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  1. Evernote does not publish their roadmaps so we can never no for sure what they are doing and when it will be done. That being said, Evernote has indicated as long ago as a few years that there is a penultimate team for Android and that it should be happening. As for the stylus, presumably any stylus would work, just like any stylus works with the iPad.
  2. I agreed with you in my first post, and I still agree with you.
  3. It has been suggested just now by you. Evernote staff read these forums though they do not often write responses. They also rarely publish their development timelines and plans, so whether this is in the pipes or not it unknown. You'll have to wait until it appears or it doesn't.
  4. Looks like you've tried most of the troulbeshooting I'd recommend off the top of my head. I would submit a support ticket just to make sure that Evernote can identify the bug and provide a fix in a subsequent release.
  5. Since this would be a feature are plug-in for a third party application (eMclient), you are better off requesting that they integrate this into their application. Evernote offers some great developers tools and a robust API to allow third parties to do just the type of thing you are asking for.
  6. I agree, support for mobile safari clipping is... Well, non existent, which is a drag. I hope that they are working to remedy this a bit. Unfortunately, because it doesn't SEEM like it should be that technically challenging, the fact that it hasn't happened yet suggests to me that Evernote has either placed it extremely low on their priority list, or has chosen not to pursue it for the time being. Either way, Evernote does not publish their roadmap or development schedule, so we really just have to wait for it to materialize or not.
  7. I don't believe EN checks note updates: note conflicts wouldn't exist then It has to check for updates so that it can show the user the newest content after launch. By default the mobile application should attempt to pull down changes immediately upon launch if it knows there's a connection. Even doing this, note conflicts can occur. Note conflicts occur, if, for example, you make a change while offline on your mobile device, then, without syncing, make a change on your desktop, sync the desktop THEN establish a connection on the ipad. Here, the ipad changes will collide with the changes on the server that originated on the desktop.
  8. Also, re-installing the Evernote application shouldn't worry you, your data are all stored on Evernote's servers, so deleting the app from your iPad will not cause you to lose data.
  9. Same thing for me. I use offline notebooks on my iPad and iPhone when travelling internationally. Without wifi or cellular data I have no problem accessing and modifying my offline notes.
  10. That is truly odd. I tried to reproduce this by denying Evernote my location data and revisiting the customize home screen, but I still had the option... Two suggestions: 1) Try logging out and then back in. That sometimes clears some whacky cobwebs 2) try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, also good for cobweb clearing. This will also reset all the permission prompts and stuff so you can accept/deny permissions as they are requested. This definitely looks like it could be a bug because it really SHOULD be there for your to remove/add from/to the home screen. You may want to submit a support ticket just so Evernote is aware of the bug. They may also have a workaround for you. More information though: It is still not clear to me what your concern is. Are you concerned about privacy? That is, are you hoping to prevent Evernote from storing location data in your notes?Are you concerned about the appearance of the home screen? That is, you are looking to clear the clutter of features you don't use?If it is the first, then you have already accomplished this when you changed your iOS privacy settings. The Home Screen settings have no impact on privacy.
  11. Unfrotunately I do not have my iPad with me at my office today, but from my iPhone, here is the "Customize Home Screen" options: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/cc28a1b6-2c70-4903-b2e7-b8be1ce542b6/7362453a845e086d4ad0ed8eca32a4c8 Now, the thing to remember, this option is entirely a visual thing. It has no effect whatsoever on what data Evernote collects, or has stored already. The reason I point this out is that if your concerns are related to privacy, then removing "Places" from your homescreen will not really make a difference. Your inability to remove it, then, does not indicate that your privacy is compromised. If you are concerned about the appearance of the home screen, then there's a different story. Can you please post a screenshot of your "Configure home screen" page?
  12. The Places section will not go away if you disable location services. The presence of the "Places" section is not predicated on 1) being able to detect your location, or 2) the presences of notes with location data. It exists even if both 1 and 2 are false. In Evernote 7.3, click your user name at the top of the homescreen 1) Click "Customize home screen" 2) disable "Places" 3) Carry on your merry little way. As of 7.3, customizations like this are available to free and premium users. Now, as has been mentioned, the presences of "Places" in the app is different from Evernote's capacity to collect location data. You will, as you have already done, need to go into the iOS settings to deny location services to Evernote, if this is something that concerns you.
  13. A WiFi only iPad can get location data from local WiFi networks, as long as those networks are in Apple's location database. And can EN use this to mark notes with location then? Yes. Same with your wifi enabled Mac (which does not possess GPS capabilities).
  14. The fact that this is occurring on two iPads is troubling. Are either of them 'Jailbroken'? I do not think you should continue to remove OTHER applications from your iPad, they are not the problem. Have you tried deleting and re-installing Evernote? (this won't cause you to lose any data)
  15. Can you explain what you mean by "going down"? Does this occur only when you are opening/working with Evernote? Or do your iPads "go down" under non-evernote related use?
  16. When you say "general menu" do you mean Evernote's main screen, or do you mean the iPhone's home screen (with all your applications in a grid)? Either way: 1) Try turning your phone off and restarting it. If that doesn't fix the problem 2) Try deleting the application and re-installing it (don't worry, your data are stored on Evernote's servers so it will all come back as soon as you log into the newly installed application)
  17. Next to the note title, there are two diverging green arrows. Tapping this will allow the note to occupy the full horizontal space of the screen. This applies in both portrait or landscape orientation.
  18. Www.evernote.com Sign in at top right where it says "sign in"
  19. This is unusual. First thing I recommend is logging into the evernote web interface. All of your content should still be there. I don't think you've lost anything. Second, and related to the first, is make sure you are logging in with the correct email and password. You may need to use the "forgot my password" function to reset things. I can't imagine any other reason why you wouldn't be able to sign back in except perhaps some minor user error such as this. If you still are unable to log in, submit a support ticket.
  20. There is a global rotation lock in iOS that will prevent the system from rotating. This can be found either in the iPad Settings>General of if you bring up Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the display, there is a button on the far right that will set this as well.
  21. tap at the top left where your user name is displayed, the settings are in the menu that appears there.
  22. Penultimate already has "wrist rejection" built in to avoid interpreting your wrist as actual input. It works reasonably well if you are using the Adonit Jot Script stylus. This can be enabled in the Penultimate app settings. What kind of wrist guard are you speaking of?
  23. Glad you found a suitable workaround for the time being.
  24. Certain free services may be helpful here. I am thinking of: Box.com Dropbox.com bitcasa.com Each service provides between 2-15gbs for free users, and at least Dropbox and Bitcasa will allow you to upload files larger than 100mbs on free accounts. You could upload the desired files to one of these free services, generate a shared link, and put the link in an evernote note. The advantage of this to your clients is that they don't have a 100mb+ sitting in both their evernote database AND whatever directory they save it to. I understand that it is a little cumbersome to have to rely on a second service for this, and that internet censorship in china may make finding a usable sharing service hard (I know dropbox is blocked, but Bitcasa works fine china). However, such is the life with Evernote I suppose! We can hope they increase note limits but until that time, we've got to use workarounds....
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