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  1. I'm just saying I haven't seen this screen since I first installed it. Sounds like perhaps there's a bug. I don't think your experience is a reflection of how things should work. I'm not denying your experience, just saying it isn't working as designed. Evernote isn't pestering you, he clipper, as it is installed on your system, is broken.
  2. I didn't see that page beyond the first time I launched the clipper after the initial install. Keep in mind too that you are using a beta operating system and browser for which evernote might not have support, and as a result you may encounter quirks,
  3. Cache-pruning policies tend to be lazy; that's sort of a hallmark of the beast. Why toss something out until you really need to? The relevant question here is how pressure on the storage system affects Evernote's use of storage, but I've never seen anything that document that, nor am I au courant with the Android SDK to know if there are system facilities in place that help an app with this sort of thing (e.g. could an app mark files as discardable by the OS?) and whether Evernote makes use of them. But this is precisely the trouble I and it seems, others, have encountered. The cache builds up, and it quite simply isn't pruned when storage runs shy.
  4. That could be. Canadian dollar has fallen pretty considerably in the last month or so to be about $.90 USD, so increasing price for Canadians by 10% as they have would make up the approximate 10% disparity in currency value.
  5. As I say, it makes perfect sense to me. You've just moved the notes from "guaranteed-to-be-cached-if-storage-allows" status to "not-guaranteed-to-be-cached-but-might-be" status (which is the norm for notes not in an offline notebook). Presumably Evernote has a storage policy that will uncache notes as storage is required by other applications and/or Evernote. It would be great to know what the policy is, as a matter of interest. This is my assumption too, but my experience and what I've read of others is that this cache-pruning policy is pretty lazy.
  6. I see the same price change. No notice, but that isn't unusual for price changes, nor for Evernote. I'm not sure how much good an announcement would do aside from drive a slew of last-minute upgrades at the original price. The flip-side, the upgrades to the premium account (namely the 4gb quota upgrade) also went without announcement, so both "good" and "bad" go without official word! That being said - Phil Libin did allude to increased subscription prices in a recent interview with re/code, which I linked to a while back on these forums. Not that that counts, in any way, as an announcement, of course.... but it was hinted at. I suspect we'll see a glut of changes to both the application and the services Evernote offers int he coming months, and I think some of the account upgrades and price changes are really just the beginning.
  7. csihilling, I agree (if I understand you correctly). When I remove a notebook from Offline access, I expect that storage to then be made free, not to remain occupied. The fact that it doesn't is counterintuitive in my opinion, and mildly frustrating.
  8. Presumably that is correct. And presumably your local notebooks should show up as destinations for your clippings so you should be able to clip directly to them (there should be more discussion on this in the threads I have linked to earlier in our discussion). So for now, unless something changes with Firefox/Evernote's clipper, you should be in the clear if you choose to switch. The only way to 100% guarantee forever that you'll always be able to get directly into a local notebook would be to do the print to pdf method. This also safeguards against possible mis-clicks in which you tell the clipper to clip to a synced notebook accidentally. The print-to-pdf method would decrease the likelihood that something like this could happen.
  9. Not my view, just what I am speculating about Evernote's view (which, I suppose, in reality means it's nobody's view).
  10. While not an obvious location, it seems reasonably intuitive if cache clearing is understood largely/entirely as a troubleshooting task. By this logic, cache clearing is likely a task that support personal might recommend to a user, rather than a task a user would feel compelled to do on their own on a regular bases outside of troubleshooting. Again, certainly not obvious, but I gather that this isn't something users should normally/ideally have to concern themselves.
  11. Well... that depends on what you want to accomplish... When you clip something, it is placed first on Evernote's servers (and subject to whatever goes on there in terms of server snapshots, backups, caching, mirroring etc). Only when it is on Evernote's servers does it sync down to your desktop client. Turning on manual sync won't do anything except prohibit your desktop application from fetching the clipped note from Evernote's servers. The only way that manual sync would help would be if you accidentally added Now, when you remove it from the synced notebook, no further server side activity will occur, but it will not undo anything that previously occurred. So if that note got cached, mirrored, or caught in a snapshot, it will stay there until it gets purged (I have no idea which, if any, of these things Evernote does, and if it does any of them, how specifically they are handled in terms of retaining caches etc). (Additionally: This is not unusual for most cloud services, a lot of this has to do with ensuring that data is available to users quickly, and that users' data aren't lost, and to protect against corruption or hardware failures on the service provider's end.) Now, since we are talking about the web clipper, presumably anything you are clipping was already on the world wide web, and thus, publicly available. So the serious concern over the privacy of that content is unclear. The exception would be if you are using the clipper to clip personal data from something like your bank's website or something along those lines. That, of course, is private data that a person may not want in anybody's cloud (except, of course, their bank's cloud...). If this is the case, for this particularly sensitive content, you might want to use your browser to print the relevant content to a PDF that is saved to your computer's hard drive, then add the PDF directly to a local notebook. This would prevent it from ever having to hit Evernote's servers. Not as elegant as the clipper, but it ensures your privacy and it isn't a terribly onerous process.
  12. It is not possible to save directly to the local Evernote client using the Clipper in Chrome. Aside from IE and I believe Firefox, Chrome and other browsers do not allow their extensions to have such deep access to local files, so the clipper can only work via Evernote's servers FIRST, then sync down to your client. More, including a word from Evernote Staff: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/54415-send-clips-to-desktop-evernote/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/35268-save-clip-in-local-notebook/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67029-web-clipping-to-offline-notebook/ Since you are clipping things already on the web, it probably isn't terrible if they are in a synced notebook briefly. As such, a workaround (I stress the word Workaround, because there is no solution to this problem), would be to clip them into your default notebook, perhaps tagging them in such a way as to draw your attention to them as needing to be moved to a local notebook. Once you are done clipping, say, once a day, just move all those clippings to the appropriate offline notebook.
  13. 1) The web does store stuff - It stores it on Evernote's servers. You are accessing the files directly from Evernote. 2) I cannot reproduce this. I did the following: Find three notes each with PDF attachments. For Note 1: tap the "download attachment" icon. Wait for it to load, then back out of the PDF screen. For note 2: Repeat For note 3: repeat Now, when I move to a fourth, random, note and return to ANY of the notes 1-3, I get a plain attachment icon NOT a download icon. I can exit evernote and return to any of notes 1-3, and still, its an attachment icon, NOT a download icon. Thus, attachments I download to the device stay downloaded do not need to be re-downlaoded except if the cache is culled. That being said, while trying to find attachments to test this on, I encountered a number of attachments that were quite old that were still downloaded and locally stored, so the cache is clearly not culled terribly rapidly. What might be confusing for you is that the PDF isn't displayed inline. You have to tap a special icon in order to open a whole new display that shows the PDF. This is the limitation in iOS that I have mentioned three other times in this thread. Just remember that you are only downloading something when the icon says "tap to download". 3) The only way this can be done is to download it at least once. There is no other way to do this on any device anywhere. You must download the entire thing at least one time to see it. This goes for web browsers on your desktop computer too. Adobe Reader is a good option. My preference is for PDF Expert 5 from Readdle, or their free option called "Documents 5" which is an indispensable tool for your iOS device, well beyond PDFs. Keep in mind none of the suggestions csihilling or I are making prevent you from having to download the attachment at least once.
  14. This is a deeply puzzling post. My employment is entirely unrelated to Evernote...
  15. Ah, I see your issue. You have a note open in its own window, and it is being covered by the main window when resorting from a minimized state because the main window arrives later. That does sound like a pain... Not sure of a solution!
  16. Some clarification. (for the purposes of this discussion, we are NOT talking about notebooks with "offline" designations as available to premium users). 1) You are correct, Evernote fetches note contents from the server only when the note is opened. These contents are then cached temporarily. I don't understand the distinction between a "viewer" and..... whatever the alternative to a "viewer" is. You can view and edit notes with Evernote... If you don't have an internet connection you can only deal with what has been cached locally, which is volatile and not intended as a reliable means of offline access. 2) Attachements are fetched only when the user taps the icon for the attachment. downloaded attachments are also cached temporarily. This prevents having to re-download the attachment again and again and again and again, if you access it repeatedly. This means you do not waste bandwidth. The cache should persist for a rather long time so you'd likely go days before having to re-download an attachment (depending on how much you use Evernote during that time, it may cull the cache earlier of course). 3) Accessing the attachment either returns it from the device's local cache, or fetches it from the server if it has been cleared from the cache. No duplicating is happening, ever. 4) For PDFs specifically, even PDFs stored locally on the device cannot be previewed unless the developer has created a bespoke PDF preview mechanism. You MUST open the entire PDF to view its contents. The only application I am aware of on iOS that offers a preview (a thumbnail of the first page) is GoodReader. Every other application that handles PDFs I have encountered (and PDFs are my bread and butter) does not (and presumably cannot) offer a preview because iOS does not have a built-in mechanism to do so. There is nothing you could do with access to the iOS file system that could make Evernote run better. It would only allow you to break it.
  17. You'd probably be wise to contact Evernote support for something like this that is related to your personal account information. The link is in my signature.
  18. This post is tagged with iOS, so I am assuming you are using an iPhone or iPad? If so, I have not noticed this. If I forward an attachment to Evernote, or add a file to Evernote manually using my iPhone or iPad, the attachment retains its original file extension. Can you provide us with more details so we can help you better?
  19. I don't observe this behaviour when minimizing (using cmd-m or the yellow button). I do observe this when closing the evernote window with cmd-w or the red X. Can you clarify whether you are closing (cmd-w/red) or minimizing (cmd-m/yellow) the window? It isn't entirely inconsistent with other applications. There is some variance in how applications behave when windows are closed. For example, when you close your browser window (cmd-w), then open the browser window again, you aren't returned to the exact location you were at before pressing cmd-w (unless you have "restore previous session" or an equivalent setting set up). Likewise with a Finder window. Cmd-w a finder window, and open finder again, you are taken to some default window state, not the previous state of the finder window you just closed. There are others. HOWEVER, Calendar and Mail, among others, when closed with cmd-w, will always return you to your previous state... But I'm being nit-picky about details (sorry, it's my nature....). Ultimately the request to have Evernote return you to your previous view when opening a new window seems very reasonable. But the current state, frustrating though it may be), is not necessarily inconsistent with other applications, and not about minimizing.
  20. That is a very good point. I never had a need for a full-blown CRM, or CardMunch specifically, and I often lose sight of what that transition might have been like for former CM users, such as losing certain critical features. As for the "data gets in but never gets out" statement, I'm not exactly what Evernote could do to facilitate this more than it already does for their data in general. Data can always be exported in a reasonably generic format (HTML) or in a relatively proprietary format (enex). HTML isn't necessarily elegantly easy to use, but it is reasonably portable, and is about as generic as you could get for content that isn't entirely plain-text. There have been calls for the ability to export data in many other formats (PDF, Word, etc), but to me that doesn't really contribute much to the portability issue, since those formats aren't terribly portable. (This has been discussed a great deal elsewhere and many people aren't satisfied with the current options... but whatever). Now, if you are referring specifically to contact cards, then I agree. The form of these doesn't vary a great deal (always the same fields, very specific parameters for contents, formatting is identical across ALL contact cards), then there could definitely be some improvements. A direct means for exporting .csv would be a big one. Obviously .csv or even plain text wouldn't work for non-contact-card notes.
  21. You seem to be correct. If you need evernote to trigger actions I recommend checking out Zapier. For example:
  22. In the Evernote app on your iPhone: Settings>customize Home Screen and enable "shortcuts" - Optionally, scroll down further to enable "detail" if you want to see some shortcuts on the home screen rather than just the shortcut button. You can get to Evernote settings by tapping your name next to the cog wheel in the top left of the Evernote home screen. Keep in mind that Shortcuts are one of the last things to sync, so if this is a brand new installation of Evernote on your iPhone, or you have only recently logged in, and this is the first sync, you might not see Shortucts appear for a few minutes.
  23. I have never known Safari on iOS to offer a "preview" of a PDF. I've only ever seen it download and display the entire thing. As far as I know, iOS is incapable of natively showing a preview of a PDF. Applications that do display previews (GoodReader, for example), have written their own little mechanism for displaying a preview, which as far as I know, is not a trivial matter. The lack of local storage in Evernote on iOS makes this more challenging. The only feasible option is to extend something that Evernote already does. Evernote already makes little thumbnails of a note attachment, as well as excerpt a snippet of text, and add that to the note's metadata. This is why, in snippet view on iOS, you can often see a very small rendering of one page of an attached PDF, but then when you open the note, the attachment is not displayed. Evernote could increase the resolution and size of this little thumbnail image and overlay it onto the attachment. That being said, doing so would probably dramatically increase the file size of the metadata, since that new, larger image would likely be several hundred times larger than the current little thumbnail.
  24. To be perfectly honest, if this were my use case, I'd get a proper CRM application rather than shoehorn Evernote into a job is doesn't terribly well. (You will notice that I AGREE with you. I agree that Evernote does not handle this task well, that Apple's Contacts application ISN'T a solution)
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