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  1. Hmm, what I took away from your post there was a rejection of folder hierarchy. It didn't directly argue against a tag hierarchy. Key principal is that data needs the freedom to live in more than one box, because the same info can serve different uses. There's nothing to say that a note can'e be tagged with both: "STS>Actor-Network Theory>Animal Studies" and "Documents>Academics>Manuscripts>Drafts>" But I would wager, you'll do a much better job in less time tagging that with those two tags, than stopping to recall all the needed individual tags. STS, Actor-Network, Theory, Animal Studies, Documents, Academics, Manuscripts, Drafts. I'm going to be prone to forgetting that this is "Theory" and not "Research", and that it's a Document, AND a "Manuscript". And I'm going to have little confidence that I found the complete reference set much down the line. But I'm just a data point. A great thing though is that Evernote is just as happy showing me a list of existing tags containing "Manuscript" if that's what's typed in the search field. So Documents>Academics>Manuscripts>Drafts> as a tag, is just as findable as "Manuscript" So I can type "Man" and click from the presented list, instead of typing out the individual tags with thinking and remembering inbetween each. I probably went a bit nuts for the purposes of the example. In reality reading notes for that paper are tagged: STS, ANT, animal studies
  2. The re-install seemed to work for fredhammersmith.
  3. You can add tags, edit the title, and select the destination notebook of your clippings using this portion of the clipper: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/43819c21-2d9d-475a-bb65-ad80f97cad88/672cc93d7b6af00d3ad26f27c5f3db21
  4. Yes good thought, I think markdown would be one of the most flexible defaults. Now it would be up to Evernote to be able to come up with an engine to rapidly convert their notes, which are HTML, into Markdown. I've personally got my fingers crossed for an x-callback-url (ideally) or "open-in" feature sometime, but I think there are a lot of things that would need to be figured out on Evernote's end before we see this.
  5. What format does Velocireader accept? How well does it handle graphic elements? I think an "open in" feature for iOS would be great (which is essentially what you are asking for). This would then allow any application that accepts that format to open that note. However, the question arises of what format it would spit out to the receiving application.... PDF? Plain Text?
  6. In my personal exprience, when a tag holds >50 notes, the efficiency of finding the note on moble phone goes down vertically. Yes, you can put 100 or 200 notes in a single tag. It's not a problem of "right" or "wrong", but a problem of efficiency. Somebody refered to filtering by multiple tags above. The more efficient way is to set up a tag to repalce those operation of filtering-by-multiple. The tag is designed to help building an organized virtual "memory", and should not degrade into a simple keyword system. Hierarchy or tree plays the cetral role in getting information "organized" or "structured". For my part in this discussion about (and rejection of) hierarchy, see my posts in and around here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40701-evernote-sub-folders/?p=262393
  7. Another reason that renders that advice moot is that with the exception of notebooks you set as "offline" all you are downloading are the headers of your notes. If something were to go awry in your upgrade, which is unlikely with just headers, it'd be a matter of just signing out and back in again to force the headers to be re-downloaded (or clearing the app cache).
  8. Glad it worked. Yeah the uninstall/reinstall process is a bit cumbersome, though thankfully Evernote's much faster sync takes some of the bite out of re-downloading large databases. Though it's still a pain in the butt. Hopefully you won't have to do it again for a good long while!
  9. Yes, anything that is clipped is saved to Evernote's servers (and local storage on your computers). The site could disappear tomorrow and your content will remain just fine.
  10. The suggestion to remove images upon clipping is interesting, I can definitely see how that could be useful for articles where images are sprinkled in with text. As a workaround, try selecting just the desired text before invoking the clipper (hard if the article has in-line images). There is no way I know to easily view the HTML of a note in Evernote. The only way I can think of at the moment is to export an individual note as "html" and open in a text editor.
  11. Agreed! But I would apply the same changes to the other screens as well. Again, it could be one of the Color Scheme options. Hopefully the present offering of colour schemes is a sign of things to come.
  12. Ultimately I agree with both of you. There are some obvious design elements that increase readability, JMichael, you definitely are hitting on some key things there, though these have to be balanced with a desire to 1) fit in with overarching design trends (ideally without compromising usability for anyone); and 2) display enough information on a small display (though if that info can't be read the effort is wasted). At the same time, vision is highly variable. Someone who has had rather typical vision loss due to aging might have different needs than someone who has a more profound impairment. Having lots of options could be good in this regard, but this comes with significant development overhead as you have to include any necessary graphical assets in the application, and you have to make the interface sufficiently responsive to settings so that things wrap properly and do not get cut off in terrible ways. More modest offering of options could do a lot of good with much less labour. I think the main thing that is coming from this that the Evernote home screen for iOS could benefit significantly from some relatively small tweaks to improve readability.
  13. Not for me. In ALL three color themes the contrast is still to low. They may (or may not) look pretty at a distance, but much could be done to make them more readable. Isn't good readability the most important thing on any screen? Certainly it is important that interfaces be clear. I imagine that sometimes it can be hard to predict what is going to be difficult for people. I, for one, do not have difficulty with the current Evernote home screen, which is not to say there isn't a problem, but that it isn't a problem for everyone, which can make things a bit more challenging from a development standpoint. I am involved in testing a number of different applications and operating systems and this issue has appeared in almost all of them for some fellow testers, but it has never been an issue for me. It is hard to anticipate how users will response when there is such variation in those responses. However, how the developer deals with a mis-step is just as important, so we can keep our fingers crossed! Posting feedback like this on the forums, as you well know, is one way to at least let Evernote know about the difficulty you are having, whether they do anything about it and how quickly the do it is ultimately unknown... We can keep our fingers crossed.
  14. Unfortunately I do not have any experience with Wonderful Days to give you insight, but you may want to also contact the developer of Wonderful Days: http://www.handypadsoft.com/wdfdays.php
  15. I agree. Thankfully because the issue has been brought up before and because we are discussing it here in a location the is read by Evernote staff, we can rest assured that they are aware of our feelings (and we can keep our fingers crossed that they act on it).
  16. I am not sure how it looks on the Windows Client, but on the Mac client, there is no real obvious way other than holding your cursor over each one to see whether the share/config icon appears (synced) or not (local).
  17. You might try a re-install, perhaps there is a bungled preference file or registry entry. Make sure your Windows 7 Client is properly synced and any local notebooks are backed up appropriately. Uninstall Evernote. Then re-install the Evernote application.
  18. What client (Mac OS, Windows?) are you experiencing this issue with? When you view your notes at www.evernote.com, are your shortcuts there?
  19. If you go to View>sidebar Options>Show Shortcuts (May be slightly different on Windows), is that "ticked" or 'un-ticked'?
  20. That is a reputable link. CDN1.evernote.com means "content delivery network 1".evernote.com, it is an official link. Now, the important thing to consider here, though, is that you will likely always have to manually check for and install updates.
  21. For those who are troubled with contrast, do the new home screen colours offer any relief? https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/8c85f144-8a19-4cb3-bf1d-67718de08ed1/07698c8440c834ea5f6ebcf7d4706d45
  22. https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/10/22/evernote-for-iphone-and-ipad-gets-places-view-homescreen-customization-and-more/ Called "places" on iOS For further proof of its existence, I just used it on my own iOS devices.
  23. I have no major issues with the current version of Evernote for iOS. Being able to customize the order of the onscreen items, change the home screen colour, and minimize marketplace and announcements were huge improvements over the initial v7 release, which did, indeed, have some irritations. The dark theme doesn't do much for you as soon as you leave the home screen. That being said from a brightness standpoint this is no worse than the previous version 6. (Granted the white/brightness has never bothered me,though I know many others around here are, for various reasons, sensitive to it, but there's nothing about v7 over v6 that makes it any worse.)
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