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  1. Ah, you hadn't mentioned you were using the web interface. Yes, if you are using the web interface you'll have to do it the way you described. If you are on a windows or mac machine and you have permission to install applications, I'd strongly encourage you to install the Evernote application on it and perform your tasks from there because it is a lot less clumsy and you'll reduce the possibility of making an error that results in data loss.
  2. From my experience its the most recently three viewed or edited.... I suspect it's "viewed" but sometimes it hasn't been 100% consistent which makes it hard to tell exactly!
  3. not exactly. I assume that you have the Excel file attached to a note. The procedure for editing that excel file would be: 1) Open the note with the Excel attachment. 2) Double click on the attachment, which will open the file in excel 3) Make your changes and hit save, which will save the changes directly to Evernote, and these changes are subsequently uploaded and synced across all of the shared users' devices. 4) Close the excel file. There is no need to save the file to a separate location, and re-upload it. Simply open the excel file from within the note you've attached it to.
  4. That is possible. You cannot edit it simultaneously, but all users who have View and Edit privileges will be able to view and edit the excel spreadsheet, and these changes will be visible to all other users who have access to that shared note/notebook.
  5. As you have discovered, Evernote is not an OCR application. Its a note-taking/information management application that happens to also index PDFs and make images of text searchable in Evernote. It does not create a text layer that is extractable like other dedicated OCR tools (e.g., Adobe or ABBYY). While I have found the handwriting recognition to be immensely useful, that's really one small part of how Evernote is/can be used. As for file size limits, 25mb is fairly large for a single scan, but certainly it can easily be exceeded. If you anticipate routinely making scans that are larger than 25mb you'd be wise to upgrade to plus or premium subscriptions which allow 50mb and 200mb maximums respectively. As for checking the size, you can take any file you want to attach, including scans made with your mobile device, and look at the file size prior to attaching it to an Evernote note. In general you'd have to be scanning a large number of pages to approach 25mb, and if that is a relatively common thing you do, it might be in your interest to perform that scan using your favourite scanning application, checking the file size once you have completed scanning, and only at that point adding it to Evernote. PDFpen is an iOS (and Mac) application that can perform OCR, even locally on an iOS device. It is solely dedicated to scanning and performing OCR (and embedding that OCR into the file, which Evernote does not do because Evernote uses a very different process). PDFpen does allow you to then send the file to any number of cloud services including Evernote. It's one of the few applications I am aware of that will perform true OCR on a mobile device. The OCR engine is relatively good, reasonably fast, but the accuracy is inferior to other options (such as Adobe and ABBYY which both beat the pants of PDFpen in terms of accuracy, but also in price). If you need to do large OCR tasks, that is definitely a job better suited for a computer rather than a mobile device. A computer will be able to accomplish that task much faster, and if accuracy is a concern, there are more options with greater accuracy. Using desktop OCR software doesn't preclude the use of a mobile scanning app like PDFpen or Scanner Pro or Scannable to generate the initial scan. You'd just have to dump that scan onto your computer, OCR it, and toss it into Evernote. Hope that's a bit helpful.
  6. I suppose you can take some comfort in knowing that your actual text isn't being modified at all, so if, for example, you were to export that text to a different format, or copy and paste that text, the "hyperlink" isn't going with it (though iOS might detect the "data" in the new exported document and highlight it again!).
  7. Those three notes are not supposed to be alphabetical anyway, I think it is ordered based on time, with the top-most note of the three being the most recently accessed. If it bothers you you can turn that list off by, from the home screen in Evernote, clicking on the gear next to your name, and navigating to "Customize home screen", and turn off "show details" for the Notes section, or any other section.
  8. Confirming that Evernote works fine with mac yosemite--anyone know when EN will fix all those other problems?
  9. Evernote does not do what you are asking for. While text in images is made searchable, it is not extracted by Evernote and not extractable by the user. You'd have to manually transfer values to quickbooks. Some related discussion: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/64125-receipts/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/65336-evernote-and-receipts/ and some possible useful services: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2011/09/21/trunk-spotlight-expensify-evernote-making-expense-reports-way-easier/ https://www.expensify.com/evernote
  10. Let me preface this by saying that I am not an Evernote Employee and I have no stake in Evernote. I suggested that Evernote "should look into and fix whatever is broken about that unsubscribe link", which seems to be broken. I then go on to offer the OP a way to immediately fix his Evernote email woes so that he doesn't have to deal with the unwanted emails. My answer does nothing to hide anything. I don't have any insider knowledge so I don't know what could be hidden nor how to hide it! Maybe Evernote does have some fiendish plan to keep us "in their email pocket", and maybe that broken unscubscribe functionalities is part of that plan. I have no clue either way. I directly acknowledge​ that the unsubscribe link seems to be broken based on the OP's description and I offered him an immediate way to fix the problem for himself rather than wait for Evernote to resolve their unsubscribe issue (if they ever do). What I do not​ do is speculate about why it may be broken, because I don't know why. This is a user forum. While Evernote staff do periodically read posts and respond, the best way to communicate with them is directly with a support ticket. I am not affiliated with Evernote, just a user. And also a Canadian, and technically Evernote would also be violating Canadian laws as well (though I don't get their emails since I set my preferences accordingly, and therefore was not in a position to detect the unsubscribe problem). I understand that you are frustrated, but I take serious issue with you equating receiving unwanted email with date rape. I think this is immensely disrespectful and thoughtless and ultimately trivializes the experience of being a victim of sexual assault. It is also not really in the spirit of this community (it may well be triggering for some members). Please think before you write.
  11. This is good advice but just to make very, very clear, this does not in any way encrypt the Evernote note itself. This will just encrypt that specific attached PDF. Any text or non-encrypted attachments other than the encrypted PDF will still be potentially accessible by navigating to the locally stored files on your device's storage. (You can encrypt individual lines of text in notes, but this can be a bit cumbersome to do with every single note). There is no way to encrypt the database that Evernote makes and stores locally on your device in a way that prevents someone logged into your user account from accessing it. (You can prevent other types of intrusion by enabling FileVault, which will prevent your Evernote database from being read, unless the intruder has your strong password in hand).
  12. Yes, an attachment contributes to the overall note size. The entire contents of a given note cannot exceed that maximum note size, whether comprised of plain text, an attachment, or a combination of both. Yes, different subscription levels have different maximum note sizes. There is no limit on the number of attachments, only on size. Ten 1mb attachments = 10mb, and one 10mb attachment = 10mb. These two scenarios are equivalent.
  13. 1) Are you a free, plus, or premium subscriber? 2) by "offline notebooks" do you mean "Offline Notebooks" on a mobile device (that is, a notebook that is synchronized, but is available on a mobile device when there is no internet connection), or do you mean a "Local Notebooks" which is an unsynchronized notebook on a Mac or PC that is not accessible on any other device or the web. The maximum note size for a free account is 25mb, 50mb, and 200mb for free, plus, and premium tiers, respectively. You should be able any file up to, or nearly the maximum note size. Keeping in mind that a free account has an upload limit of 60mb per month. If you added 2 25mb attachments, you'd almost exhaust your monthly upload allowance. Local Notebooks may still be subject to the note size limits, but won't count towards your upload limit. Offline Notebooks will be subject to all the usual limits associated with your subscription tier. More info on account limits: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452
  14. While I agree that Evernote should look into and fix whatever is broken about that unsubscribe link, in the meantime you might be able to log into your account at www.evernote.com, navigate to your Account Settings>Personal Settings>Emails, and uncheck those you don't want (or all of them!).
  15. That main "home" screen has limited space and only shows the three most recent(ly edited??) notes from any notebook. This is really just there to allow you to return quickly to a note you had just recently accessed and I don't think it is intended to be the primary way you access your notes. If you want a complete list of your notes, you can either click on the "Notes" header above the three notes, which takes you to a list of every note in every notebook sorted based on the selection made under the green "options" button at the top of the list (date created, modified, or title (i.e. alphabetical)). You can also browse by notebook and tag by tapping on the "notebook" or "tag" sections on the "home" screen. If these sections aren't present you can enabled them by, from the home screen in Evernote, clicking on the gear next to your name, and navigating to "Customize home screen". This also allows you to enable or disable the display of those three most recently accessed note (or tags in the case of the "Tags" section, and notebooks in the case of the "notebooks" section). I hope this clears things up a bit.
  16. This is iOS's data detectors at work, this is not something built into Evernote. I believe that a developer (e.g., Evernote) can forbid iOS from using data detectors in an application, but I don't think developers can have a toggle for a user. Since the data detectors are likely very helpful for many users (I personally use them regularly!) they've chosen to keep it enabled. It's worth noting that this isn't something embedded in the note contents itself, that is, it's not the same as if you bolded/italicized/changed the colour of/manually hyperlinked text. This is more like an "overlay" imposed by iOS, much like how clicking an address or phone number in a webpage on your iPhone allows you to show a map or call that number. The website doesn't actually contain a link, its the OS detecting something that resembles a phone number/tracking number/address/date and overlaying something actionable onto it. Is there a reason that the "hyperlinked" text (it's not hyperlinked, exactly, but is does appear that way) is intrusive?
  17. If you right/ctrl-click any of the column headers, you can select which columns you want to make visible. See for example, the following screenshot: https://www.evernote.com/l/ABk7YmzOaLlCHaiZ1r01mmN0UxGVXmIa7qo Once that column is visible, you can sort by size. Just a quick note, if you are just interested in the overall size of your entire database (not the size of a specific notebook) you can locate the local database on your Mac, which should be here: ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com the large of the two folders is the approximate size of all of your evernote content.
  18. Oh, list view is only available on the Mac or Windows applications.
  19. If you hadn't been recently logged into the web interface/forum, you'd likely have been asked for username and password. No, not a significant issue. Yes, more pressing issues.
  20. Likewise, but it does mean a few extra steps (and perhaps a few extra, potentially two-factor, logins) for first-timers!
  21. You can put your penultimate notes in any notebook you like. However, that will always be reflected in Penultimate. There is no way to have it organized one way in Evernote, and another way in Penultimate. You'll have to pick what scheme works best for you most of the time, and go with that, even if it isn't ideal for other times.
  22. Wow, they've really revamped the Account Info screen on the Mac App (I don't go in there all that often). Not much useful info on offer there... I'd agree, I think the Evernote email needs to be there, and the button to add that email to your Contacts app should also be returned!
  23. Are you a free user? If so they've removed email-to-evernote for free users (Except for a 5-email trial), to begin on June 1. This might be part of that transition.
  24. 1) Ensure that you are sending to the correct evernote email address. (the elka1239qwesjo@m.evernote.com address found in your Evernote account info). 2) There's been a change to the subscription tiers so that now free users cannot email into their Evernote accounts (they have 5 trial emails). This is a very recent change and won't officially take effect until june 1, so I suspect something has just gone awry technically. and I am a premium subscriber so I have not seen reports of, nor personally experienced, what happens when you run out of your 5 trial emails, though I doubt you'd see such a cryptic error if it was a matter of running out of trial emails. 3) what is the file size of the PDF?
  25. Would it make a difference if the notes were small in mb-size? under a mb even? AH, then this would be the applicable response (in my opinion); The scalability issue is probably not just one thing, it is probably many things. There are likely several scalability issues. They may be related to many different things including 1) The hardware the user is using and its speed; 2) the type of database that Evernote is using to store data locally; 3) the number of items in that database (e.g., the number of notes and attachments); 4) the size of each of those items. This is reflected in the diverse and divergent experiences of users in the various threads on scalability. So, some databases can get bogged down simply by having a large number of entries, regardless of size, because of how they are structured or how they index that data, or because of some other attribute to that type of database. I don't know what Evernote is using for a database, and even if I did I'd not be certain what the specific benefits or shortcomings of that database type would be, but there is variability. However, large notes and large attachments to notes can also be taxing on your computer's resources, which is an issue that is less directly related to Evernote, and this varies by individual user since everyone has different devices with different software running concurrently. Some people have run into issues in 10's of thousands of notes. Others with mere thousands. Some haven't encountered issues at all. I'd recommend not fretting too much and just using Evernote, since there is little consensus among users about what specifically is causing scalability issues, and when exactly those issues begin to appear. Just do your best to think ahead about what you might do in the event hat you run into severe scalability issues with Evernote. Alternatives and strategies have been discussed at length in numerous places, especially: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66103-power-user-discontent-best-alternatives-to-en/
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