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  1. Is this on Android or iOS? If you are on iOS you can go to Evernote's settings: General>Camera> turn "Save Snapshots" OFF. This will prevent pictures you take with Evernote's camera from being added to iOS's camera roll. Personally this is how I have it set too. That being said, Gaz makes a good point, with this setting OFF, IF there is an issue and the note gets mangled, you won't have another copy of that photo.
  2. Hmmm I am on exactly the same machine and software as you, and I have no problem with spotlight bringing up evernote results. Check your settings in System Preferences>Spotlight>Privacy to see if you've excluded anything that might cause this to be the case. Also you can try forcing a re-index of your entire hard drive by following these directions: http://osxdaily.com/2012/01/17/rebuild-spotlight-index/
  3. The version of Evernote currently available for download from http://www.evernote.com should work fine. The problem was fixed in January. If you still encounter problems, perhaps check System Preferences>Spotlight>Privacy to see if you accidentally excluded any part of your ~/Library directory.
  4. Thanks for reporting back with the response from Evernote. I hope that your workaround will help out any other users that might be experiencing the same issue!
  5. It is frustrating,but it is a very small minority of users who experience data loss or issues such as this... but the fact of life is that glitches happen and even the best programs can go awry from time to time. If the problem continues, I suggest opening a support ticket.
  6. Hi RyEN, This sounds frustrating. Are the notes you are trying to sync comprised entirely (or mostly) of text? If so, there is a rather strange limit of 5mb of text per note, while the maximum note size for you as a premium user is 100mb (so you could have a 100mb attachment and no text, or 5mb of text with a 95mb attachment, etc). While you appear to be within the 100mb limit (though is it possible you've exceeded this limit with at least one note?), is it possible you've exceeded the 5mb text limit (This would require a rather large amount of heavily formatted text, but others have hit this limit in the past). Another contributor on these forums (GrumpyMonkey) has a comprehensive list of the various limits that exist in Evernote (and which, unfortunately, are not necessarily clearly or obviously documented on the Evernote site): http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=169 The missing note is particularly troubling... If it never made it to the server I do not know what the odds are of being able to recover it. you might want to check Evernote's Activity Log to see if that sheds any light on what this error might be.
  7. The response from Evernote support seems sensible to me. iOS, the operating system that runs on iPads and iPhones and iPod touches and is created by Apple, has "Data detectors". These data detectors look for sequences of characters that may resemble phone numbers, addresses, dates, package tracking numbers, etc. This means that you can simply tap a phone number and have it dial that number (rather than copying the number, opening the Phone app, pasting the number, and initiating the call), or tap a tracking number to immediately load the tracking website, or select a date to bring up a new event at that date and time. When these work, they are great, but sometimes it produces false positives, such as Social Insurance Numbers or Social Security Numbers interpreted as phone numbers. Now, these false positives are pretty benign because there is not real modification of the text being applied (which is why these things don't show up as highlighted on other clients). These data detectors are applied globally - that is, they are done at the level of the operating system. There is no facility that allows Evernote to include a setting in their own app to allow a user to turn it off. Also, Apple (and presumably Google, though I don't own an android device) doesn't offer the user a global setting either, so it cannot be turned off on a global basis. Annoying though it may be, there's no real harm being done. Any string that is highlighted can be copied by long-tapping it. These are also not changes written into the text, so if you send it to someone else or view it on a different device, the formatting (say, blue text with underline) is not going to display either.
  8. Yes, Evernote does not seem handle this workflow well. I too deal primarily with academic articles and I find Evernote offers neither an ideal reading nor annotating experience. I store my PDFs in Dropbox and read/annotate in PDF Expert on my iPad or Preview.app on my Mac. While I lose out on the organization offered by Evernote, native content searching in Mac OS makes up for having to use a less flexible folder structure (of course Evernote offers this too, but it doesn't make up for the downside we are all encountering) I keep all my reading notes in Evernote, however. I suppose if I really wanted I could use the "open in..." Feature to place the annotated file from PDF expert to Evernote, or drag and drop on OS X, but I haven't found the need. I frequently return to files later that require further or different annotating as a new project dictates so moving it out of Dropbox doesn't make much sense. Reading notes in Evernote, files in Dropbox, PDF expert/preview for reading and annotating. Works well for me.
  9. Box and Dropbox offer the same basic service, I use both to avoid having to buy more storage with Dropbox. Both are fine services though I prefer Dropbox (for no major reason in particular), and use box periodically out of necessity. I sync select folders between PDF expert and Dropbox. So, just like on the desktop, the files exist locally on the iPad and copies also exist on the Dropbox server. Any changes you make in documents 5 or PDF Expert are immediately pushed to the Dropbox server and any other devices associated with that Dropbox account. This is identical to what happens on your desktop when modifying a file stored in Dropbox. Premium should have no impact on being able to choose to view PDFs "inline" or not. This setiting is found in Evernote's preferences. Dropbox and Documents/PDF expert directly integrate and work together. Evernote does not figure into the equation at all and does not integrate directly with either of these services. I hope this clears some things up
  10. I think some of the text-editor issues are known by Evernote, they'll likely address them in an update. You can try a delete and re-install. That's usually an effective way of shaking out any quirks. Nothing will happen to your stuff, it is always on Evernote's servers and when you re-install and log in, your iPad will just fetch your information from the servers as usual.
  11. I haven't seen this happen on any of my 4 iOS devices (all of which are a bit older, e.g., pre-lightning connector era). Have you gone through all the usual troubleshooting? Log out, log in... delete, re-install, etc. I don't think this is a widespread problem. Also, which devices are you using? Have you submitted a support ticket?
  12. I do not use Dropbox as a backup for Evernote. Dropbox and Evernote are two completely distinct ecosystems in my workflow. Notes (and a small number of files) go in Evernote. Files go in Dropbox (or Box). Hmm I think I may have confused you or perhaps been unclear. You can attach files of any kind go notes in Evernote on the Desktop, the web, or your mobile device. These notes are synced just like any other note so there's nothing new to get acquainted with here. I don't find Evernote to be effective way of storing lots of actively used PDFs (some will disagree). That being said, you should just be able to drag and drop any PDF to evernote in your Mac's dock, or to the body of any note in Evernote, and it will make a little pill-shaped thing with the PDF title in it, or it will show a preview of the PDF, depending on your settings. See the two different styles here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/8d890bfd-6c9d-4cdf-b1b6-02c6cabe57ae/4a0cb2118e198a36bd6d951aeea8dc45 Again, that being said, I rarely store PDFs in Evernote. Primarily I store PDFs (Mostly academic journal articles and ebooks) in Dropbox and Box. The reasons I do this: 1) They are immediately synced to my two computers and the "cloud", so exist in three places all the time (each computer is also backed up to a backup drive, so this actually extends the duplication to 5 places). - This isn't too different from Evernote, except that Dropbox/Box do this (more or less) immediately when the file is modified, Evernote does not update the server copy of a file until it syncs (every 5+ minutes, or whenever you tell it to). 2) Saving and syncing files is faster in these services compared to Evernote where sync only occurs every 5 or more minutes (or whenever you tell it to). 3) Files in Dropbox or Box are more easily accessed in other applications, such as Documents 5 or PDF Expert! Documents and PDF Expert do NOT directly integrate with Evernote. (You can tell evernote to open a PDF in Documents using the "Open In..." feature, but that is really not anything at all like "integration", and remember, this creates a duplicate of the file, one exists in Evernote as it always has, and a new one now exists in Documents). In what follows I may refer to either PDF Expert of Documents, but the process is almost identical in either. Documents allows you to actually do two-way, real-time sync with Dropbox or Box (and a few other services). Whatever folders contain the files I need access to I set up to sync to my iPad. This way the files are 1) available offline (changes pushed to the dropbox/box server as soon as a connection is available); 2) changes made are pushed nearly immediately to the server. Because I have a LOT of files and not a lot of space on my iPad, I sync only those folders I need for what I am currently working on, usually a small subset. So with what I am currently syncing, it looks like: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/f56ec867-3c04-4adc-aecb-a4d37e58e826/10672a3e30c72246a4911b1c4a145447 (this is PDF Expert so it may look slightly different from Documents 5) Now, this is all completely outside of and unrelated to Evernote. Usually I read in PDF Expert/Documents 5 and take notes on what I read in Evernote. If I needed to add something from here to Evernote, I would use the "Open In..." feature from PDF Expert/Documents 5 and tell it to "Open In Evernote". – Though I almost never do this.
  13. Some things to try 1) select the skitch icon in the Menu Bar and instead of "Show Skitch", select "Quit Skitch". 2) open your computer's Activity Monitor and locate the process "Skitch Helper" and end this process by quitting or force quitting using the X button in the top left of the Activity Monitor. 3) Restart your system. It sounds like you deleted the skitch application while the helper was running. The application moved to the trash fine, but the helper is still running. When you tell the helper to "Show Skitch", it tries to show an application that is in the trash, so it throws an error your way. If you end the process by quitting the helper (1) or using the Activity Monitor (2), you should be able to empty your trash which will permanently delete Skitch and the Helper. (but this can't happen until you close the Helper!)
  14. Michelle, I am pleased that we have helped you find a solution, clumsy as it may be. Indeed from the outset iBooks has not been good at PDFs, even Dropbox's or Safari's native PDF viewer is superior! PDF expert is available from the App Store, but you might want to go with Documents 5 from the same developer (Readdle), which is free (and contains NO ads). Documents 5 has fewer annotation options (you can still do all the usual highlighting and note making). You can always bump up to the $10 PDF expert if you find yourself needing The advanced PDF features (free-hand annotations, secure signatures, etc). And don't worry, at no point did you come across as ungrateful!
  15. Where are you trying to open these files and what program are you trying to play them back with?
  16. Yes I cannot speak highly enough about PDF Expert for iPad. In my opinion, iBooks is for ePub books only, PDFs never go to the mysterious world of iBooks. Anything PDF is in Dropbox and managed by PDF expert where they are also backed up in Dropbox and on my local computer (which is then, also backed up). Safety. I agree the way iBooks has evolved has made it very hostile to any content that isn't purchased from the iBookstore.. Though this isn't too different than say, the Kindle app which is just as bad for handling your own non-amazon purchased content across machines...
  17. Grumpy, I can tell you're on one of your iOS devices by virtue of the hilarious "evermore" autocorrect! I tried as you had suggested using both the (now largely deprecated) Books tab for the device in iTunes and this does not offer that ability. Likewise, the "on this iPad" tab lists the books/PDFs, but doesn't allow any drag/drop (you can drag, but dropping does nothing...) Quite possibly I have overlooked something though. In reality I don't see why our OP can't simply re-download them!
  18. Grumpy - iTunes file transfer to iBooks no longer is an option. Here is the file transfer interface for iTunes and my iPad with iBooks installed: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/be49869a-9f04-4bf3-b49a-d7b0f509778f/f2f213c084820d928ca02026260475c2 iBooks does not appear. Other potential facilities in iTunes also do not allow for such a transfer to take place based on my cursory tests just now. I interpreted her issue as being that the OP downloaded these PDFs while using their iPad and opened them into iBooks instead of into Evernote or any other, more flexible, application that has an "open in.." function. So unless they can access the files at their original source, they're "trapped" in iBooks. Perhaps the OP can provide us with more information so we can get the story straight!
  19. 1. Could you not just download them on your Mac from wherever you originally downloaded the files? 2. If this is not possible, you can open each PDF in iBooks, click the little share icon in the top left (box with upward pointing arrow), and email the PDF to your Evernote email address. This will create a new note with that PDF attached in Evernote. It's a drag to have to do to one at a time, but that's all I can think of unless you can just re-download them.
  20. No problems here... Have you tried signing out and signing back in to force a complete re-sync? If not that, have you tried deleting and re-installing the app? If that doesn't fix it, definitely send a support ticket, ideally with your Evernote for iOS activity log (this can all be done within the Evernote application for iOS)
  21. Can you tell me what the file extension is? So... is it "Paradise+Cove+Cheat+Desember+2013-.docx"? What three or four letters come after the name of the file? That will help me out a lot. Also, are these files inside of notes in Evernote? For example, you open Evernote on your iPad, navigate to a specific note, and the file "Paradise+Cove..." is in that note? Can you please provide more specific details about exactly what it is you are doing? The more information you post here, the better we can help you. Another thing to know is that not all applications can open all types of files. Evernote might not be able to open a specific type of file, so you'd have to use the "open in..." option to open it in an application that can open that file. That being said, Evernote can open a rather large variety of files, including .doc and .docx.... Anyway, more information well help us out a lot.
  22. When you are viewing the list of your notebooks, you should just be able to drag any notebook from one stack directly to another. Just tried it with several notebooks between several stacks and had no problem. Select notebook in Stack A, drag to Stack B.
  23. Very frustrating indeed. I can only recommend opening a/(another) support ticket. Someone else around here may have some insight too...
  24. What kind of "doc" and sent how? Can you give a specific explanation of what you did and what type of file it is?
  25. Hmmm on my iPhone 4s I am unable to reproduce that issue.... Tags, notebooks, shortcuts all work fine. Are there any other details that you can provide that might help us fellow users reproduce this problem and help you track down the source?
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