com/go/getseer to get access to our private beta and provide feedback. If erlibird runs out of spots, sign up here and tweet @getseer with an #evernote. We will get you access quickly. One place to get things done Realize your full potential.
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