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  1. I think there are a few challenges here. While I don't know the ins-and-outs of browser extensions, I do know they do not have the same type of privileges that standalone applications have with respect to accessing local files in the Operating System. I suspect that for storing extension preferences and information about extension states (e.g., "have I ever been opened?" "when was the last time I have been opened?" "What was the last window I displayed?"), the only option is to store in browser cookie, since extensions don't have permission to access any other part of the computer operating sy
  2. For the Context service, does Evernote have any inclination towards dealing with some academic sources too? Wall Street Journal and Fast Company are fine and dandy, but what about ScienceDirect, Elsevier, or JSTOR? This would definitely help your users in the Ivory Tower (there are a couple of us!) and a good number of these publishers have accessible APIs.
  3. Wow, and a bit of a hint at some UI changes for the Mac Client? Exciting.
  4. Clearly Evernote employees do read this forum. In fact, an everyone employee has participated in this exact thread, See the quote below (and the actual post above). Only Evernote can say whether they intend to add this feature or not (being hard or easy is irrelevant). It is quite possible this has been put on their list but is a low priority (below, you know, things like sync integrity and major bugs!). Time will tell. Sure. Let's say you want to set it to 6:49PM: 1. When you're setting the date, click on the 8 from 8:00AM 2. Type 6 3. Hit the Tab key 4. Type 49 5. Hit the tab key 6. Typ
  5. Sounds about right! I know my johnny.a1b2c3@m.evernote.com email address is in my contact list, so if my email account started spamming, some of it would definitely go to evernote! Good luck getting everything sorted out.
  6. Yeah I think the first step is to reset your evernote email address (not the one you sign in with, I'm talking about the one that looks like: johnny.a1b2c3@m.evernote.com). You can reset this by logging into your account at evernote.com and going to Account Settings. ------ Blarg, sniped by Candid!
  7. I'm not terribly miffed at the transition away from support for free users, that's fine, you get what you pay for after all, and an absence free support isn't unusual for tiered/freemium service. I'm not calling for a return of free support. What really gets me is the general tendency to direct free users to submit support tickets that get closed, just as PPweb and MANY others have experienced. I understand that there's a need to report bugs and issues in a general, but I really question the conflating of "support" and "bug report" that is going on here. A support ticket implies personal at
  8. That is correct, though a surprisingly large number of people forget which email they used entirely! Ok I'm straight up puzzled here. I'll have to leave it up to the others in this community who might have some suggestions.
  9. I know you say you aren't logging into a new account, but the welcome note has me really convinced that may be where you are going wrong. I'm not sure the best way to verify except to log into the web interface and go to account settings to see how long you've been a "member since:". Presumably that date should be about 4 years in the past based on your initial post. If the date is around the time of the OS update (or some other arbitrary time), we can suspect you've likely created a second account. I know you say you aren't, but there are so many signs that point towards having done so. P
  10. I didn't mean to imply you were a moron, or to be pedantic. I'm simply responding to the information I have (you don't outline any troubleshooting), and made suggestions based on what other users have experienced on these forums (many of whom either experience sync issues, or end up logging into a second, unused account). It is very unusual for a user to completely lose all of their data like this. Aside from the OS update, did you do anything else recently that differs from day to day use? Rare though this is, it does seem to happen periodically. You can always recover your notes if you
  11. Are you sure you are logging into the correct account and not, perhaps an old abandoned account, or a new account you accidentally created? What happens when you log into the web at http://www.evernote.com ? are your notes in the web interface? If they are, you haven't lost anything. Likely your problem then would be a sync issue on your iOS device, or you are logging in to the wrong account.
  12. Yes. As I posted earlier in this thread: on iOS, for each contact card, you tap the three dots (the "more" button), and select the appropriate option.
  13. I imagine Libin wants users to abandon Office in favour of Evernote because it suits them better, not because its cheaper. The price increases will likely be coupled with improvements (as defined by Evernote/Libin) to the product. In the same article you reference, he also mentions that he wants Evernote's focus to shift towards businesses too. Businesses are less likely to be as price sensitive as individual "personal" users. If Evernote is targeting business use cases, they can shoot for a higher price point than if they are trying to address personal needs. I'm not welcoming the price
  14. I imagine Evernote will use some of the information the glean from rolling out increases in other markets to ensure they don't do what you are describing, or at least don't do it too badly (Price increases, I think, will inevitably alienate at least a few people). I don't think they are going to put a flat increase across all markets, since that wouldn't make sense. That's likely why they are doing a staged roll-out to begin with, because the nature of the increase will vary by region. That being said, Evernote sure could make exactly the increase you describe, which would certainly be a bi
  15. I have to just jump back in here to make a couple points. I don't really intend this to be an argument, but just an offering of my perspective. 1) Evernote has, along with any other company doing business internationally, every right to adjust their prices in other currencies as the market tosses and turns. They also have every right to choose and change the price of their service as they see fit, for whatever reason. 2) Speaking SOLELY of Canada (not sure which other countries experienced a price change), the CAD is about 10% below the USD, and the price increase is approximately 10%. Si
  16. I'm just saying I haven't seen this screen since I first installed it. Sounds like perhaps there's a bug. I don't think your experience is a reflection of how things should work. I'm not denying your experience, just saying it isn't working as designed. Evernote isn't pestering you, he clipper, as it is installed on your system, is broken.
  17. I didn't see that page beyond the first time I launched the clipper after the initial install. Keep in mind too that you are using a beta operating system and browser for which evernote might not have support, and as a result you may encounter quirks,
  18. That could be. Canadian dollar has fallen pretty considerably in the last month or so to be about $.90 USD, so increasing price for Canadians by 10% as they have would make up the approximate 10% disparity in currency value.
  19. I see the same price change. No notice, but that isn't unusual for price changes, nor for Evernote. I'm not sure how much good an announcement would do aside from drive a slew of last-minute upgrades at the original price. The flip-side, the upgrades to the premium account (namely the 4gb quota upgrade) also went without announcement, so both "good" and "bad" go without official word! That being said - Phil Libin did allude to increased subscription prices in a recent interview with re/code, which I linked to a while back on these forums. Not that that counts, in any way, as an anno
  20. Presumably that is correct. And presumably your local notebooks should show up as destinations for your clippings so you should be able to clip directly to them (there should be more discussion on this in the threads I have linked to earlier in our discussion). So for now, unless something changes with Firefox/Evernote's clipper, you should be in the clear if you choose to switch. The only way to 100% guarantee forever that you'll always be able to get directly into a local notebook would be to do the print to pdf method. This also safeguards against possible mis-clicks in which you tell
  21. Well... that depends on what you want to accomplish... When you clip something, it is placed first on Evernote's servers (and subject to whatever goes on there in terms of server snapshots, backups, caching, mirroring etc). Only when it is on Evernote's servers does it sync down to your desktop client. Turning on manual sync won't do anything except prohibit your desktop application from fetching the clipped note from Evernote's servers. The only way that manual sync would help would be if you accidentally added Now, when you remove it from the synced notebook, no further server side activ
  22. It is not possible to save directly to the local Evernote client using the Clipper in Chrome. Aside from IE and I believe Firefox, Chrome and other browsers do not allow their extensions to have such deep access to local files, so the clipper can only work via Evernote's servers FIRST, then sync down to your client. More, including a word from Evernote Staff: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/54415-send-clips-to-desktop-evernote/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/35268-save-clip-in-local-notebook/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67029-web-clipping-to-offline-notebook/ Since you
  23. 1) The web does store stuff - It stores it on Evernote's servers. You are accessing the files directly from Evernote. 2) I cannot reproduce this. I did the following: Find three notes each with PDF attachments. For Note 1: tap the "download attachment" icon. Wait for it to load, then back out of the PDF screen. For note 2: Repeat For note 3: repeat Now, when I move to a fourth, random, note and return to ANY of the notes 1-3, I get a plain attachment icon NOT a download icon. I can exit evernote and return to any of notes 1-3, and still, its an attachment icon, NOT a download icon. Thu
  24. This is a deeply puzzling post. My employment is entirely unrelated to Evernote...
  25. Ah, I see your issue. You have a note open in its own window, and it is being covered by the main window when resorting from a minimized state because the main window arrives later. That does sound like a pain... Not sure of a solution!
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