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  1. Looks like on iOS you can just swipe any chat to the left to reveal a delete button.
  2. Yes you are correct. Although I suspect (i haven't tested) that you could restore a database from an older version of the app into a newer version, just as if the user had simply installed an update and the old database needed to be migrated. I think restoring a v. 6 database into a v. 5 app would be problematic, though. Like you, this is the first report I've seen of outright loss of local notebooks on the version 6 update...
  3. You can restore your database from a time machine backup (or any other backup, for that matter) if you have one. Directions (slightly old, but should be generally the same) here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21651-i-need-to-totally-restore-from-time-machine-how/?p=110320 Its dismaying that you lost local notebooks during the upgrade. Did you happen to do an uninstall before upgrading, and during the uninstall, fail to export your local notebooks? That's the only time I could see this happening. Otherwise its a pretty serious bug on Evernote's part.
  4. I've since stopped relying on Evernote for offline access to my travel documents these days. Other options are more reliable, albeit slightly less convenient (then again, nothing terribly convenient about not having your documents when you thought you did!).
  5. There is no way to remotely wipe Evernote data from your Android device. Evernote does not provide such an option. You'd have to see if the Android OS you have installed supports it, and you had it enabled at the time you lost the device. You can, however, revoke that client's access to your Evernote account. Log into www.evernote.com and go to Account Settings (or "Settings" if in Web Beta). Click on Applications in the left side bar. Locate your phone in the list of devices and hit "revoke all". Now, the results of this should mean that the thief will be required to enter a username and password on the device next time it tries to sync Evernote. Any Evernote data that was stored on the device (normally this only includes headers) could theoretically still be accessible, at least for a short period of time until the user fails to enter proper Evernote credentials. Ideally you had your phone passcode protected, and ideally Android offers some degree of remote control that allows you to lock or wipe the device. If not, you'll have to rely on the limited remote control that Evernote offers.
  6. similarly, if you select "simplified article" in the clipper, you should have similar results as using "Reader Mode". Other options include clicking the + and - signs to limit what is clipped. This is effective if the formatting of the article is important and when all of the ads are in a column on one side and thus, easily excluded. Not always possible, but its another option. Glad you found a solution that works for you!
  7. I think in general it shows the most recently changed notes, though it doesn't appear to be consistent. It is especially weird on new installs when there isn't much information to go on about what was recently accessed. Leave it on for a while and see how it goes, if you continue to find it to be unhelpful, then disable it. Good to give it some time to settle in though.
  8. are you sure you've logged in using exactly the same Evernote account? Sometimes people forget which email address they used for their Evernote account and accidentally create a new one. Has your new iPad finished synchronizing? A new installation should pull all of your notes down from the server. You could try uninstalling the Evernote application and reinstalling it to force this process again (or first, try just logging out of the Evernote application and logging back in again). EDIT: BLARG partly sniped by the speedy csihilling!
  9. I also have never enabled wifi only. For the most part my notes are text-based and are not a serious burden on my cellular data quota. So we can rule "sync on wifi" out as a possibility. If the note exists on both devices, but is not displaying recent changes on one of the two devices, I would recommend the following. 1) Make sure both devices have conducted a sync by manually syncing both of them. 2) Once you have verified both devices are reporting having recently synced, delete the troublesome note on ONE of the two devices. NOT BOTH. Just one. 3) On the device from which you just deleted the note, hit the sync button. Wait for it to finish syncing (should be only a second or two). 4) One the second device, force a sync. Wait for the sync to complete. Does the troublesome note you deleted on the first device also disappear from the second? If so, lets try the following: 1) On ONE of the devices, create a new, blank note. Make sure it is in a synchronized notebook. For this test, lets use your default notebook. 2) Give the note the title "TEST" and write the words "Evernote is giving me grief" in the body of the note 3) Instruct Evernote on that device to sync. Wait for it to finish syncing (should be only a second or two). 4) On the second device, initiate a sync and wait for it to complete. Does the new test note show up on both devices? Are the note contents the same (e.g., title: TEST Body: Evernote is giving me grief)? If so, lets try the following: 1) On ONE device, add a word to the end of the existing phrase (e.g., Evernote is giving me grief, UGH!) 2) On that device, initiate a sync and wait for it to complete. 3) On the second device, initiate a sync and wait for it to complete. does the addition of "ugh" (or whatever word you added) appear on the second device? If not, at which point above did you run into trouble? If everything went as expected, this means that things should more or less be working fine. Now, I've made you deliberately press the sync button each time for the purposes of testing, but in reality you should be able to create a note or make a change, then close the note, and Evernote will sync right away. You should almost never have to touch the sync button.
  10. The only way to do this is to log out of one, then log into the other. The desktop applications have fast user switching, but this is not a feature of the mobile applications.
  11. Have you updated to the recently released 6.0.2? It seems to have resolved for me several of the issues you are experiencing.
  12. I have never heard of this happening before. As far as I know there is no way for Evernote to automatically move your notes to the trash. But, stranger things have happened. Since it seems like all of your "wanted" notes were deleted at exactly the same time, here's my recommendation: 1) Install the latest version of Evernote if it isn't already installed 2) Go to your Evernote trash. 3) Enter "Top list view" if you aren't already in that view. 4) Add the "Deleted" column if it isn't already there. (right click on any column header and select "deleted". 5) sort by "deleted" to sort by the date the notes were deleted. For all of the notes you want, this date should be identical, based on your story, so those should now be grouped together in the list and easily selected. 6) Select all the notes with that date and click "restore selected notes" If that doesn't work, you can go back in time by restoring your Evernote database from a Time Machine backup of your hard drive. This isn't an easy task. Directions here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21651-i-need-to-totally-restore-from-time-machine-how/?p=110320 Those directions are slightly old, so there may be some subtle differences (e.g., the location of the Evernote database), but the actual method should be identical. Keep in mind a time machine restore of the database is an all or nothing affair. You cannot restore individual notes or parts of the database, it is the entire database that you are restoring. Ideally you'd be able to solve your issue using my first suggestion and use your time machine backup as a very last resort.
  13. There is no need to install any additional software to clip to Evernote in Safari. You only need to install the latest version of Evernote for iOS and then follow the directions here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67298-new-clip-web-pages-on-ios-8/
  14. How did you do this? I'm trying to run the older version and it's telling me that my EN data is managed by a newer version . How can I bypass this? Jeff510 is referring to the web interface. Your problem relates to desktop Evernote application and is unrelated to the web beta. The problem you are encountering usually occurs when you do not properly and completely uninstall the original application. See the proper directions for uninstalling here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/77444-how-to-completely-remove-and-reinstall-en-mac/ Once you properly uninstall the application, you can install whichever version, including older versions, you want.
  15. First, I'd take a moment to quickly remove your email address from the top of the second activity log. Not something you likely want posted on this forum! Second, Thanks for posting those logs. There's nothing immediately suspicious in those logs from what I can tell. Either the problem lies somewhere else, or the batch of logs you provided simply don't capture the issue occurring. Not sure the best way to proceed here. Looking back at your posts I don't think you've indicated if you are a premium user or not. If you are, have you contacted support? They might be able to help you capture better logs or provide some additional troubleshooting. With respect to troubleshooting, it isn't clear what you have done in this respect. Have you tried creating a new note and pasting the contents of your troublesome note into that new note then deleting the original, troublesome note? Does that newly created note sync more reliably? What are your sync settings on Evernote for your iPhone? For example, do you have "sync only on Wifi" selected? If so, this will mean that Evernote won't sync in locations without wifi, and so if you have a note you modified on your computer at home, but don't open Evernote on your iPhone until you reach the grocery store where there is no wifi, you won't see those changes. Does disabling this setting improve reliability? I'm struggling to come up with more ideas or suggestions here so I hope that perhaps some of what I have posted above helps, otherwise I'm not sure how much more assistance I can offer.
  16. As far as I know it is not possible to create OS X keyboard shortcuts for items that do not appear in the menu bar. If they removed that item from the menu bar and relocated it to the contextual menu, the shortcut would break. Lots of things seem to have shifted in the release of version 6. Might be worth bringing this up in the 6.0.1 or 6.0.2 threads, or submit a support ticket. It might just be a bug or an oversight. I hope.
  17. It turns out you cannot modify the appearance of the recent note list, you can only turn it on or off in Evernote's settings menu.
  18. Hmmm well you could always submit a support ticket and make sure to indicate that you have experienced data loss. While you will be at the end of a very, very long queue, you might get help as a free user given the nature of the problem (data loss). I did (Premium). 18 emails exchanged, result: "Unfortunately, there's nothing I can to recover those specific notes that were unsynchronized." I am getting more and more used to the idea that contacting support is a complete waste of time, no matter if you are free or premium. None of the issues and bugs I reported this year are fixed. In general I think you are right.
  19. Just an FYI: As a psychologist you might want to look into whether or not you can legally store patient data in an unencrypted format on a server. Some jurisdictions place significant limits on where patient data can be stored. I'm sure that you have done your due diligence here, but I just wanted to make sure you knew that Evernote is not often a sufficiently secure location for patient information (As a researcher, I'm not allowed to keep my participant's data in Evernote or any of the major popular cloud providers, and my data is not nearly as sensitive as psych/medical data!) If you don't need premium you can ask for a refund. Usually they are pretty good about that. You might be able to recover your data if you had a hard drive backup of your computer that had Evernote installed. You can restore the database from a backup which should recover your penultimate data stored in that Evernote account (this is discussed at great length in these forums so a quick search should help you get on track). Otherwise this is definitely a lesson in keeping backups, especially when your job and your patient's wellbeing is on the line. (also, for your patient's sake, encrypt those backups!). Another possibility, though it sounds like you've been thorough, is that they may still be there, collapsed into a single "Penultimate" notebook.... usually this is rather self-evident so I'm sure if this were the case you'd already have noticed, but it might be worth a double check to ensure that your former "Notebooks" for each patient aren't now just residing as "notes" in the single "Penultimate" notebook (I realize that sounds like total gibberish....).
  20. On desktop, it should be under "Help" in the menu bar. On iOS it should be in settings>support. You might have to do some exploring if I'm wrong on the iOS on (not near my device to double check at the moment).
  21. id recommend, as others have too, taking a look at the activity log for your devices, it should display (a bit crypticly) any notes that fail to sync, and why (usually also rather crypticly). That may offer insight.
  22. This has been posted at least a few times. Did you search the board on the topic??? How about you try and be helpful instead of snarky, Moderator? Honestly. Illusioist, look for the gear in the lower-left of your screen. Click that to go to your settings. You'll probably land in your Account Settings section - if not, click on "Account Summary" in the left-hand navbar. About halfway down the page, you'll see the option to revert back to the original version from Beta. Honestly, if you think this even the least bit snarky, you really need to get a thicker skin. And you need to get a life....seriously...13K posts on an Evernote forum? ffs...... It's also entirely inappropriate to make assumptions or judgements about how others choose to spend their time. Lets keep to the forum code of conduct and avoid personal attacks (and this is directed to everyone participating in this topic). Not only are they inappropriate, but none of us know enough about anyone else here to make anything but completely uninformed and unfair assumptions. On to the topic at hand, indeed, click the gear at the bottom left of your Evernote Web interface to access your account settings (this gear may or may not be also labelled "settings"). From here you can opt out of the Web Beta from the first settings screen that is displayed.
  23. Nah, don't worry about it. The most obvious things are always the ones we fail to see.
  24. Hmmm well you could always submit a support ticket and make sure to indicate that you have experienced data loss. While you will be at the end of a very, very long queue, you might get help as a free user given the nature of the problem (data loss).
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