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  1. I have never seen this occur..... I suspect somehow Evernote has become the default application for opening PDFs. 1) Select any PDF on your computer 2) open the file info with cmd-i 3) in the info window, click on "Open With" to expose that set of options, if it isn't already exposed. 4) In the dropdown menu, select "Preview.app" or whatever your favourite PDF reading application is. 5) Press the "change all" button below the drop down menu. This should set the newly selected application as the system default for opening PDFs. Does that fix your issue? (one side note: This isn't a "feature" of Evernote. This is a function built into the operating system)
  2. This is not possible in any of the Evernote clients, unfortunately. Lots of discussion on why this is a problem and some workarounds on these communities.
  3. Kev, are you experiencing this problem right now? If so you need to contact support. Otherwise, Sometimes problems occur, and it could be many reasons. There is likely not just ONE reason an upgrade may fail, and so there isn't likely ONE bug to fix. There are also dozens of posts like this SINCE 2012. Problems like these shouldn't occur, but sometimes they do, usually due to a glitch. When they do happen, you can raise a support ticket and get it sorted out. In general a user is not likely to experience this problem routinely because activating a subscription isn't something a user is likely to do on a daily basis.
  4. 1) I am not sure what you mean by this. Ideally each scanned document would be its own note... 2) YES, if the writing is clear enough and the scan is of a sufficiently high quality (most modern scanners will provide more than adequate quality) 3) Suggestions: FIRST: I am assuming that you will be using Evernote ONLY for yourself, as if it were your filing cabinet at your desk. That is to say, you will not be sharing notebooks or other content with students using Evernote, just like your students aren't rifling through your filing cabinet next to your desk. This makes things SIMPLE. ORGANIZATION If this assumption is correct, then indeed there would be no need to create one notebook per student. I can see a number of schemes. a) One notebook per course/period/whatever lingo you use at your institutions. b ) One STACK per course/period/whatever containing several notebooks related e.g., one for assignments, one for letters to/from parents, one for routinely used forms, one for course documents such as syllabi and assignment criteria. so (b ) might look like: Stack Notebook Social Studies >Course Material >Assignments >Letters Eng. Literature >Course Material >Assignments >Letters So, all your course material that you might regularly distribute every year can go in the "course materials" notebook. all of the assignments submitted go to "Assignments" All communication about students to or from teachers or other staff goes in "letters" TAGS: You can use tags to your advantage. One way I could see tags being useful is as a replacement for the student code you propose. You could have 1 TAG per student, and apply that tag to any content that pertains to that student. When you have a meeting or a problem student, simply search for or select that tag and all of their content will appear. This will eliminate any possible OCR issues. It will also facilitate the deletion of student content when a student is no longer in your class. Simply select all the notes with that student's tag and delete them, then delete the tag. There are 101 other ways you could use tags depending on your needs.
  5. To overcome the date problem, some users have taken to prefixing their note titles with a yyyymmdd string. So 20140612 Taxi Ride from Train to YOW If you are consistent you will always have a nice searchable date that is distinct from the Date Created field. A bit cumbersome to have to manually add that string, but a lot of users have reported significant success with this.
  6. This is a user forum. Contact support for help with your market purchase. Premium users have live chat support.
  7. Yes, this will work on most applications on the iPad. I use mine often in PDF Expert. It works with skitch and with Evernote's built in annotation functions too.
  8. Don't know the exact method being used, but I suspect its a general search of content, title, and tags, and it picks the top n notes to display based on some type of "relevancy" calculation.
  9. Yup. Cmd-p to print, and select PDF, and you're off to the PDF fuelled races! Built into the Mac OS. If you are on Windows.... I believe there are PDF print drivers you can get for free... perhaps from Adobe. Haven't used a windows machine for that sort of thing in nearly a decade so I have no useful suggestions there.
  10. There are applications that attempt to detect the contents of a receipt upon scanning, and also offer some integration with Evernote. I am thinking of Expensify. It is not cheap, but it does analyze the contents of scanned receipts to try and fill in details automatically. It has its own mobile app, and there are third-party applications that also tie into Expensify AND Evernote. https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2011/09/21/trunk-spotlight-expensify-evernote-making-expense-reports-way-easier/ https://www.expensify.com/evernote
  11. Having my scanned documents synced rapidly between all of my devices and available for annotating on any of them is about as simple as I can imagine... what more are you looking for specifically?
  12. Have you tried locating the edited image in your camera roll and using the "open in" function (also, like JohnDM, I don't have iPhoto to test with).
  13. Yeah I think Penultimate has a way to go. Glad you were able to track down the root of this new problem!
  14. Strange, and unfortunately beyond what me as a fellow user is capable of troubleshooting. As slow going as it seems to be I'm going to have to duck out and leave you in Support's hands.... or another fellow user who pops in who has first-hand experience with this issue!
  15. No problem! I learned something today too, since I had never made a custom paper in Penultimate before! Cheers!
  16. The hotkey is probably the fastest rather than menu surfing. On Mac its cmd-shift-k on windows it is probably ctrl-shift-k. Place your cursor in the word or phrase that is hyperlinked, and press the hotkey.
  17. It doesn't appear to be possible. This looks to be intentional. I suspect the anticipated use case is that a user will capture an image of a document, form, or piece of paper the user will use a custom "paper" in Penultimate. In this situation, I think it makes sense that Penultimate would do some processing to make it black and white (like a form would be) and enhance other attributes for clarity. For example someone might want to take a picture of a piece of paper lined for Cornell Note taking to use in Penultimate. I'm sorry to hear you haven't received a response from support, though posting here is a good way to make a feature request like this.
  18. There doesn't seem to be an automatic way to do this, you'll have to manually locate the links and press cmd-shift-k (or perhaps ctrl-shift-k on Windows) to remove the URL. I don't honestly know how significant a risk this really is. In general simply VISITING a website should not, itself, be sufficient to infect you with a virus. But then again its been nearly a decade since I've used a Windows computer so I'm a bit out of touch with those risks
  19. Interesting. I don't have a Kindle Fire to test on myself, and it is entirely possible the knowledge base article I linked to is out of date.
  20. It looks like this isn't possible on the Kindle Fire.... based on the following: quoted from the following Knowledge Base article: http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23260131
  21. No you will not lose any of your data.* *As long as that data has been synced to Evernote's servers, which is does automatically. Usually you'd see an error if syncing wasn't occurring. If you want to be double plus sure, you can also use the Evernote application to look at the Penultimate notebook to verify your content is in there before reinstalling penultimate.
  22. In Evernote, tap the PDF file attached to a note to open that PDF file. Then hit the share icon (the box with the arrow pointing up) and you will see a list of compatible applications.
  23. Never said it was an answer! Just a bandaid! Is up to Evernote to actually solve the problem, if they choose to.
  24. Glad it looks like you are on track to a resolution!Hope the new jot works better for you.
  25. R70, Not sure why Penultimate is giving your grief. I would recommend re-installing it if you haven't already. I've flagged your post for staff attention.
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