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  1. Update: I found AppCleaner using a google search, downloaded it and deleted the Evernote application. Like Danielle suggested, I then downloaded Evernote from the website (not from the App Store) and installed a clean version (5.0.7 (400993)). I still have the very same issue. I log in and Evernote does not populate with my notes. When I click on Account Info.... it prompts me to log in again. Nothing seems to be working. I am very frustrated and like Danielle cannot take the time to reinstall my entire OS. Such a solution seems drastic and entirely unnecessary. Logging in under a different profile isn't a "real" solution either. I hate to think this is the "best" solution Evernote can come up with.
  2. Hi Danielle, Thanks for pointing me to this thread from the other thread that I was posting on. This thread directly addresses the problem that I am having. Unfortunately, I don't have an application called AppCleaner on my MacBook Air (mid 2011) OS 10.8.5. I next tried to find the AppCleaner in the app store but got this reply, "Did you mean Ccleaner? Your search had no results. Try searhing again." I realize you are not support staff for Evernote, but my support ticket with Evernote has reulsted in silly questions like "did you try logging in with your email", when my notes CLEARLY detail all the MANY steps that I have exhaused over the past few days trying to resolve this problem. It is amusing to me that this serious issue is not addressed with the development staff. So please hold my hand a bit longer and let me know where I can find/download/purchase this AppCleaner program so that I can reclaim my valuable notes for school. Finals are in three weeks and I've got serious studying to do. Thanks!
  3. Like Danielle and most of you on this thread, I can't login to Evernote from my MacBook Air (mid 2011) running Lion 10.7.5. I've done the password changes, uninstalled, cleared my passwords using KeyChain Access, reinstalled, etc. etc. etc. My password works on all my other devices iPad 3rd generation, web interface and iPhone 4S. The problem is I'm a law student and rely heavily on my MacBook to type notes. iPad (even with bluetooth keyboard) just doesn't keep up with the fast pace of taking notes. iPhone and web interfaces are even more cumbersome. Please someone share the support ticket solution. I haven't opened a support ticket myself because I prefer to have the instant satisfaction that typically comes from the user community. Thanks for your help!
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