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  1. I rarely delete any notes from Evernote. With notebooks, stacks, tags, descriptive titles & keywords, it's pretty easy to refine my searches to the pertinent notes. While I agree with you BNF, and I too rarely delete, I think deleting is important to certain popular workflows. While I don't do the GTD thing, nor do I know much about it, my understanding is that deleting is a pretty big part of this, so those users may find themselves bogged down if the trash is too obscure. Then again, I don't think the swipe-left behaviour that is pretty universal in iOS is too onerous even for the most hurried of user.
  2. I think this is just a shortcoming of Evernote's PDF and Annotation integration. As someone in academia, annotating PDFs is my bread and butter. Evernote is pretty bad at this if the PDF is more than a couple pages, and 100% of the PDFs I encounter are more than a couple of pages. Needless to say I pretty much never use Evernote for PDF related tasks. I think this comes down to a few things: 1) Current PDF and annotation handling works great for a particular workflow which is providing feedback on screenshots and PDF-ified versions of things not exceeding a few pages. I think, in this case, it works very well. This is not my personal use case, however. 2) PDF-related tasks in Evernote and especially on mobile are relatively new addition to Evernote's featureset. As such, we can expect that these features will be refined and perhaps expanded over time. However, until this happens, Evernote is not a great tool for multi-page PDFs. I recommend a combination of Dropbox (or other cloud service) and a dedicated PDF reader. On iOS, my favourite is (my personal favourite) PDF Expert 5 from Readdle ($9 and worth every penny). The same company also makes the app Documents (Free and really great if you don't need to do things like sign your PDFs). These allow for basic (both apps) and much more advanced (PDF Expert) PDF annotation and editing features, real-time sync with cloud services, and both perform very well with large documents. Others are GoodReader, which is more complex from a UI standpoint (without any major functional benefits over PDF Expert). It is also a well regarded PDF reader and annotator with cloud tie-ins.
  3. Yes. Evernote can much more rapidly push out patches through the direct download (from evernote.com), compared to the App Store, which requires individual approval. Because of this, the fixed version of evernote is available directly, but has not yet made it through the Mac App Store.
  4. Undo, as with most (or all...) mac applications is cmd-z.
  5. I do not believe this is possible because these so-called "data detectors" are baked into the operating system. You can still manipulate the text in terms of font size and face etc. I do not believe there is a way to turn this off in iOS.
  6. In fact, I don't think you even need to tap "more" to change notebooks, though you do in order to change tags/
  7. Ok so a few things: Shortcuts are typically synced between devices (though this is a setting that can be changed). This is likely (but not necessarily certain) how they ended up on your phone, you set up shortcuts one your desktop or another device and those shortcuts propagated across your devices. This means if you modify the shortcuts on one device, that change will likely be reflected on your other devices. This setting can be changed in your application preferences, and I am not sure what the default is. You'll have to consider this when you make changes. This also means you SHOULD be able to make a change tot he shortcuts on any of your other devices and that would be reflected on the iPhone. But to the question at hand, how to change it on the iPhone: Is a bit more roundabout than it should be. If you click on "shortcuts" from the home screen you'd expect to be able to edit them there. This is unfortunately NOT the case! To get around this, enter "Shortcuts", tap on any shortcut in the list. Once you are in the notebook or note that you just tapped, tap the star button. You'll be presented again with a listing of your existing shortcuts, but at the top right you'll see the much needed "edit" button. You can tap this edit button and remove or reorder the shortcuts. That being said, I don't know why you WOULDNT want a shortcut or two. I find these very handy (although their presentation in iOS is not as effective as it could be). Also, deleting all the shortcuts may NOT remove the shortcut field from the home screen, though I haven't tested this because i am not willing to delete my shortcuts . Hope this helps!
  8. The best way is to navigate the the relevant notebook and tap the alarm click icon at the top, which will give you a list of the reminders for that notebook. If, as is often the case with me, you don't know which notebook the reminder corresponds to, from the home screen tap "notes" to display All Notes, then tap the alarm clock at the top. This will display all the reminders, due and upcoming, sorted however you have told it to (by date, or by notebook). I agree, this could be improved.
  9. Good to know his workaround. Personally I have never encountered this issue, posts promptly appear and disappear with Evernote sync. I gather there was a hiccup on Postach.io's end at the time you were working, so it could happen again. Pleased that you shared your solution.
  10. Safari on iOS does not allow the use of extensions like the web clipper. There are third party options that allow some form of clipping available in the App Store and they work alright. There is also the free Dolphin web browser for iOS that has Evernote clipping well integrated. No matter which option, web clipping on iOS is a little clumsy. I typically send the URL to Evernote while I am on my iOS device, and just clip later when I am on my desktop. If I need to clip badly I use this bookmarklet workaround http://andrewwargo.com/blog/web-clipping-iphone-evernote/ Hope this helps, S
  11. q1: This is hard to do because safari on iOS does not allow plugins. There are third-party apps (everclip, for example) that allow you to do this but formatting is not guaranteed (then again neither is it with the web clipper on desktop). The best way to get complete text I have found is with Reeder 2>enable readability for the desired article>Send to evernote. q2:No experience with pocket informant. q3: Fastever or quickever (currently being discussed elsewhere) may be options. I don't often use evernote in this way to I can't offer much, perhaps somoe else might. q4: again not a mind-mapper sort of guy (mostly extended notes and clippings) so no real help here from me. q5: No. The only things you can do are what is available in Settings>Notification Centre. It will usually tell you what the next event that day is, and display a snippet of a few hours. You can't get it to show your entire agenda. However loading up the calendar app is pretty swift too and can be done from the "Today" screen. Not much can be done about adding to the lock screen. I think it will take some getting used to switching from the free-wheelin' android OS to iOS (I myself am an extremely happy iOS user). It's always hard getting used to the quirks of a new OS!
  12. that being said, original batter still going strong despite that level of usage...
  13. By extended period of time, I mean, about a 6-12 penultimate pages over 1-2 hours on numerous occasions, along with many, much shorter "jottings" of a minute or two. Right handed, so no leftie insight unfortunately.
  14. As BnF suggests, if you are using the premium "offline" feature, you can simply choose to NOT have that notebook offline. If the other notes in the notebook are critical, move the large note into an alternative notebook that isn't set to be "offline" on your iPad. If this is a caching issue, you can clear Evernote's cache in the menu accessed by clicking on your evernote uername at the top of the screen.
  15. why not search: tag:portraits or tag:portraits tag:photography or tag:photography Do these not accomplish what you are trying to achieve?
  16. Agreed, while I doubt it would be easy to implement, it would be a great feature IMO!
  17. In the little pop down menu that emerges from the search field, you should have the option to save search, once saved you can drag it to the shortcuts area.
  18. I did about 15 cards and it worked very well! Sometimes cards with non-typical layouts caused some grief, and sometimes perfectly good photos were oddly cut off on one edge or another, usually cards with dark backgrounds. But really on,y a small minority needed manual fixing.
  19. This cannot be done. Both operating systems have hugely different underlying capabilities and requirements and limitations. Just "porting" is impossible and would ultimately produce a hugely inferior app on BOTH platforms. To adequately accommodate those limitations and optimize for the specific capabilities requires building from the ground up on each platform. Personally, having just set my tech-moderate mother up with Evernote on her android and Windows devices, I have to say I cannot stand the appearance and organization of the android app, which is, of course, solely my opinion and not actually a problem with the app.
  20. Same problem. Nothing resolves this. I deleted the app and tried to reinstall it. Now it won't even let me sign in. Crashes immediately on startup. IOS 7.0.4 Iphone user. Have either of you tried the workaround provided by Evernote and others in this thread? Disabling Evernote's access to your devices Contacts should provide some stability.
  21. Shoe, You are correct, you are currently unable to create a new notebook within a stack. New notebooks always appear outside of a stack and require dragging. I agree, it would be nice to be able to right-click on a stack and create a new notebook right inside. That being said, notebook and stack creation is not likely to be a daily occurrence. For example, my structure is reasonable stable from week to week, month-to-month. Typically I only need to add new notebooks when a new project comes up or I have a new teaching obligation, so every 4 months or so. As such, whether such a task takes 5 minutes or 10 minutes doesn't really make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Your suggestion is likely to save seconds and not minutes. But I am fairly flexible and my workflow not terribly particular, and my work not based on minutes and seconds. Perhaps your situation is the opposite, in which case I can understand how this minor feature could be a near-deal-breaker for you.
  22. I agree, allowing you to, say, right click on a stack and create a new notebook within that stack would probably be nice. However I hardly think this is software ruining "oversight". Creating notes and notebook is still a one-click or one-key-command away. Stacking them can be done at a later moment once the ideas are down.
  23. Command-N makes a new note. Command-Shift-N makes a new notebook. That's pretty darn quick. Drag things into a stack whenever you have a moment like when you're sitting on the subway on your way home. Is that seriously a big deal?
  24. This is strange behaviour. I have taken notes in Penultimate for extended periods of time without experiencing a loss of connection. Have you contact support or opened a support ticket?
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