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  1. Thanks! Your suggestion of using the manual ordering available in the Shortcuts list on the Mac was very helpful.
  2. It would be great if you had the option to arrange notes in whatever order you liked by dragging them to the desired position in the list For example, you might want to temporarily drag a note to the top, because it is high priority Being able to sort and group notes is a very natural thing to do Any hope we might get option that someday?
  3. I simply want to drag an email attachment (e.g. a powerpoint deck) directly from Mac Outlook onto an Evernote note Remarkably in this day and age, this doesn't seem to be possible My workaround is to drag the attachment onto the desktop, and then drag it from the desktop onto the note, but that process interferes with the workflow. I've read several workarounds from others e.g. dragging the attachment onto the Evernote icon on the Mac dock creates a new note with the attachment embedded into the note. Close, but no cigar. Does anyone know if this is on Evernote's radar?
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