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  1. I haven't experienced this, but indeed this may be an issue worth contacting support about. Also, when you have done reinstallations, have you been removing all of the other Evernote related files in locations like ~/Libaray/Appication Support/Evernote ? If it is a problem such as a corruption of your locally stored Evernote database, reinstalling evernote without removing the database will not solve the issue. Before deleting Evernote's system files such as your local database, make sure you have backed up ALL OF YOUR UNSYNCED NOTES!
  2. There should be a little alarm clock icon on the clip confirmation box that appears after the clip was successfully made. That should allow you to set a reminder. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/930db07f-27b5-4ae2-ad3e-35d69f12a775/e94ec976d7ee89e028d3e169c9fc6dfe
  3. Just to be clear, when you say "email" do you mean you submitted a request at http://evernote.com/contact/support/ ? Support works only business days and if you are a free user you are at the bottom of the queue, if you don't get word from anyone in a few business days, post your ticket number here and I'll flag it for support.
  4. 1) Do some troubleshooting: Have you tried removing the battery cap and stretching the spring out a bit. There has been some discussion in this community that the spring can sometimes get compressed and make only intermittent rather than constant contact with the battery. 2) Contact support.
  5. As far as I know this is not possible, unless you happened to have the old iOS 6 compatible version on your hard drive still that you could install. Otherwise you'll have to update to iOS 7, if your hardware supports is. EDIT ACTUALLY: there may be hope, check out this section of the discussion, it may offer some suggestions: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/43220-evernote-requires-latest-version-of-ios/?p=260993
  6. Free users can open support tickets (though you are at the bottom of what seems, these days, to be a very long queue), so you can ask for yourself. That being said, Evernote staff do read these posts so it is possible someone will chime in. The same "theory" was brought up in beta testing but staff did not acknowledge, so I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see anything here. While all of those workarounds are possible for Evernote to implement, I would speculate they are likely directing their energy and resources to an iOS 8 optimized extension which, if possible, would obviate the need for an internal browser and facilitate clipping from within Safari on iOS (NOTE: I am not a developer and so I am not sure of the extent to which an extension of this precise nature can be built).
  7. Hmmmm well like I said I haven't done exactly this with PDF Converter, but I suspect you could try and see if the clipboard to pdf feature works, so select the contents of the note, copy it, and use PDF converter to create a PDF. There may be other methods, i'll have to play around and report back.
  8. Not sure if I have a solution at all, or if you can recover the file at all. What device did you do this on?
  9. I don't know if it is built in, you probably need to go third-party. While I've never used it for this purpose, I use Readdle's PDF converter whenever I need to create a PDF on my iOS device.: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/pdf-converter-save-documents/id447444215?mt=8 Not cheap but the developer is solid and the utility is great.
  10. I believe it was removed in a recent release. I can only speculate as to why it was removed, but I wonder if it has something to do with having to rate the application as 17+ in the App Store because it contains an unrestricted browser (this is an App Store policy thing). It causes some grief for institutions that manage their users' devices and have age restrictions. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/61253-17-evernote-ipad-app-rating-educational-issues/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/59030-why-is-evernote-age-restricted-ugh/ In the meantime, this problem with clipping in iOS likely be reduced or eliminated with the release of iOS 8 and extensions this fall. If Evernote taps into that, things will be much nicer on iOS!
  11. I don't think the iPad is the factor here, I think it might be because you moved the Evernote Note containing the Penultimate Notebook (ugh) to a shared notebook that you don't own. I don't have the ability to test that myself to see if that is the issue, but that is the stand-out difference as far as I can tell. I'd recommend my workaround of saving the Penultimate pages as an image and adding that image to the shared notebook, preserving the original penultimate content, until some better method comes along. Not really an elegant solution, but it is all that comes to my mind at the moment!
  12. I was just able to reproduce that with an image annotated in skitch.... Baffled. Can't even duplicate the note...
  13. Although holding the option key can perhaps be a bit cumbersome, that's all that is required to ensure you get a link that pastes as evernote:/// no matter what.
  14. I am not sure if I understand what you mean "locked".... what happens if you long-tap on the image? If I do that, a little popup with copy/cut/annotate appears.
  15. Adonit did just release the Jot Touch: http://www.adonit.net/jot/touch/
  16. I've noticed continued crashing while using the document scanner even on 7.4.2 so it looks like this bug May not be entirely squished!
  17. Ok I am not sure I am clear on how this manual transfer works, in my mind photos you transfer should just end up on your device's camera roll or any other album (including non-photo-stream albums). Do you not see those photos when you hit the <album button?
  18. The only workaround I can envision is that you create the note in the notebook you want it in, title and tag it, then scan the document using the camera button at the bottom of the note display. An accidental benefit of this is that if evernote crashes while scanning the document (as it often seems to), at least your note with the title and tags is still there after the crash!
  19. What other photos are you referring to? Those in your photo streams? I have no problem accessing my photo streams by tapping the <Albums button in the top of the picture selector.
  20. I certainly think a more thorough integration of Penultimate would be ideal. I don't know why you'd have to re-write 20 pages of notes, it sounds like you still have those notes, just not accessible through Penultimate. You can still see them from within the Evernote application, and their contents will still be searchable. Given that, I don't see much benefit from re-writing those notes. I just tried to reproduce what you experienced and I had a different outcome from you, so I am not sure what you did differently. What version of Penultimate are you using? What version and on what device are you using Evernote? Here are my steps and my experience: 1) I have three notebooks in Penultimate: Notebook A; Notebook B; Notebook C. 2) In Evernote, I have the "Penultimate" notebook which contains three notes: Notebook A; Notebook B; Notebook C. 3) In Evernote, I MOVED the note "Notebook A" (which corresponds to Notebook A in Penultimate) to my "Personal" notebook in Evernote. Expected: Notebook A should no longer be visible in the Penultimate application since I have moved it outside of the "Penultimate" notebook. Actual: Notebook A is STILL AVAILABLE in Penultimate. Not only is it still available, if I do some writing or drawing in Notebook A in Penultimate, those changes are reflected in Evernote, even though it is outside of the "Penultimate" Notebook. I am not sure why you observed different behaviour. Was your process the same as mine?
  21. One thought: Since you are a premium user, you have something called "note history" In Evernote on the web or desktop, find the Evernote note that contains the Penultimate notebook.... this is the Evernote note you moved. Move that note back to the "Penultimate" Notebooks in Evernote - Which you have already done. Click on Note in the menu bar and select "note history", and you can try and bring back an old version of the note before you moved it out of the notebook. Worth a shot at least!
  22. Not entirely sure how to return the content to Penultimate. It would seem, on the face of it, that putting the Evernote Note that contained that Penultimate Notebook (confusing isn't it!) back into the Evernote notebooks called "Penultimate" (Have you lost your mind yet?) should do the trick. Since it hasn't done that, I'm not entirely sure what the solution is. But the moral of the story, unfortunately, is that Penultimate only saves content to Evernote, it cannot retrieve content from Evernote, so it is a one way street. Further, Penultimate can only save into its own dedicated Evernote notebook. To share the content, you might consider using Evernote to save the penultimate page/pages as images and stick those images into the shared notebook. These can't be edited (though they can be annotated), they will at least be viewable and the text will be searchable. This also means the original still exists in the Penultimate notebook if you want to modify it in penultimate again.
  23. If you have your own, personal, user account you use to sign into a workstation at work, you have a bit of safety, depending on whether or not your employer can access their employee's user accounts. Having your own user account means your evernote database is limited to only those who log into your user account for that computer. By having your own user account, your data are generally safe except if someone is able to log into your user account on that work station, and given the exceptions pointed to by Gazumped.
  24. I too have struggled with the offset. Some offset seems to be unavoidable, but holding the pen at an angle <90º can make it worse. You can reduce the offset slightly by holding the pen as upright as is comfortable. That being said, I've noticed the offset is highly variable... sometimes it is terrible (even when upright), sometimes it is practically non-existent, so your results will vary!
  25. You are correct, only Penultimate can make changes to content created in Penultimate. One work around is to use Evernote to export the penultimate page as an image, add it to a new note, and then use Evernote's annotation feature to annotate the penultimate page. Keeping in mind that these changes, of course, will not be reflected back in Penultimate because you've copied that page to a notebook that Penultimate cannot access.
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