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  1. Glad you are taking some steps to resolve you issue, and contacting support was wise, though if you are a free users you may get a slow/no response. As for why you are only seeing partial info on the web, there are many potential causes. Some common and easy to diagnose ones are: 1) two accounts: You have, at some point, accidentally created two evernote accounts and at some point in time switched between them, and this rendering both incomplete. This can be resolved by double-checking the email address associated you've used to log in each time. 2) Sync issue (this is itself a can of worms). Ensure that, in penultimate, you are connected to a reliable network connection and initiate a sync from Penultimate. Wait until you see that syncing has completed before exiting the application. If it doesn't complete, or after completion the contents of your Evernote account are still incomplete, there may be a bigger issue. 3) Possibility that you have simply overlooked some content in the Evernote interface. The web is the golden truth with respect to your Evernote account, so this is the ideal place to check the integrity of your data. However, it isn't the easiest interface to work with. Just make darn sure you've opened every disclosure arrow, checked every notebook, viewed the "all notes" tab that shows every note from all notebooks. Also, do a quick search in Evernote for words that appear in missing penultimate notes, this might bring up something that isn't immediately visibly evident while browsing. Other than that I am unfortunately out of ideas!
  2. I don't know what you are referring to. Perhaps you could reply with clarification so we can offer you a better response. In the meantime, here are some guesses: Yes: There is a limit on note size. 25mb for free, 50mb for plus, 200mb for premium and business. Yes: The size of a note determines how much of your upload allowance is used up when you add that note. Maybe: Scalability problems encountered by users may be influenced by a number of factors, including both the size of notes (or perhaps, the average size of notes) in that database, as well as the number of notes, among many others. I think the scalability issue is a tricky one, which is one reason why it hasn't been definitively resolved (and may will never be completely resolved).
  3. This is not currently possible. A workaround would be to put the photo or photos in an encrypted container such as an encrypted disk image, then attach them to a note. Keeping in mind that this will negate access to the image on mobile devices.
  4. It is not clear exactly what you are wanting to do, but here are a few thoughts that may or may not be helpful: The upload quota is unrelated to notebook size. Practically speaking users at any subscription tier, including free, can have the same amount of content in Evernote, free users just have to add it more slowly. Any existing content doesn't count against your quota. Notebook size in terms of bytes cannot be easily determined. You can enter list view and add the "size" column, and sort by size, to see what some of your largest notes are in a given notebook and generate a rough approximation (at least you'll know if you're talking 10mb or 500mb for a given notebook!). Are you wanting to calculate notebook size in order to ensure you have sufficient space on your mobile device? Keep in mind that you can select which notebooks are available offline, so you don't have to keep your entire Evernote database local to your mobile device. My strategy is that I have a single, dedicated "offline" notebook. This is a temporary holding spot for documents I need offline access to. Its the only offline notebook and it is always selected as available offline on my mobile devices. This avoids confusion because I never have to keep track of which notebooks are available offline and which ones aren't. there's only one notebook designated for offline access, and its always designated as such. All I have to keep track of is what goes in there and when. When I no longer need offline access I move it back to whichever notebook it should be in permanently (which is almost always something other than the Offline notebook). This requires some forethought, so it might not work in cases where you are offline and spontaneously need access to some arbitrary note somewhere else. This prevents me from having huge amounts of local storage on my mobile device eaten up by notes I don't actually need to access while offline. This may work better for some use cases than others, but I've found it to be the easiest strategy for reliably maintaining offline access to only those notes that need offline access (except when the offline feature is itself unreliable, which isn't a strategy-dependent issue!).
  5. There's likely a little "X" in the corner. Dismissing it should dismiss it permanently (well, until the next time you do a fresh Evernote install, should you ever need to do so). Or click "try it" and don't actually do anything. (Haven't seen these popups, or they are different on Mac). There is no "X" in the corner. This thing seems to appear at least once a day and it freezes my computer for 2-3 minutes before it finally lets me click the "later" button --- which is the only option for getting rid of the advertisement. Also, ironically, EN will not operate until you click "later." For instance, I wanted to use EN to take a screen clip of the advertisement and could not because EN is frozen until you deal with Work Chat. Apparently advertising work chat is a higher priority for Evernote than any other feature of its software, which becomes disabled in order to make their ad even more aggressive. Truly a bad sign for a company if they are this desparate to force a feature down our throats. This ad appears even when I am not using evernote so it is the first example I'm aware of where EN is actively pushing ads onto my Windows machine without my consent and disrupting other programs and windows itself. I've never experienced any software that was not considered malware that actively displayed ads even when not using the software -- it's absolutely ourageous. Apparently the only way to get rid of it is to uninstall Evernote. Strange, I just saw another person complaining about an evernote-related ad appearing when Evernote was not running. Recently, on the Mac side of things, we just experienced a bug/overzealousness in which premium users were presented with hard-to-dismiss popover ad and a persistent sidebar ad for Evernote Business. I suspect the problems Windows users are experiencing are likely not intentional, or at least, if they were intentional, will be rolled back, as has happened on Mac.
  6. Ah, I understand now. Indeed my advice isn't terribly helpful! As csihilling points out, your need is not currently addressed by Evernote (And I can't ever see it being addressed, despite it being a very legitimate request!).
  7. I agree, i've never found evernote terribly useful for straight-up list-keeping or even for to-do's of any kind for that matter (except for lists embedded in some longer note). Like you I use a dedicated application for that sort of thing, and I use note links liberally to link to-do's to Evernote notes where necessary.
  8. This is a very often requested feature, and it has been for years. I think we can conclude that it is not a priority for Evernote. Whether it should be or not, well, that's a different debate. The reality is, there is no easy hierarchy, and there isn't likely to be one in the near future. Evernote has chosen a flat non-mutually exclusive taxonomy. Personally this is my favoured taxonomic strategy, so it is fine by me, and it is how I use other applications as well. There are strategies to impose hierarchy in evernote, but they are a bit clumsy. So if you can't work with the flat, non-mutually exclusive system in Evernote, you might consider some of the other options out there.
  9. You don't need to install Office to get One Note. One Note is available as a standalone application from the Mac App Store.
  10. When you create a checklist on the mac or windows clients, subsequent lines automatically get a checkbox. This may not be the case on mobile clients. Can you tell us which clients you'll be mainly using?
  11. Have you used your desktop computer to log into www.evernote.com to see if your notes are still there? If they are there, then you have not lost any data.
  12. Yes, on windows you can change the location of the local database, but this is not possible on Mac, which is the platform I use. This is not terribly important from a backup standpoint, it can get backed up regardless of its location. I have never found myself needed to change the location of my local database. Yes, Chris Mayo's post is great. I personally have no problems with backups. I have a robust backup strategy. The challenge with respect to backups and Evernote I referred to was related to the fact that it is not possible to restore individual notes or notebooks. You can only ever restore the entire database. Incremental backups makes this less of an issue, but depending on the amount of work you do between increments, and the trouble that required you to restore from the backup, the whole-databse-recovery can be a bit onerous. I don't think this is up for debate. I think it is arbitrary, but also established in the interest of limiting server load and the use of other resources. I'm sure they're being extraordinarily conservative in their choices. Only Evernote can really tell though That is an interesting use case. Personally that type of automated bulk archiving is not something I would have a need for, but I can see how, if that was something you needed to do, would definitely overwhelm Evernote. Evernote is either not the right tool for you, or you should consider a different strategy that works better with the capacities of Evernote. I don't you Windows, so I can't make any suggestions for that. My program of choice is DEVONThink Pro Office, which is Mac only. It offers many tools that suit my needs that Evernote does not offer, and also overcomes many of the limitations (e.g., scalability and arbitrary limits) or hurdles (e.g., my need to avoid cloud storage for much of my content) I've experienced with Evernote. For more discussion about alternatives, I'd suggest you take a look at: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66103-power-user-discontent-best-alternatives-to-en/
  13. Change occurred over a year ago. Discussed at length at the time of the change here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/56720-most-unwelcome-changes-to-sharing-notes-by-email/ Justification seems to be that the prior strategy required spoofing your email address in order to display it in the "from" field, which tends to be more frequently rejected as spam, since spoofing email addresses is a common technique for spamming and phishing campaigns. To have Evernote send from your actual email address you'd have hand over your email credentials (and SMTP information) to Evernote, which is not wise from a security standpoint (in general those credentials are not things you want to hand out willy nilly to ANY third-parties), and may not work reliably with all email providers. I suspect Evernote was not interested in handling their user's fairly sensitive email information, nor dealing with the headaches of trying to support the issues that come up between email providers. Thus, to make it look like it came from your address, Evernote had to spoof, which is far from ideal. While no-reply@evernote.com is considerably less personal looking, and indeed also potentially subject to spam detection, it is less likely than a spoofed address to be rejected as spam. You should also know that your actual email (the one associated with your evernote account) will always be included as the "reply-to" address, and the name you've attached to your Evernote account will show up as the name of the sender (even though the address is no-reply@evernote.com). My understanding is that this is explicitly NOT a move to discourage sharing via email, rather it was done in the interest of increasing the odds that your emailed note ends up in the inbox of your recipient, not their spam box. Honestly, in my opinion, they've traded a less-than-ideal strategy or a slightly less less-than-ideal strategy, because the only way to actually, legitimately display your email address requires you handing over credentials you shouldn't hand over, or it requires sending via a desktop email client, which limits email sharing to instances where the user 1) has a desktop email client configured; and 2) is on the computer on which the client is configured. So, I agree, far from ideal, but I think the move, which took place a year ago, is reasonably justified given the status-quo was actually sketchier!
  14. The exact pricing varies by region and may now be quite different everywhere since they've moved to a three-tier system, but for a long time its been about that. Good luck with the experiment!
  15. This can be done using the Evernote application on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or your browser. Log into Evernote using the Evernote account you use with Penultimate. Here you will be able to find a notebook containing your penultimate content. You can then move your penultimate content around as you see fit.
  16. Have you tried either logging out, then back into, the evernote application on the iPad 4? If that fails, have you tried uninstalling then re-installing the application on the iPad 4? This has resolved widget issues for me with other apps.
  17. That should work, but I'm hesitant to say definitively that it will work if only because you have the extra complication of going from free to premium during that time frame, which shouldn't cause an issue, but you just never know. At ~$5 for one month of premium it isn't the most costly thing if it ends up not working out.
  18. Reinstalling is always a good troubleshooting step. Also ensure that you are using exactly the same email address to log into both devices (many people have two or more email addresses and sometimes accidentally end up with two accounts which can cause them issues). If all of that fails you might consider reaching out to support for assistance, if you are a Plus or Premium subscriber, and if you are a free user, perhaps someone else here has insight. Just so I am clear on what you are doing, when you are logging into Evernote on your mac, are you logging into the application installed on your computer, or into the website at www.evernote.com? What are the results of both of these, for example, can you log into the Evernote.app application installed on your Mac? Can you log into the web interface at www.evernote.com?
  19. I'm with you. I was able to get my partner on board, but as far as colleagues go, no such luck, but I've since stopped using Evernote for work related tasks anyhow, so its a good thing I never onboarded my colleagues anyway!
  20. It's difficult to know whether a user is part of a team or not. I am not part of a team, but I do share several notebooks, as well as a number of individual notes, with my partner. For this we use Work Chat, since that is how two evernote users share notes and notebooks. However, Evernote has no way of knowing whether my partner and I are part of a "team" or simply just coordinating household affairs. Therefore, Evernote would have no way of knowing whether it should or should not serve me up an ad to "upgrade my team". I also think we should avoid conflating Work Chat and Evernote Premium for Business. These are two different things entirely. Work Chat is something that ALL Evernote users, regardless of their subscription, must use if they want to share with another Evernote user (whether they are part of a "team" or not!). Evernote Premium for Business almost only ever would make sense in the context of an actual "team" or business. Thus, work chat concerns every Evernote user that has a need to share a note or notebook with another Evernote user, whereas Evernote Premium for Business only ever concerns people who are involved in a business (or similar).
  21. Ah, thanks for directing me to that. I've been a bit out of the "release loop". glad they've acknowledged it.
  22. Yes it will. keep in mind this version history feature is very, very limited. In my experience it seems to capture versions about once or twice a day. I haven't come across documentation for the actual timing, so my observation should be taken with again of salt.
  23. Yikes. Really a poor thing to foist upon those who are paying for the highest individually-priced subscription.
  24. Since the change to the paid tiers took place, there seems to be a non-removable sidebar nag to "upgrade your team", even for me, a premium user. When clicked, you are presented with an overlay describing Evernote Premium for Business. This overlay can only be dismissed by pressing the escape key. It cannot be dismissed by clicking outside of the overlay, nor does the overlay itself has an "x" or "close" button. Have other Premium users encountered this sidebar item and overlay? Have you been able to remove it from your sidebar? For EN staff who might come across this: 1) It does not make sense to thrust this advertisement on Premium users. There is no guarantee that a given premium user is part of a team, or is in a position to make such decisions even if they are part of a team. 2) This sidebar item needs to be removable. Why allow premium users to remove Market and Announcements and Ads, but not this? Where's the logic in that. 3) The hard-to-dismiss overlay is frustrating and a bit aggressive. Overall this is a disappointingly forceful move on Evernote's part.
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