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  1. I had this same problem, when I tried to Export from the File menu, but it worked when I right-clicked on a notebook stack and used the Export Notes in the context menu.
  2. Seems to work okay so far. Better than okay - there were a lot of non-standard newline characters in my .csv (I'm not sure why), and I was afraid that I'd have to go through and convert them by hand, but your program caught them for me. Strange hiccup, though - the conversion process seems to have picked up some of my apostrophes, but missed some others. In some of my converted entries, there are contractions with the apostrophes intact; but other entries are sprinkled with words like "Didnt", even though the apostrophe is right there in the original .csv. And, as far as I can remember, all of those original entries were made by the same program (Efficient Diary). They might have been created on different versions of Windows, though. Anyway, an occasional missing apostrophe is a very minor hiccup, and one that I could easily correct manually. Evernote for Windows DOES have an Export function, but it only works with slightly obnoxious formats that would be difficult to transfer into any other format without the assistance of some third-party script, and I was under the impression that you already had a good portion of the necessary code written into your program. And that your program would be more attractive if it could convert files in both directions. That is, unless Evernote itself starts allowing us to import/export to/from .csv. Anyway, thanks to your program, my 950 old diary entries have been converted almost flawlessly! (AND I can sort/search them by Date.) Cheers! That saved me hours (days, weeks) of tedious data entry.
  3. How are those tweaks coming? From where I'm sitting, it seems like your conversion script could at some point handle pretty much any .csv a user wanted to throw at it (as long as that file came from a similar Notes and/or Diary program). It also seems like you could pretty easily handle the conversion in the other direction, enex->csv, yes?
  4. This is WordPad's rendition of a .csv that Efficient Diary exports: Icon,Importance,Date,Title,Content ,Normal,4/12/2013,"Diary Entry","This is a test diary entry." ,Normal,4/11/2013,"Diary Entry","Here are some new lines, apostrophes, and other special characters: This sentence is on a new line. So is this one. <-tab <-tab I don't ever use contractions. I can't; I won't. The word resumé ends in an accent aigu." After I put that file through your program (assigning "Importance" to "Tags" and "Date" to "Title", just as placeholder assignments), I find that some of those special characters don't quite display correctly, and some of the entries don't seem to display at all, but I'm just interested in getting the Date field and most of the Content to carry over automatically. I figure that I'll have to go back through and do some cleaning by hand. Also, I never really used the Icon, Importance, or Title fields. (I don't really use Tags on Evernote, either. Maybe I should look into them, if they can be used to do anything useful.)
  5. Great, thanks! I don't have (or care about) any timestamps at all - I'm just interested in preserving the yyyy-mm-dd. If Evernote asks for more specific timestamps, just tell it that all of my entries were created at noon on whichever date is specified?
  6. Cheers! Before smartphones, and before I came to Evernote, I accumulated almost 1,000 diary entries in a program called Efficient Diary, and I was afraid that I'd have to convert all those entries by hand. Your little program helped streamline that process by quite a bit! One request, though: Evernote's entries have a Date Created field (I believe it's " <created>20130410T152853Z</created> " in the .enex file); can your program give us the option to map a field in the .csv onto that Date Created field? Otherwise, it just assumes that every entry was created on the same day, the day that you ran the conversion program, and that's no good.
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