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  1. I had exactly the same problem on my HTC Wildfire and successfully followed gbarry's instructions to uninstall v5.0 and install the previous version Here are the steps I followed on the phone: Uninstall Evernote v5.0 Press Menu, Settings, Applications and tick Allow Installation of non-Market applications. Accept the warning notice. Start Google Play, press Menu, Settings and untick Auto-update apps. Exit Google Play. Start Internet, enter the Web address http://s.evernote.com/android_v4.5.6.2 Version will download and complete its installation automatically. Start Evernote and enter log-in details. Evernote will download headers, snippets and other data from your account. Then close Evernote. Start Google Play, press Menu, My Apps and scroll down to Evernote. DO NOT press Update! Press on the icon on the left and the app details will appear. Untick Allow automatic updating, then exit Google Play. Evernote v4.5.6.2 will now function normally, as before the faulty update to v5.0.
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