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  1. Yeah well, bad things happen and people need to reinstall their OS, or switch to a new device. In addition to all the labour involved in that, re-doing potentially hundreds of file links would probably turn me toward an early grave! I disagree. One of my oldest clippings is from 2012. The page was created in 2011. Today, clicking on the link from which the clipping was made (effectively the same as a traditional browser bookmark) takes me directly to the web page, still up and running. In the meantime, since that clipping was made, I've had 3 computers and over 12 OS installations (
  2. We're reviewing putting an option in there to toggle on and off predictive note titles, and definitely understand how the new feature can cause some workflow problems, especially for those who relied on "untitled" notes. The feature is also receiving some adjustment as well. I like the idea of "Note on [date]", I could see that making more sense in many cases than location, which is the baseline information the titler draws from.A toggle on/off feature and Date/time stamp would be perfect. I created new notes his morning with names like "call mom". all notes are already date and time stamp
  3. Interesting idea. In many cases I suspect you could just add the file as an attachment to an Evernote note. In other cases, it doesn't seem too onerous to create file links: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/15834-how-to-make-a-hyperlink-to-a-filefolder-on-a-local-drive https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/55967-drag-drop-file-links/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/46668-linking-to-a-file-outside-evernote/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/33958-insert-links-to-files/ Ultimately I think promoting this type of thing could result in users finding their notes fraught with tons
  4. This is understandably frustrating, but lets be realistic and recognize that, as you yourself point out in another thread BEFORE you made the above post, you haven't actually LOST any notes: Having troubles with one of the Evernote applications is a very different problem than data loss.
  5. I can't seem to figure this one out either. Perhaps this was a bit of a gaff on the blog poster's part? Obviously clipping an email from a web client would work fine, but you're correct, no way to clip from the iOS mail client.
  6. You have to manually add old scans. On your Mac, this can be done in bulk by right-click on the note/notes (if you selected several at once), select Share>send to contacts on iOS, this has to be done one contact note at a time.
  7. iOS 8 has been good so far on my aged iPhone 4s. Performance is equivalent to iOS 7. The new features are immensely useful. Extensions in particular are a marvellous addition to the OS. I look forward to seeing how more developers take advantage of this. Third-party keyboard are interesting... not entirely sold on the need yet, but i've been playing around and they are good.... just not sure if they are necessary (for me, at least). I also suspect users with iPhone 5/5s/6/6+ are enjoying the numerous additional features that didn't make it to the 4s (e.g., Handoff and touchID related stuff
  8. There is no way to turn off auto sync. This rapid syncing prevents complications such as lost note content and note conflicts. Why do you find it annoying? My experience is that this instant syncing is pretty much totally transparent. I don't even notice it. Is this not the case for you? There is not currently any way to draw inline within a note. Penultimate is currently your only option for hand written stuff. We can really only speculate as to whether we'll see on iOS something like what Android users have.
  9. This is a tricky one. Technically any note encrypted from the get-go could never be OCR'd because that's completed server-side. A properly (effectively) encrypted note should not be accessible to the servers. What this means is that some notes will be created without encryption, OCR'd, then encrypted.... which means you'd have OCR data to potentially encrypt. But then you'd have a new class of notes, those which were encrypted upon creation which could never be OCR'd and would have no OCR data to encrypt. Maybe this isn't a big deal at all but it does add to the complexity, and of course, ma
  10. The Evernote web clipper for desktop web browsers, which is an official Evernote product and that DOES add an item into your right-click menu.
  11. It should automatically pull the data from linked in. The "connect on linkedIn" option provides you with the opportunity to invite that person to your linked in network right off the bat. If you skipped this, you'll just have to click on the link to their LInkedIn profile and manually request a connection with them on the linkedIn site. More detailed info about business card scanning can be found here: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/53057988
  12. Another thought, as I understand it, Genius Scan has a Light/Free/Trial version, and + which is their paid version. Is it possible that you have been using the trial/free version and now you've exceeded the limits of that version so it is now not functioning as you'd expect? If you paid for Genius Scan, make sure you have the PAID version downloaded, or if you used an in-app purchase try and Restore the purchase.
  13. This may not be a problem on Evernote's end. I suggest contacting the developer of Genius Scan at: android.support@thegrizzlylabs.com Some troubleshooting you might consider - Try re=installing genius scan. Try revoking Genius Scan's permission to access Evernote, and granting permission again. Perhaps the support folks at Grizzly Labs who make Genius Scan have some suggestions.
  14. +1 agree that this is a must have. kcressy, It is good that you are supportive of this suggestion. For the future, please remember to abide by the forum code of conduct. Posting the same thing 4 times doesn't make your case any stronger, and just creates clutter.
  15. 1Password user here, using a crazy password AND 2-factor authentication with Evernote (and, of course, the clipper). no problem staying logged into the clipper on my Mac using the Safari Clipper.
  16. When you click on the clipper button for the first time after installing, it should present you with the username and password fields... Are you not seeing this? What happens if you try uninstalling the extensions and re-installing it?
  17. You'd probably be best to log into your account at http://www.evernote.com and go to "Account settings" to manage your subscription from there.
  18. Just to add to what JM has said, there is no official web clipper for Evernote on iOS. There are third party web clippers that work in a somewhat clumsy way, and JM has mentioned some of the better and more popular ones. Things might change in the coming weeks when Apple releases iOS 8 and Evernote hopefully builds out an "extension" using the new iOS 8 features.
  19. Agreed, I'm pretty happy with some sandboxes and some other walled gardens.
  20. The difference is in how lenient each browser is in allowing browser extensions access to local resources. IE and Firefox are seemingly fairly lenient, while the other browsers heavily, heavily restrict browser extensions' access to local files and storage.
  21. post your support ticket # here so staff can actually look up the request and hopefully get you sorted out quickly.
  22. I agree, its placement could be improved. Also, its current location right next to an editable field can be frustrating if you happen to miss the button. You end up poised to edit the note title. Definitely some polishing could take place here.
  23. The nexus is giving you the error message? Or is it Windows 7 giving the error. First we should determine whether your notes are getting to Evernote's servers. When you use your computer to log into http://www.evernote.com, do you see all of your notes there? (P.s. it looks like you posted the same post 5 times. I've gone ahead and hid the other 4 identical posts. If it was an accident or a glitch, no problem. If you did that on purpose, please note that it is only necessary to post ONCE. Posting the same message multiple times violates the Forum Code of Conduct)
  24. X2 I couldn't figure out how to do this on my android. I don't believe business card scanning is available on android yet... still.
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