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  1. No worries Frank! New phone in next few weeks I suspect.... Or January...sorting out my options. But the problem persists on my 4s in the meantime.
  2. In this case, I say to heck with the "proper" protocol, and let people complain a little, as we all have on various issues. I'm adding my 5 cents here... and it may just help a teeny bit more. By the way, I am a premium user... not that I've expected that to help in filing a ticket and getting a response... there are still many of us. t. I absolutely agree, it wasn't my intention at all to suggest that people stop complaining. You can check out my own rant on this very issue in the iOS beta forums.
  3. I have never once used Clearly, so its absence from the iOS clipper is not a hinderance to me whatsoever. If you relied heavily on Clearly, then I can certainly understand how YOU might find this useless. The date bug is frustrating. Nothing subjective about that!
  4. Once you've exported your contacts to your computer's Contacts application which is a fairly easy process, THAT application should allow you to export in .csv. Not baked into Evernote, not elegant, but not impossible!
  5. No note name has ever contained a date stamp, predictive title or not. ALL notes, regardless of how they are created or what they contain possess a "Date Created" attribute. This is not in any way associated with the presence or absence of the predictive note title. That being said, I do know some users like to prefix their notes with a date like yyyymmdd or the like. To me this is always redundant since that field already exists for every note, but some folks like it. Having Evernote automatically prefix titles like that could be handy, but in my opinion it would just be redundant.
  6. You've GOT to be kidding!! Well... as much as I also find this frustrating as a 4S owner, it honestly is the best solution. That doesn't mean it is the only solution. (That being said, Evernote doing more to make this more reliable on the 4S is arguably another "best" solution, but I'm not sure if there is much more that could be done... hardware/software limitations and all that stuff I don't have knowledge of)
  7. We're reviewing putting an option in there to toggle on and off predictive note titles, and definitely understand how the new feature can cause some workflow problems, especially for those who relied on "untitled" notes. The feature is also receiving some adjustment as well. I like the idea of "Note on [date]", I could see that making more sense in many cases than location, which is the baseline information the titler draws from.A toggle on/off feature and Date/time stamp would be perfect. I created new notes his morning with names like "call mom". all notes are already date and time stamped in the "created date" field. Your notes on iOS and Mac and Windows can be sorted by this time stamp.
  8. You have to manually add old scans. On your Mac, this can be done in bulk by right-click on the note/notes (if you selected several at once), select Share>send to contacts on iOS, this has to be done one contact note at a time.
  9. This is a tricky one. Technically any note encrypted from the get-go could never be OCR'd because that's completed server-side. A properly (effectively) encrypted note should not be accessible to the servers. What this means is that some notes will be created without encryption, OCR'd, then encrypted.... which means you'd have OCR data to potentially encrypt. But then you'd have a new class of notes, those which were encrypted upon creation which could never be OCR'd and would have no OCR data to encrypt. Maybe this isn't a big deal at all but it does add to the complexity, and of course, may be infuriating to users as they try and figure out why text in some images don't return results while others do. Again, I'm all for this. I have a lot of data I do not store in Evernote because of the limited encryption. I'd welcome great, note- or notebook-level encryption with open arms. I think Evernote should work VERY hard to make this happen. That being said, on the face of it it seems immensely challenging.
  10. +1 agree that this is a must have. kcressy, It is good that you are supportive of this suggestion. For the future, please remember to abide by the forum code of conduct. Posting the same thing 4 times doesn't make your case any stronger, and just creates clutter.
  11. You'd probably be best to log into your account at http://www.evernote.com and go to "Account settings" to manage your subscription from there.
  12. post your support ticket # here so staff can actually look up the request and hopefully get you sorted out quickly.
  13. X2 I couldn't figure out how to do this on my android. I don't believe business card scanning is available on android yet... still.
  14. You can use Cmd-L to get from the note body to the note title and Shift-Tab to get from the title to the note list. Adjusting, thanks for the info. However, I hope you can appreciate that this is not very intuitive. One would think that CMD-L would move the focus to the Note List. Also, CMD-TAB, and SHIFT-CMD-TAB have been used in other Apps for years to move out of a TEXT AREA to the next/previous field. It would be much more INTUITIVE if Evernote would operate like this. cmd-tab and cmd-shift-tab are actually OS-bound shortcuts for switching between applications using Mac OS's application switcher. I think the big challenge is that the tab key is used within the note editor for entering (mock)tab characters and indenting list items, so you cannot use the tab key on its own for navigating out of the main note text editor.
  15. This email verification message is just another email like any other. Like all email, you could easily set up a rule in your email service to automatically move it to the trash. This would be unwise, since there may be important account related information conveyed by email that you might actually want to see. It is probably wise to just wait out the issue and submit a support ticket with the information that staff have requested to help them resolve it. Otherwise you run the risk of missing actually important emails related to your account.
  16. The business card example, specifically, is already implemented. Premium members can scan business cards using their iPhone or iPad or Fujitsu ScanSnap Evernote Edition (apparently Android is getting this "soon" as of last fall....), and Evernote will parse the information into clickable phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. (Free users can do up to 5 cards, I believe, to get a sample of the capabilities). More details here: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/05/07/evernote-linkedin-perfect-business-card/ (Note that you don't NEED LinkedIn for this to work, but if you are a LinkedIn member it can pull additional information that might not be present on the business card) One reason I suspect extracting text from images in general hasn't been implemented is that the method that Evernote uses for OCR's images, including images of hand writing, involves creating a tree of potential matches for a given character or word. That is, each character or word that the processor identifies gets a list of fuzzy, potential matches. If you "extracted" this, it wouldn't be terribly readable. Maybe with a VERY good scan of very clear, typed text, the list of matches for each word could be relatively small... business cards are ideal for this because the context of the business card leaves very little room for alternative interpretations of near-matches. If you know it is a business card, and you see a word that could likely be "phone" or "p" or "t" followed by a series of digits, it can be reasonably assumed to actually be the word PHONE followed by a phone number. But for generic images of text, there's no way to know what partial match makes sense and which partial matches are nonsense. Even for much more sophisticated methods of text identification, such as Adobe's Clear Text available in Acrobat for analyzing PDFs, only VERY high quality scans of very clear text will produce usable (that is, not perfect, but not terrible) results. Rarely are the "high quality, very clear" criteria met when using a cellphone camera on an image in a random room, such as is likely the case for the majority of text images being put into Evernote. As such, the extracted text would probably look like nonsense. That being said, of course were it not technically very difficult, this would be an amazing feature. I don't know that anyone has really got this right often enough to make it worthwhile.
  17. Ha! What a long road! Glad you got it sorted out at long last.
  18. well, there you go.... foot in my mouth. that's a puzzler! Perhaps the bug fix is actually part of the beta (I'm running two computers, one with beta, one with the public release, I sometimes forget which I'm working on, so that might have been where I performed the test without thinking about the fact I had been using the beta). The beta is publicly available (you just need to tick a little box in Evernote's preferences), so you could always take that for a spin. Here's the forum thread about the current beta if you want to take a browse to make sure there's no complaints that might be of concern to you: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66563-evernote-for-mac-56-beta-8/ I've been running the beta on one machine and the general public release on another and haven't had any glitches comparing the two so I'm fairly confident in recommending the beta at this point (especially being that it is on its 8th iteration). But you'll want to judge for yourself based on the thread. I really hope THAT solves your issue. Thanks for going to the trouble of taking a screencast, but at least we know for sure that you are doing everything correct, and that it is the application thats messing up!
  19. I don't understand why pasting new-style note links doesn't provide evernote:/// within Evernote. It may be a workflow thing. What happens if you do the following: Plain COPY and PASTE 1) copy the non-classic note link for ANY note by right-clicking and select "Copy Note Link". 2) paste directly into the body of any note The outcome for me is a green hyperlink with the underlying url being evernote:/// link. (This is exactly the procedure I document in the screenshot I linked to in a previous post) COPY and PASTE into URL box 1) Copy the non-classic note link for ANY note 2) select text in another note and press cmd-k and paste the link into the text box. The outcome for me is that an evernote:/// link is pasted into the box. The selected text is converted to a BLUE hyperlink, but the underlying URL is still evernote:/// If you follow these to procedures exactly, are you still getting https:// links?
  20. Joe, Switching to the direct version was supposed to resolve the issue where pasting into the URL box to turn selected text into a link incorrectly pasted https:// when it should be pasting evernote:/// – Now, note links of either type should always paste as evernote:/// within evernote. This ONLY effects NEW note links. Switching as you have will have NO EFFECT on any existing links you made that contain https:// prefix. Any http:// link will remain an http:// link until you go and manually change it. Switching to the direct download version was not proposed by me as a solution to your existing note links. It was proposed as a solution to an ongoing bug that prevented Evernote from pasting Evernote:/// links into the URL box for turning selected text into a hyperlink. With the direct download version you should see the behaviour documented in the following set of screenshots: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/4a2c7218-af2e-42d8-b62c-1348c8fac4ea/7eba7df81f5b7d55 This is a "new style" link (NOT CLASSIC). Look at the middle URL, the black text editor window. Notice how when pasted into an external application, the link is https://. Notice at the very top of the screenshot, VERY SAME link pasted into Evernote's URL box pastes as evernote:/// NOT as https:// This is the intended behaviour. Pasting a note link WITHIN Evernote whether it is classic or not should produce an evernote:/// link. Can you confirm that this is the case now that you have switched? KEEP IN MIND: Switching to the direct download will make absolutely no changes to the behaviour of any existing note links. NONE. If you created links with https://, they remain that way until you change it. So, that is why you still see the browser redirect when you click these links even though you've made the switch to the direct download version. They are still https:// links.
  21. There are several advantages to switching to the direct version. The direct download version gets updated considerably more often because it doesn't need to go through Apple's approval channels. This means you are likely to see fixes to bugs and new features earlier on the direct version, including a fix for this pasting-within-evernote issue. While you don't get the convenience of app store updates, the internal update mechanism in the direct download app is reasonably convenient. The transition from the Mac App Store version to the Direct version isn't too onerous. Some instructions here: http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=135 This is how https:// links work. The idea, as I understand, is that if you are pasting outside of Evernote, there is a chance you, or someone else, might be clicking on that link in a context in which you are not logged into an Evernote application (such as on a public computer, or someone else's computer, or whatever). Rather than just being dead and useless like an evernote:/// link would be in this case, you get taken to the web version of it so you can actually view (and modify, if you own the note) the note. This is the "better in the wild" that EN staff referred to. It means, no matter WHERE you click the note link, it will show the note, whether Evernote is installed or not. If you do have Evernote installed, it will, after redirecting via the web, load the local note in the client for you. Not elegant, but it means you will always get a note 100% of the time. HOWEVER this ONLY applies to new-style note links pasted outside of Evernote. (Or the bug you are experiencing which will be irrelevant once you switch to the direct version).
  22. Pasting into this window to create a link for selected text SHOULD paste as evernote:/// whether the link is classic or not. My screenshot demonstrates this to be the case. There was a bug shortly after the change was implemented where pasting in this window would incorrectly paste https:// but that has since been resolved. If you still experience pasting https:// in the URL window for selected text, it would be a bug and NOT how Evernote should behave. With the exception of the URL box bug, if all you ever do is paste note links within Evernote, the change should not have affected you at all because Classic and "new" note links behave identically within Evernote. using the most up-to-date version of Evernote for Mac (from the website, not the Mac App Store) can you confirm what type of link is pasted when pasting a "new style" link into the URL box for selected text? Standard behaviour is evernote:/// REGARDLESS of the type of link you generated.
  23. I can't find any links I KNOW came BEFORE the change, so I cannot test whether pre-change links were remotely changed. Any link I can find is evernote:/// Some reasons a remote change is unlikely: 1) This is not what was supposed to happen, and may not even be able to happen. Evernote doesn't have access to your notes in such a way so as to allow them to modify their contents automatically (or manually), so barring some far-fetched explanation, it seems unlikely Evernote would mobilize the resources needed for such a trivial thing. 2) Any post-change non-classic note link should only ever paste as evernote:/// within Evernote. So, since non-classic and classic links appear identical when pasted in Evernote, then I don't see why a remote change would need to happen even if it were possible. If it did happen, then there should be no functional change anyway since classic and non-classic note links within Evernote are functionally identical. 3) Any note links pasted outside of Evernote could, of course, not be changed automatically since they are outside of the Evernote application. Wordsgood, I'm not sure why some of your links have "changed" to include a ".com". I can't even get a newly created non-classic link to paste with a .com in the link address. See for example: https://www.evernote.com/l/ABlvUrbA04JImInO9OD3_H2oWTRYFlYzy2U The first note link is a non-classic note link, in green. I right clicked that link and said "Copy Link" (this isn't note-link specific, this works with ANY link to copy the underlying URL) and pasted the results and got the second link which begins with evernote:/// Even if I paste the result outside of Evernote I still only ever get an evernote:/// link, despite the fact that the original link was a non-classic note link. Joe Hummel, the links you are pasting and refer to in your post, are you pasting INSIDE of Evernote, or pasting them OUTSIDE of evernote, such as into any other application (e.g., a word processor, task manager, email)? You should ALWAYS get evernote:/// links when pasting in Evernote REGARDLESS of whether you have selected a "classic" or non-classic note link. You will get Evernote:/// in third party applications ONLY with classic note links. Non-classic links will always give https:// OUTSIDE of Evernote. I mean no disrespect in saying this, but is it possible that you have been inadvertently pasting new-style links to external applications since the change many months ago? I mean, we're talking a long time since the change was made now, so it would be easy to think that a note link was generated pre-change and remotely changed, when in fact, the link was actually created after the change. The change was also made without an announcement so you wouldn't have known it had occurred and could easily have made a large number of links like this without knowing any better. If, however, note links of either type are pasting as https:// in evernote itself, that is a bug. I can't reproduce it on my Mac, notes behave EXACTLY as expected: Classic: Evernote:/// EVERYWHERE. Inside or outside of Evernote all I ever get is an evernote:/// link New: Evernote:/// INSIDE Evernote. https:// anywhere else. Note: There seems to be some interesting programming going on behind the scenes to make new notes work properly. See for example, the following: https://www.evernote.com/l/ABlKLHIYry5C2LYsE0jI-sTqfrp9-B9bfVU At the bottom of the screenshot, you will see the raw clipboard contents. You'll notice it is an https:// link. In the middle, you'll see the results of pasting this into a text editor. Also an https:// link. At the top, you'll see the EXACT SAME clipboard contents pasted into the Evernote application itself, and it magically pastes as evernote:/// (this also explains why, as I point out above, if you paste a non-classic link IN evernote, then copy the URL underlying that link, you get, essentially, a classic note link that is evernote:/// no matter where you paste). Because of this, you should consider carefully how troubleshoot this issue, since looking directly at the clipboard will be misleading if you want to know how the link will behave within Evernote. I hope this helps clarify things and helps with troubleshooting..... but I suspect this has just added to the confusion!
  24. In my post immediately above yours, I link to the discussion with the application: Specifically this post: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39110-how-do-i-become-an-evernote-ambassador/?p=257148
  25. Here is an Evernote employee confirming the Evernote does request you verify your address. are you looking for something more specific?I think it's safe to say he is and I think it's the title of this thread, but still no answers here. Why on earth do we have to keep verifying and re-verifying our email address? The best apps are those that just simply work, not those that make me work. No other apps make me verify more than once, so a great starting place would be if someone could at least tell us if this is intentional or a glitch. If it's intentional it's pretty strange and also annoying. If it's a glitch then a fix or a temporary work around would be great. It must be a glitch. There's no reason you should need to re-verify. As evernote employee charboyd points out: If you are being asked repeatedly, either there is a glitch, or you are verifying outside of the 2 hour window, and thus, not actually verifying.
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