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  1. Ah, ok, so that does change things a bit. For example, if a lot of things get deleted over the course of a day, especially if they are databases or versions of databases, or applications that contain a lot of stuff inside the app container (that .app file), even if the trash has been "insecurely" emptied, and appears empty, when you go and Secure Empty, all those files that don't appear in the trash and have been "insecurely" erased, are now being dealt with. In most cases .app containers and databases will contain MANY files. So, it might be worth thinking about what has passed through the trash between secure emptyings. This could make it appear as if there is a slew of Evernote notes, unseen, being deleted. In general I see no reason why Evernote should ditch the entire local copy of the database at an upgrade time. First, that would require a lengthy initial sync again. Second, most updates result in a "migrating database" dialogue box, which wouldn't be necessary if it was building a fresh new database. That being said, I'm really just speculating here. i'd contact support anyway to be totally sure, and I'd keep an eye on what passes through the trash. Definitely look out for library files/databases/.app files (NOTE I haven't seen Evernote.app itself result in a large number of files deleted upon secure emptying the trash, but others have. I am at a loss for which ones I recall this being true for...).
  2. This process doesn't resemble anything I have ever done in Evernote for Mac or iOS... Which app are you using? It almost sounds like you are describing Penultimate. If you are talking about penultimate, you are correct, there is no way from within penultimate to send the note contents as a body of the email. You can only send links for some reason. If you want to send penultimate content in the body of a note, you have to do some from the Evernote application.
  3. No problem. I'm sure other users would love to hear what Support says if you ever get back to you. I know I am curious!
  4. Thanks for clarifying, I definitely do not have an answer for you, but your extra detail should help other users and staff who might pop by. I too see the evernote application itself (Evernote (8490923).app) but the emptying usually only takes seconds (assuming my trash isn't otherwise filled with my....trash). I suspect this might be something Staff have some insight on. Perhaps it is worth opening a support ticket, if you are a free Premium user (YIKES too much coffee.... or not enough).
  5. 1) You can select Evernote>About Evernote and press the option key to reveal a button to "Open Database Folder" 2) if you are using the direct download version (not the App Store version) you should find your database in ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/Accounts/www.evernote.com
  6. This is not something I have ever observed. Could you clarify, when you say "local notes", are you referring to Local Notebooks, as in, notebooks that are not synced to Evernote's servers? Or are you referring to the local copy of the database synchronized between you local disk and Evernote's servers?
  7. Yup, I'm with you Jeff. It isn't a big deal when the selection and smart filing doesn't get it right. When it does though, and it nails it surprisingly often, it is a delightful feeling!
  8. Just tested this with 6.0.3 (released in the last 24hrs). No problems creating a saved search and dragging it to the shortcut area.
  9. What kind of notes? I tried about 15 notes and couldn't find any where "Email Note" was greyed out.
  10. The PDF needs to contain text (not just an image of text). You need a dedicated program to produce PDFs that contain text (or convert existing pdfs). I believe PDF Pen and Prizm are two applications for iOS and Mac, and of course Adobe Acrobat if you feel like taking out a loan. (Note: Evernote does perform OCR on images, and PDFs that contain images of text, but this is not the same as actually creating a PDF that contains text, and does not create selectable text)
  11. Mac: select the text and press cmd-k Windows: not sure, but problem selecting the text and pressing ctrl-k On either system, selecting the text and right-clicking should provide a menu that include "link", which does the same as cmd-k on Mac. I'm sure its similar on Windows. Let us know which system you are on and we can provide some more useful directions.
  12. If you are looking for a service that automatically parses the contents of a receipt, at least a few were mentioned earlier in this topic (Expensify would be one). Evernote does not perform this highly specialized task unfortunately.
  13. I have other far more pressing things that will ruin my day. I just ignore the button and the feature and move on. After all, it doesn't occupy additional computer resources and it doesn't do anything unless you tell it to, so, no impact to the system or my workflow (except for a the pixels devoted to displaying the button in the vexingly non-configurable toolbar). It completely changed the way notes are shared is what it did. Has had a major impact on our business, so in fact it does matter. All of the old ways of sharing notes still exist. You can email notes to anyone (Note>more sharing>email note) (on iOS select the three dots>share>email, which is where it has always been) You can make notes public (cmd-/) you can make notebooks public (right click>publish notebook) The only time you need to use work chat is to invite a fellow evernote user to collaborate on a notebook. In this case, I don't see what harm is being done because the recipient must be an Evernote user by definition (and this has always been the case, even before work chat). Perhaps I have missed something. Where are you finding you are unable to share things the way you used to?
  14. No problem emailing a note from my iPhone. The process is the same as before Work Chat existed: Tap the three dots Select "share" Select Email Select a recipient Add any additional text tap Send
  15. Glad things seem to be working out a bit for you. Definitely do swing by again if you encounter more issues! I'll keep my fingers crossed too!
  16. This thread has a thorough discussion about general alternatives: please anyone suggest a new note-taking app? For your specific request of being able to search your hand writing, I am not sure that any of the other common recommendations have that capacity. I haven't had experience with all of them so I can't say for sure, but of the ones that I have tried, they do not. That being said, many of those applications can export to Evernote, and if it is exported as an image, Evernote will OCR it and it will be searchable. To elaborate, the major issue is that detecting text in handwriting is a very resource intensive process. All of the OCR (optical character recognition) and handwriting recognition that happens in Evernote/penultimate, actually occurs on Evernote's servers. Any note taking application that does not offer sync of any kind, or relies on a third-party sync service (iCloud, Dropbox, etc) will not likely offer handwriting recognition because it is stored on servers that do not have this capability. That means you can rule out applications like Notability, not the least because my first hand experience confirms the absence of handwriting recognition, but because if you choose to sync, sync relies on iCloud, which does not perform handwriting detection. So this handwriting side of things is a pretty hard to find feature outside of the Evernote ecosystem. I think LiveScribe is the only other company I can think of right off the top of my head that might offer something remotely similar. They might be worth looking into.
  17. Ah, sorry, I jumped the gun here. I suppose I had assumed you would generalize our little troubleshooting above to resolving the actual problem. Here's how I see you proceeding: Now that we know that newly created notes sync and can be modified without issue, we need to re-create your grocery note. To do this: 1) On ONE of the devices, create a new, blank note. Make sure it is in a synchronized notebook. 2) Give the note a placeholder title of "Grocery 2"3) Instruct Evernote on that device to sync. Wait for it to finish syncing (should be only a second or two).4) On the second device, initiate a sync and wait for it to complete. Once we verify that the blank note with the title "Grocery 2" has made it to all devices, lets go back to our first device, the one we created the note on. 1) Manually re-write your grocery list in the body of the note*2) Instruct Evernote on that device to sync. Wait for it to finish syncing (should be only a second or two).3) On the second device, initiate a sync and wait for it to complete. Once we verify that the new note contents have propagated to all the devices, we can go ahead and delete the original problematic grocery list note following these:1) Make sure both devices have conducted a sync by manually syncing both of them. 2) Once you have verified both devices are reporting having recently synced, delete the troublesome note on ONE of the two devices. NOT BOTH. Just one. 3) On the device from which you just deleted the note, hit the sync button. Wait for it to finish syncing (should be only a second or two).4) One the second device, force a sync. Wait for the sync to complete. Once we have verified the bad grocery list note has been deleted we can hopefully get on with our lives knowing we got rid of the problematic note and have replaced it with a perfectly functioning note. * DO NOT: Write the list in another application like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, then copy and paste it into Evernote. Sometimes applications like these can introduce additional formatting code underneath that might be the source of some grief.I'd also avoid copying the contents of your problematic note and pasting them into the new note. If the problem lies with something quirky in the note contents themselves, manually re-doing the new note avoids copying the problem to the new note.
  18. Ok so it sounds like perhaps you were working and making revisions to a note that for some reason just didn't want to cooperate! From here on out, I'd avoid hitting the sync button and just be diligent about making sure a sync occurs upon launch and before quitting on any of your devices (this could be a sync you initiate manually or just you verifying there are no notes pending sync). Even the launch/quit syncing should be taken care of automatically, you should only need to verify that the actually took place. Lets hope that you no longer see issues with this newly created note. Definitely post back here if you find another note that is causing you grief, though I'd say first thing would be to troubleshoot that note using the same method I outlined in the previous post (e.g., creating a new note, copying the contents from the troublesome note over, deleting the troublesome note, etc), to see if that fixes it.
  19. Because of the change in how things are organized in Penultimate, former notebooks are now "notes". You'll have to get accustomed to this change, and it definitely has implications for sharing. You'll likely end up having to create a great deal more penultimate notes (which used to be known as notebooks) now, than you did before. you're right, the method I suggest does only provide a link. I should have checked that before suggesting it. It looks like the only way to share the actual contents is to do so some Evernote, as you already are, which is a bit of a drag... It seems like they are leaning pretty heavily on the Evernote clients to perform functions related to penultimate (like sharing the contents of a note, or moving a note to a different notebook...) Looks like your workaround, as clunky as it is, is the best way to do it at the moment, unfortunately.
  20. Ok, so I suppose if he forgets to log out of Evernote he could conceivably forget to log out of his computer user account too, in which case the separate user account stuff wouldn't help (though I'm not sure how this would "double" the problem, it seems like the problem would be the same), But a new user account solves a plethora of issues: 1) Kids have their own user account that cannot access José's data, so they cannot view or delete it by accident or otherwise. This also prevents the kids from accessing other types of Data such as his email, browser history, personal/work documents, etc. 2) José can set his user account to auto log-out after a period of inactivity so that even if he forgets to log himself out, the computer will do it for him, hopefully before his kids run to the computer. This is fairly easy to accomplish on a Mac. 3) José can take some responsibility for his data (all of his data, not just Evernote data), as all users need to, by taking steps to safeguard it, such as by logging out of his computer user account. Can you explain how creating separate user accounts for his children will double the problem? To me, as long as José remembers to log out, or his computer logs him out automatically, the problem is reduced to zero, and if he forgets to log out, the problem remains the same it has always been.
  21. You should be able to tap and hold on any given penultimate note to view a little trio of dots, one of which should be the share icon (a square with an upward arrow). Dragging your thumb to that should give you the option to email: More details on some Penultimate 6 basics: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/104488346
  22. If you didn't receive an automated email from Evernote with your support ticket # it means your support ticket as not actually received (or that your spam filter ate the automated email). Check your spam folder for automated messages, and if there are none, re-submit your support ticket.
  23. You can follow my directions and do a complete uninstall (with the help of something like App Cleaner). Then reinstall. Since your uninstallation was complete, including eliminating the local copy of your EN database, you can take your pick whether you'd like to redownload the App Store version or convert to the Direct version. Keep in mind that unless you have any "Local Notebooks", those will be lost if you haven't backed them up to a separate location.
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