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  1. I have my iOS contacts sync with iCloud, but you could just as easily use google. This will deposit them fairly immediately onto your desktop Contacts application.
  2. There are a number of third=party clippers. Some better than others. They are, for the most part, unnecessary now since iOS 8 has allowed Evernote to offer built-in clipping. See the link I included in my previous post for details on the new, built-in clipping function that in my opinion is superior to any of the various third-party options I had relied on previously.
  3. Removing a single photo from a note on iOS is as easy as locating the cursor just after the image and backspacing as if you were deleting text. Not sure if it is the same on Android.
  4. If you store your iOS applications in iTunes and you have a backup of your iTunes folder that contains an older version of Evernote, you could install it that way. Otherwise I am not sure if there is a way to do so. App developers may not offer old versions if they can no longer maintain them in addition to newer versions.
  5. No problems here. Perhaps a quick restart of the phone, or more likely an uninstall-reinstall of Evernote will set things right? Sometimes things go a bit wonky with OS updates.
  6. The back of the card should be OCRd just like any other image of text in Evernote. Is this not your experience?
  7. Just thought I'd climb back into this boat. Again, not debating the request in the slightest, but I wonder if sharing stacks is really the best way to solve some of the shortcomings with sharing. For example, the idea behind sharing stacks, as I see it, is to share multiple notebooks in a single pass. For both technical and practical reasons I wonder whether this is ideal. Perhaps a revamped sharing mechanism not based on stacks would be ideal. Stack-based sharing means that the sharer is limited in their organization according to where/how notebooks are shared. This could be frustrating if, for example, you have a stack that has a combination of notebooks to be shared, and not to be shared, or where permissions differ for some of the notebooks within the stack. It also makes it hard if many notebooks need to be shared with the same people bet exist in several different stacks because that is how the are best organized conceptually. Then you have to re-organize your notebooks simply for the sake of being able to share them easier. To me this is not a worthwhile tradeoff. Thus, rather than sharing stacks, I would argue that some bulk sharing mechanism would be ideal. It solves, essentially, the same issue, which is sharing large numbers of notebooks simultaneously. It also means that stacks remain purely organizational, so you could have a scheme in which stacks are created based on how notebooks are shared (so a stack that contains all notebooks shared with X and another for those shared with y), or you could use stacks for your own organizational needs not related to sharing. It also deals with the conceptual complexity of sharing a "stack". With sharing a stack, on the recipients end, should it appear as a stack or a bunch of discrete notebooks? Is this bunch of notebooks something they can then organize how they like? Or is the organization of these notebooks within a stack imposed by the owner? Bulk sharing does away with any of these complexities. Long story short: I understand the need for mass-sharing. I think mass-sharing by stack is misguided. I think mass sharing shouldn't be tied to stacks, it needs to be its own mechanism.
  8. No worries Frank! New phone in next few weeks I suspect.... Or January...sorting out my options. But the problem persists on my 4s in the meantime.
  9. What web clipper app? There is the Evernote application. It will show up in the share menu in Safari in iOS. There is no separate clipper application from Evernote. The only clipper applications that exist are from third-parties. More on the official web clipping capacity of Evernote here: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/09/17/new-evernote-ios-8-web-clipping-quick-notes/
  10. Tag shading does indeed reflect how often the tag is used. It's not terribly new.... A few versions ago, maybe early summer.
  11. In this case, I say to heck with the "proper" protocol, and let people complain a little, as we all have on various issues. I'm adding my 5 cents here... and it may just help a teeny bit more. By the way, I am a premium user... not that I've expected that to help in filing a ticket and getting a response... there are still many of us. t. I absolutely agree, it wasn't my intention at all to suggest that people stop complaining. You can check out my own rant on this very issue in the iOS beta forums.
  12. The original poster has tagged this post as iOS, so they are likely referring to the iPhone or iPad Evernote Client.
  13. I have never once used Clearly, so its absence from the iOS clipper is not a hinderance to me whatsoever. If you relied heavily on Clearly, then I can certainly understand how YOU might find this useless. The date bug is frustrating. Nothing subjective about that!
  14. Ah, an interesting development. The most recent beta of Evernote for Mac (and likely the future public release) actually blocks the use of file links: Presumably this will also be changed for the Windows version, at least until this vulnerability is closed, if it is possible to even close the vulnerability.
  15. Once you've exported your contacts to your computer's Contacts application which is a fairly easy process, THAT application should allow you to export in .csv. Not baked into Evernote, not elegant, but not impossible!
  16. No note name has ever contained a date stamp, predictive title or not. ALL notes, regardless of how they are created or what they contain possess a "Date Created" attribute. This is not in any way associated with the presence or absence of the predictive note title. That being said, I do know some users like to prefix their notes with a date like yyyymmdd or the like. To me this is always redundant since that field already exists for every note, but some folks like it. Having Evernote automatically prefix titles like that could be handy, but in my opinion it would just be redundant.
  17. You've GOT to be kidding!! Well... as much as I also find this frustrating as a 4S owner, it honestly is the best solution. That doesn't mean it is the only solution. (That being said, Evernote doing more to make this more reliable on the 4S is arguably another "best" solution, but I'm not sure if there is much more that could be done... hardware/software limitations and all that stuff I don't have knowledge of)
  18. Yeah well, bad things happen and people need to reinstall their OS, or switch to a new device. In addition to all the labour involved in that, re-doing potentially hundreds of file links would probably turn me toward an early grave! I disagree. One of my oldest clippings is from 2012. The page was created in 2011. Today, clicking on the link from which the clipping was made (effectively the same as a traditional browser bookmark) takes me directly to the web page, still up and running. In the meantime, since that clipping was made, I've had 3 computers and over 12 OS installations (I do a lot of switching around....). Had this been a file link instead of a webpage, it would have been useless years ago. If you modify your computer system, you break ALL your links in a single swoop. It is rare that the entire internet is re-shuffled rendering your entire collection of bookmarks broken. Typically only bookmarks associated with one website would break at any given time. Further, most websites don't change their structure dramatically too often and in such a way as to totally render older bookmarks broken. Even when they do, because they are websites and not a personal computer, new links are created between pages in the new structure and usually there is a search function (or there's always google's site: prefix), making it reasonably easy for a user to remedy a broken bookmark as the content itself is still there. (also, this is where web clipping has an advantage. URLs can change or content can be removed, but your clipping remains un-touched). Again, I understand the desire, but I think it might cause more confusion and trouble for a lot of users who aren't perhaps as savvy as you are. I don't see how this could easily be done. Every device would need identical folder structures and names. This means system user accounts would need the same name, which is rarely the case for people who use multiple computers (I have two computers and three OS's currently and NONE have the same user name). Further, they would only work on a single platform. The file link on a windows system wouldn't jive with a Mac and vice versa. The best solution I can think of would be to store all your linked files in Dropbox or similar, but again, this requires that the system user name is identical in order to not break the link. Adding complexity is that file links are OS-specific so if you switched to a different operating system, even using a solution like Dropbox, your links would break. This is why there are services like Dropbox/Drive/Box/OneDrive, and why you can attach files to Evernote notes. These services resolve all of the issues encountered with file links.
  19. We're reviewing putting an option in there to toggle on and off predictive note titles, and definitely understand how the new feature can cause some workflow problems, especially for those who relied on "untitled" notes. The feature is also receiving some adjustment as well. I like the idea of "Note on [date]", I could see that making more sense in many cases than location, which is the baseline information the titler draws from.A toggle on/off feature and Date/time stamp would be perfect. I created new notes his morning with names like "call mom". all notes are already date and time stamped in the "created date" field. Your notes on iOS and Mac and Windows can be sorted by this time stamp.
  20. Interesting idea. In many cases I suspect you could just add the file as an attachment to an Evernote note. In other cases, it doesn't seem too onerous to create file links: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/15834-how-to-make-a-hyperlink-to-a-filefolder-on-a-local-drive https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/55967-drag-drop-file-links/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/46668-linking-to-a-file-outside-evernote/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/33958-insert-links-to-files/ Ultimately I think promoting this type of thing could result in users finding their notes fraught with tons of issues, such as people accumulating lots of these links, then breaking ALL of them simply by moving a file or directory, or renaming something. It's also completely not portable. Any time you reinstall your OS or move to a new device, your entire collection of links will be useless. While there seem to be plenty of people who do this, I do think it is a fairly marginal use case that could be somewhat dangerous, or at least frustrating.
  21. This is understandably frustrating, but lets be realistic and recognize that, as you yourself point out in another thread BEFORE you made the above post, you haven't actually LOST any notes: Having troubles with one of the Evernote applications is a very different problem than data loss.
  22. I can't seem to figure this one out either. Perhaps this was a bit of a gaff on the blog poster's part? Obviously clipping an email from a web client would work fine, but you're correct, no way to clip from the iOS mail client.
  23. You have to manually add old scans. On your Mac, this can be done in bulk by right-click on the note/notes (if you selected several at once), select Share>send to contacts on iOS, this has to be done one contact note at a time.
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