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  1. post your support ticket # here so staff can actually look up the request and hopefully get you sorted out quickly.
  2. X2 I couldn't figure out how to do this on my android. I don't believe business card scanning is available on android yet... still.
  3. You can use Cmd-L to get from the note body to the note title and Shift-Tab to get from the title to the note list. Adjusting, thanks for the info. However, I hope you can appreciate that this is not very intuitive. One would think that CMD-L would move the focus to the Note List. Also, CMD-TAB, and SHIFT-CMD-TAB have been used in other Apps for years to move out of a TEXT AREA to the next/previous field. It would be much more INTUITIVE if Evernote would operate like this. cmd-tab and cmd-shift-tab are actually OS-bound shortcuts for switching between applications using Mac OS's ap
  4. This email verification message is just another email like any other. Like all email, you could easily set up a rule in your email service to automatically move it to the trash. This would be unwise, since there may be important account related information conveyed by email that you might actually want to see. It is probably wise to just wait out the issue and submit a support ticket with the information that staff have requested to help them resolve it. Otherwise you run the risk of missing actually important emails related to your account.
  5. The business card example, specifically, is already implemented. Premium members can scan business cards using their iPhone or iPad or Fujitsu ScanSnap Evernote Edition (apparently Android is getting this "soon" as of last fall....), and Evernote will parse the information into clickable phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. (Free users can do up to 5 cards, I believe, to get a sample of the capabilities). More details here: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/05/07/evernote-linkedin-perfect-business-card/ (Note that you don't NEED LinkedIn for this to work, but if you are a Linked
  6. Ha! What a long road! Glad you got it sorted out at long last.
  7. well, there you go.... foot in my mouth. that's a puzzler! Perhaps the bug fix is actually part of the beta (I'm running two computers, one with beta, one with the public release, I sometimes forget which I'm working on, so that might have been where I performed the test without thinking about the fact I had been using the beta). The beta is publicly available (you just need to tick a little box in Evernote's preferences), so you could always take that for a spin. Here's the forum thread about the current beta if you want to take a browse to make sure there's no complaints that might be o
  8. I don't understand why pasting new-style note links doesn't provide evernote:/// within Evernote. It may be a workflow thing. What happens if you do the following: Plain COPY and PASTE 1) copy the non-classic note link for ANY note by right-clicking and select "Copy Note Link". 2) paste directly into the body of any note The outcome for me is a green hyperlink with the underlying url being evernote:/// link. (This is exactly the procedure I document in the screenshot I linked to in a previous post) COPY and PASTE into URL box 1) Copy the non-classic note link for ANY note 2) select text i
  9. Joe, Switching to the direct version was supposed to resolve the issue where pasting into the URL box to turn selected text into a link incorrectly pasted https:// when it should be pasting evernote:/// – Now, note links of either type should always paste as evernote:/// within evernote. This ONLY effects NEW note links. Switching as you have will have NO EFFECT on any existing links you made that contain https:// prefix. Any http:// link will remain an http:// link until you go and manually change it. Switching to the direct download version was not proposed by me as a solution to your e
  10. There are several advantages to switching to the direct version. The direct download version gets updated considerably more often because it doesn't need to go through Apple's approval channels. This means you are likely to see fixes to bugs and new features earlier on the direct version, including a fix for this pasting-within-evernote issue. While you don't get the convenience of app store updates, the internal update mechanism in the direct download app is reasonably convenient. The transition from the Mac App Store version to the Direct version isn't too onerous. Some instructions here: h
  11. Pasting into this window to create a link for selected text SHOULD paste as evernote:/// whether the link is classic or not. My screenshot demonstrates this to be the case. There was a bug shortly after the change was implemented where pasting in this window would incorrectly paste https:// but that has since been resolved. If you still experience pasting https:// in the URL window for selected text, it would be a bug and NOT how Evernote should behave. With the exception of the URL box bug, if all you ever do is paste note links within Evernote, the change should not have affected you at
  12. I can't find any links I KNOW came BEFORE the change, so I cannot test whether pre-change links were remotely changed. Any link I can find is evernote:/// Some reasons a remote change is unlikely: 1) This is not what was supposed to happen, and may not even be able to happen. Evernote doesn't have access to your notes in such a way so as to allow them to modify their contents automatically (or manually), so barring some far-fetched explanation, it seems unlikely Evernote would mobilize the resources needed for such a trivial thing. 2) Any post-change non-classic note link should only ever p
  13. In my post immediately above yours, I link to the discussion with the application: Specifically this post: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39110-how-do-i-become-an-evernote-ambassador/?p=257148
  14. Here is an Evernote employee confirming the Evernote does request you verify your address. are you looking for something more specific?I think it's safe to say he is and I think it's the title of this thread, but still no answers here. Why on earth do we have to keep verifying and re-verifying our email address? The best apps are those that just simply work, not those that make me work. No other apps make me verify more than once, so a great starting place would be if someone could at least tell us if this is intentional or a glitch. If it's intentional it's pretty strange and also annoying. I
  15. I've not experimented with this feature, and was reading here to learn more before I do. My phone contacts are synced to Outlook already, so getting it into my phone should get it to outlook. However, I do flag personal and business contacts in Outlook, and at times have then exported some business contacts from Outlook to another CRM (and deleted them from Outlook). I'm a sole proprietor, so some mixing of these contacts is not a problem for me. I'm wondering if there is some option to categorize or otherwise flag the contacts coming out of Evernote. That would give me the option of decidin
  16. Here's a screenshot showing a spotlight search for the title of a note called: "Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 9.45.39 AM" https://www.evernote.com/l/ABk7o9wDy9RIE4GNAVZD8vKHIQ3lGbUKo2w You can see that in spotlight it shows up as a "document".
  17. What browser on what operating system are you using? If you are using Mac OS, in Safari you can right-click the toolbar and select "customize toolbar", and re-add those buttons. If Google Chrome, you might need to go to Chrome>Preferences>Extensions, and use the options for the specific extension to show the button.
  18. You choose the passphrase when you encrypt the text. If you want to chance the pass, you need to select "decrypt text permanently", then re-encrypt it using your new passphrase. Encryption only works at the "text level", that is, only on selected text. Since you cannot encrypt at the note level, you cannot encrypt multiple notes at a time, since you cannot perform any function on any text in multiple notes simultaneously (for example, you cannot bold the text in three notes, you must individually bold text three separate times...). You must enter each note, select all the text you want e
  19. Posting four times doesn't make your point any stronger. As has been pointed out to you at least two other times, this can be disabled by un-checking the box at the bottom of the annotation screen (Mac) or in the context menu for the attachment (windows)
  20. Personally I like this feature a lot. It's a real dream for some of the major editing I do. But I'm glad to have the option because I don't always need it.
  21. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of the email, I suggest you contact support directly. This is a user forum so you aren't necessarily going to get a direct response from EN staff, though as I quoted above, staff do chime in.
  22. Here is an Evernote employee confirming the Evernote does request you verify your address. are you looking for something more specific?
  23. This is unrelated to two-factor verification. enabling two-factor is a fairly labour intensive process, you'll know if you're getting anywhere near there. This email verification also has nothing to do with whether you use email on your phone or not.... you can click "verify" from any device. If you access your email on your computer, just click verify there. The purpose is so that Evernote knows that it is a valid email address that you check. It doesn't care whether you access it from your phone, your computer, your friend's computer, or the public library.
  24. Yeah between what Boatguy is reporting and all of the "old version overwrote new version" problems, it seems like sync is having some big issues.
  25. This is very troubling indeed. I suspect it might really get bogged down when dealing with a large number of notes. My offline notebooks are generally small (usually 3-15 notes) and I don't encounter issues with one or two notebooks like that. It seems that at a certain point, Evernote gets clogged up... That needs some fixin'
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