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  1. There is a warranty. Have you contacted Evernote Marketplace Support or Adonit? That would be the first step.
  2. Filing a ticket through the support site is a good way to help Evernote fix this. I think there are probably a variety of bugs and contextual/environmental/user idiosyncrasies, not a single bug, underlying this problem. Submitting a support ticket will allow Evernote to potentially collect helpful information from you.
  3. 1) The idea of allowing a user selectable default has been mentioned here and there in several posts. Personally I think it is a good idea. No word from EN staff, but that's normal. Another one is to include the Classic Note Link in the menu bar so mac users can assign their own hotkey to the task. 2) The https:// link is nice because it means that a user doesn't have to have the evernote client installed, and allows things like offering a recipient to request access to the note. From the horses mouth: I think that is the primary benefit of the https:// link. If you happen to have evernote on the machine you use to click the link, it will redirect to the Evernote app itself. So while less elegant than Classic Note Links, it will always work everywhere. So, if you are uncertain, the https:// link is a great way to go. Keep in mind that even new note links paste as evernote:/// when pasted into evernote itself, so if you only ever work in Evernote, you'd notice no difference in the behaviour because they behave the same either way. If you are pasting into an external application, and you know that you or the recipient will ALWAYS have evernote installed, then the classic link is your friend. Does that help a bit?
  4. As GrumpyMonkey speculated, there is no mobile website and it affects both iOS and Android devices based on your experience. Indeed, even if you could access the web interface, there's no way to right-click on a tablet, nor is there a way to hold ctrl/cmd while clicking to select multiple notes. As such, even if you could get to the web interface, you'd be unable to do any of those things.
  5. 1) a search query for "on" or "the" (with or without quotes) or "on the" (with quotes) will return all notes. It will, however, highlight the search query in the contents of any notes that contain it.... but since it shows all notes, you'll click on some notes where the query does not exist. It does seem like Evernote is stripping "on" and "the" and similar from filtering notes, but it is still searching for the word or exact phrase (in the case of "on the"). 2) This seems to be isolated, as far as I can reproduce, to cases where many of the words in a query are words like "on" or "the" or "a". Searching for something like "Safe at any scale?" or "Meeting with Myrtle 15 June 2015" will return the note with that phrase in the title. 3) Hard to tell if this is a bug. That being said, I don't know why a search for "on" or "the" or both should return all notes but still continue to search the body of those notes. Evernote should either commit to returning the proper results (Only notes that contain "on" or "the" or both in either title or body), or it should not conduct the search when the query is "on" or "the" or both. To do something awkward in between is confusing and not terribly helpful (in the current implementation I have hundreds of notes returned that do not contain anywhere within them the word(s) "on" or "the" or both.... so I have to click on each note to see if it actually contains those words (which are at least, thankfully, highlighted). Oh, this was on the Mac.
  6. I think that's a good suggestion! Posting here is a great way to make suggestions, as Evernote staff do read these forums. You can also submit a support ticket with your request if you want to make darn sure that Evernote has heard your suggestion.
  7. JMichaels suggestion has other benefits as well, such as being able to ensure that the scan quality is sufficient and doesn't contain errors, or apply any other processing that might be desired such as OCR or encryption.
  8. That's why there should be a preference to set YOUR OWN default time not one chosen by Evernote. Good point.
  9. There isn't currently any way to bulk rename attachments. The fastest workflow for an existing attachment might be to copy the note title, THEN select rename attachment, and paste over the pre-populated name. Another option I might recommend is for new notes, change the name of the file to whatever you want the note title to be. This way, you can drag and drop the attachment into a notebook or onto the Evernote icon and the note that is created will take on the title of the file you just attached. Of course, this wouldn't necessarily work if you are attaching a file to an existing note. I think the general idea behind the request is sound. However there are some technical challenges I can predict, namely, how to handle notes with multiple attachments. Do all the attachments in that note get identical names? This could be terribly confusing for a user (if I had three images in a note all with the same name!) and for the computer (opportunity for files with identical names to overwrite eachother). You could add a numerical suffix, I suppose, but depending on how attachments are stored in the database these suffixes might not correspond to the order the attachments appear in the note (I don't know anything about this though but it is a potential issue). Definitely consider your request made, as EN staff do frequent these boards! But, alas, it is ultimately up to them if/when this gets implemented!
  10. What you appear to have there is a stack called "golf" and a series of notebooks called "Golf - Paul Koop" "Gold - Cswing" etc. The sort of "hierarchy" is as follows: Stack>notebooks>note So you'd have: Golf>Golf - Paul Koop>Note Title
  11. What specific issues are you experiencing? Are you on the Mac or on Windows? If Mac, try the latest beta to see if that resolves your issue, there are some fixes for lists in the current beta release. Thanks for the reply. The same issues reported by Jim smartlumens.Frey on December 11, 2013, post #20 of this thread; https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/33973-feature-fix-fix-outline-formatting-issues/#entry247406 , Observed on Windows and Android. I do not remember if I see it on the iPad or not. This has the feel of a rewrite and/or restructure class issue, so I can understand the slow going on a fix. However this seems like a fundamental feature for an Evernote type of product, so best to dig in, and get into the rear view mirror. Thanks again, HMmm well we are just now starting to see the fruits of EN's labour on the text editor trickle through the beta gates on a few platforms so we will have to see where it goes. I too suspect much of this is re-write, so indeed, this isn't an overnight thing! Hope your issue is resolved sooner than later though!
  12. What specific issues are you experiencing? Are you on the Mac or on Windows? If Mac, try the latest beta to see if that resolves your issue, there are some fixes for lists in the current beta release.
  13. Variations on this have been discussed at length and I think something along these lines could be nice. Here's a recent, related discussion: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/62529-feature-request-secured-or-locked-notes/
  14. The trouble is, what works for one person inevitiably won't work for another. 8AM is a perfectly fine default for me. Often for "all day" things like "submit this form on this day", 8am does not need to be changed. If it were, say, 12pm, the number of times I'd have to change away from the default would go up (I change from default about 75% of the time anyway). I suppose it isn't a big deal since I can easily change the time so I wouldn't get too worked up about a different default... But my main point is that a default is fairly arbitrary and will invariably not work for some people. If they change the default, a whole new set of people will get miffed and request the default get changed again. And so on.
  15. Sounds like very reasonable advice. Might as well do research and avoid nasty surprises.
  16. Hey no worries! Happens to everyone all the time. We all need to be told to "check to see if it's plugged in" from time to time.
  17. Are you sure that it isn't just a matter of the button having been removed from the toolbar? Can you confirm that the clipper is truly not installed by going to Safari>Preferences>Extensions and seeing whether the Clipper is in the list of installed extensions? If does appear in that list, return to your browser window right/ctrl-click on the toolbar and select "customize toolbar" and drag the clipper icon to the location of your choice on the toolbar.
  18. The shared notebook is removed from everyone's accounts as soon as the owner has revoked access privileges. No action to "leave" a notebook is required by team members. If the person leaving the organization is the owner, as BnF says, someone else will have to re-share that notebook, but depending on how many people need to be invited (and whether or not you have their emails stored as a list somewhere to easily copy and paste!) this isn't a terribly onerous process.
  19. I have no problem copying notes from shared notebooks and business notebooks that I don't own into my personal notebooks. If you are leaving, just select all the notes in that notebook and copy them to a personally owned notbeook.
  20. Ok so all we need to do is make sure this rumour doesn't make it to the internet! Wait...
  21. For glossy cards, rather than obscuring the flash, try holding your phone off axis and at a bit of an angle. Evernote will correct for the tilted aspect.
  22. I think you hit the nail on the head. For whatever reason, Evernote has chosen to not allow for an elaborate hierarchy. If the flat structure of Evernote works for you, or you can make it work for your needs, great. There are 100 million users who seem to be able to make it work. If you absolutely need hierarchy and are unable to adapt to the flat structure of Evernote (I'm sure there's about 100 million or more people in this camp too), then it seems perfectly rational to move along to something else.
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