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  1. Thanks for the screenshot. I am still completely puzzled! I cannot reproduce this at all. 

    To change the hotkey, open the clipper, and at the bottom of the pane you will see your name (in my case "Scott Lougheed"), click on that, and select "options" and then "Keyboard Shortcuts"


    So, to recap:

    Clipper>Evernote Name>Options>Keyboard Shortcuts. 

  2. Odd, I do not have that problem. When I am on any web page and my cursor is NOT in a text box on that page, pressing ` causes the clipper to open and close as expected. 


    If a text input box is currently in focus, pressing ` will, of course, type ` in the text box. 


    I have not ever had Safari automatically bring up the "find" dialogue when pressing anything other than cmd-f.


    Could you elaborate on what you are experiencing?


    Perhaps check your System Preferences>Keyboard>shortcuts to ensure you haven't accidentally mapped that key to Safari's Find command

  3. Sounds like a bug, without a doubt. I suggest submitting feedback to let EN know. 


    In the mean time, closing the app by pressing the home button ONCE or restarting the phone does not actually "close" the app in any real sense. Have you tried double-tapping the home button to bring up the multi-tasking screen and swiping up on evernote to actually force-close the application?


    that should reset the app and next time you open it the app should return to the main screen. 

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