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  1. Are those "lost" penultimate notebooks still visible from the Evernote application?
  2. You should be able to add them to penultimate (if they aren't already there), then using Evernote, view your penultimate content. You could also export these notes from Evernote as a PDF.
  3. Have you reached, or are you approaching your monthly upload limit? When annotating a PDF, the entire PDF is re-uploaded and counts against your limit. If the PDF is 3mb, and you make a change, its a new 3mb upload. Do that 6 times and you've got 18mb counted against your limit. How big is the PDF? how big is the note? (These can be seen in the header for the attached PDF, and the note information popover, respectively). Do either of these exceed the limits of your Evernote account? It could be a file permissions issue, perhaps the PDF is "locked" for some reason (I encounter this from ti
  4. Is that PDF encrypted by any chance? sometimes mobile devices have a hard time handling encrypted PDFs.
  5. There is already a thread with a rather detailed discussion about alternatives. I suggest you consult that. It's in this very sub-forum.https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/75511-please-anyone-suggest-a-new-note-taking-app/
  6. I can see why you might take issue with the way they have decided to conduct business here. Indeed it does privilege those who are willing to/able to pay, and disadvantage those who don't/can't. (though I hadn't even considered the possibility that Evernote would pay media companies, to me that seemed backwards, but not wrong, just backwards relative to how I saw it and understand the biz). With respect to privacy, apparently, according to Evernote's blog: So, nothing being handed over to third-parties. Though of course, as with any situation where you store information on someone else's s
  7. Where are you seeing these conflicting notes? There are two types of conflicts I've experienced in Evernote. 1) A sync issue has resulted in two version of a note to conflict. In this case one note gets placed in a newly created local notebook called "conflicting changes DATE", the other version stays wherever it has always been. 2) A sync issue has resulted in Evernote losing track of which modifications to a note were made at what time. Evernote appends another version of the note to the same note, resulting in your original note being followed by a "Conflicting modifications DATE" hea
  8. After reading this Techcrunch article I'm doubly leery of the whole Context feature. Obviously I don't expect Evernote to share its business plans or strategy, but it really seems like this could be a budding plan for Evernote to eventually make money with promoted content masquerading as Context, especially in light of the Nikkei article and the fact that all the content providers are corporate and advertising funded and Wikipedia is omitted. I'd rather you guys just sell the pencil holders and premium subscriptions. After reading this Techcrunch article I'm doubly leery of the whole
  9. I'm assuming you saw a note ore notebook with "conflicting changes" appended to the title on at least 1 device, otherwise I'm not sure what you are talking about. If you are seeing a note with a " conflicting modifications " heading and content appended underneath, the cause is the same as described above, and the solution is the same. "Conflicting notes" are placed in a notebook called "conflicting notes" which is local to the device ( not synced, won't appear on other devices) so that conflict can be seen only on that one device and must be resolved there. It is not possible to disable eithe
  10. This sometimes occurs when notes on two different clients (e.g., on your mobile device and your desktop) get modified quickly or simultaneously, and when synced, Evernote can't distinguish which one is the most recent or should take precedence. This is most likely with shared notes, but a single user can do this too, if for example, you have Evernote open on your iPhone and your computer and make changes to the same note, or if you made changes on one device when you didn't have network access, then made changes on another device, and when the first device finally syncs, a conflict is created.
  11. Do you have the most up-do-date operating system installed on your iPhone (iOS 8.1)? This feature is ONLY available on iOS 8 or above.
  12. Running 5.7 (and 5.6.x) before that, I have no problem getting spotlight to locate Evernote notes. If you are using the MAS version, it is a few versions behind. Staff have indicated that they intend to push 5.7 to MAS users. In the meantime, if you prefer to staying on the bleeding edge, you can migrate to the direct download version which is updated more quickly since it doesn't require Apple's reviewing process (and all the delays and slowness that comes with that).
  13. If I recall from the keynote, the actual processing is done on the local machine, and then related material fetched (that is, whatever they use for "contexts"... keywords, themes, etc are sent, but not the entire granular contents of individual notes, that processing is done on your machine). I may have mis-heard this.... If I can find a source for my claim, I'll link to it, unless staff chime in to clarify themselves.
  14. I'm not sure what you are trying to demonstrate with that screenshot. There has never been, to my knowledge, a "stay logged in" option because that is the default (and also, the only) choice. Just like your desktop email client, it is implied that you will remain logged in after the application closes. That being said I think that password protection of Evernote is a valid feature request. I'm not sure we'll ever see it, but I can definitely understand the desire for it. In addition to that, I think, as has been discussed at great, great, great length on these forums, per-notebook passwords
  15. Strange. Seems like a nasty bug either way. No reason a note shouldn't be saved rather instantaneously using the web interface, given that when using the web interface you are more or les directly working off EN's servers, so no "sync" is required (per se, and in a traditional sense).
  16. Are you using the Web Beta? If so, then this sounds like a bug with the beta. I would highly discourage using any beta software for mission critical stuff, precisely for this reason. If this was not using the web beta, then I'm not sure what a solution would be, and it might also be related to a bug. Could be worth reporting to support if you have the moment to spare.
  17. I've never seen such an option, and that is in about 4 years of Evernote use on my Mac. The best option, if you are concerned about security, is to password secure your computer user account, and create a separate user account for other regular users of your computer (or a guest account for infrequent guest use). That not only limits access to the Evernote application, but the data that it stores on your hard drive and is accessible ​regardless of whether you are logged into the Evernote application or not. In addition to Evernote, this would also secure all of your email client's local dat
  18. If you sync your iPhone contacts with Google, then saving your Evernote contacts to your iPhone ckntacts as you have done, should result in them being pushed up to googles servers, just like if you manually entered a new contact in the contacts application. If you do not sync your iPhone contacts with Google, then you would have to set that up and it should merge your two lists upon the initial sync.
  19. In Evernote, select in the menu bar: Evernote>Preferences>General and make sure to check (enable) "Show Evernote Helper in the Menu Bar" as well as: "Keep Evernote Helper running in the background...." and "start the Evernote helper when I log into my computer" If these are already checked, try un-checking them, then re-checking them to re-establish the setting.
  20. There seems to be some rather widespread problem with the web client and shared notebooks the cropped up in the last 36hrs or so. Lots of discussion about it in this community. It should be resolved soon, I hope.
  21. Just attempted to share a notebook publicly without issue. This feature still seems to be around. Here's my attempt to do so just a second ago: https://www.evernote.com/l/ABnVvugURN9NvK6gYr5znL5MzwG86OMVqWE
  22. And evernote staff are tagging and accumulating posts about the Beta web interface which are being shared with the developers, according to a staff post elsewhere on the forums I'm too lazy to find for you.
  23. It isn't clear where the desktop interface has been dumbed down.... (that is, as of the conference/the last year, in which the interface has remained the same on desktop clients, with the exception of what appears to be a bit of new paint on the Mac client in those screenshots)
  24. Thanks Geoff! I realize, of course, that this is a brand new feature, so I know you aren't going to have a list a mile long at launch. Just wanted to put it on record that there is definite interest (from at least one user!) in academic sources. An idea to toss in Libin's "ideas" business notebook perhaps?
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