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  1. You could always select all the notes, merge them, then print that note.
  2. Have you contacted support? This is a user forum so us, your fellow users, aren't able to deal with account related issues. I've flagged this for Evernote staff to look at but please file a support ticket.
  3. Pollywatt, Have you tried completely quitting out of Evernote (double tapping the home button and swiping up on Evernote), and restarting the phone? If that doesn't work, have you tried uninstalling the application and re-installing it? (Just make sure you sync before uninstalling, you won't lose any data). If THAT doesn't work, contact support and submit a request, they might be able to help you out if the above troubleshooting steps don't work.
  4. If you are on a mac cmd-opt-v would paste without source formatting. (I imagine ctrl-alt-v would be the Windows counterpart, Gazumped might confirm this??)
  5. Yeah I think that's really the idea. As much as we all wish, you gotta go with the shoe that fits best, because that perfect shoe just isn't out there, unless you make it yourself...
  6. Workarounds are a drag, but for whatever reason, Evernote has chosen not to provide an easy way of doing plain text natively. There is no doubt that Evernote is aware that some users are requesting this feature, so It's always possible we might see a change to the editor in the future, but until then, we either put up with the current editor, or use a janky workaround.
  7. Very good suggestion! I am sure many users here will find this helpful.
  8. Remember that Evernote is not just a product, it is also a service. It is one thing to purchase a perpetual software license that grants your free updates for life. There is overhead as developers need to be paid, but your scanner software is not a service. Evernote is, in essence, a cloud storage company. You need to pay for your little segment of the server storage and processor ticks devoted to storing and processing your data, which is done continually. You have to pay monthly/annually just like with Box, Dropbox, Crashplan, and so on, all of which are SERVICES. You aren't just paying for
  9. I can confirm that what Adjusting is saying is, in fact, true. Tags listed in sidebar. If I am in any notebook I OWN, (shared or not), ALL my tags appear. When I switch to a notebook owned by someone else, ONLY the tags used in that notebook appear.
  10. The response from Evernote support seems sensible to me. iOS, the operating system that runs on iPads and iPhones and iPod touches and is created by Apple, has "Data detectors". These data detectors look for sequences of characters that may resemble phone numbers, addresses, dates, package tracking numbers, etc. This means that you can simply tap a phone number and have it dial that number (rather than copying the number, opening the Phone app, pasting the number, and initiating the call), or tap a tracking number to immediately load the tracking website, or select a date to bring up a new ev
  11. When you are viewing the list of your notebooks, you should just be able to drag any notebook from one stack directly to another. Just tried it with several notebooks between several stacks and had no problem. Select notebook in Stack A, drag to Stack B.
  12. Glad it worked. Yeah the uninstall/reinstall process is a bit cumbersome, though thankfully Evernote's much faster sync takes some of the bite out of re-downloading large databases. Though it's still a pain in the butt. Hopefully you won't have to do it again for a good long while!
  13. The suggestion to remove images upon clipping is interesting, I can definitely see how that could be useful for articles where images are sprinkled in with text. As a workaround, try selecting just the desired text before invoking the clipper (hard if the article has in-line images). There is no way I know to easily view the HTML of a note in Evernote. The only way I can think of at the moment is to export an individual note as "html" and open in a text editor.
  14. I agree. Thankfully because the issue has been brought up before and because we are discussing it here in a location the is read by Evernote staff, we can rest assured that they are aware of our feelings (and we can keep our fingers crossed that they act on it).
  15. I am not sure how it looks on the Windows Client, but on the Mac client, there is no real obvious way other than holding your cursor over each one to see whether the share/config icon appears (synced) or not (local).
  16. You might try a re-install, perhaps there is a bungled preference file or registry entry. Make sure your Windows 7 Client is properly synced and any local notebooks are backed up appropriately. Uninstall Evernote. Then re-install the Evernote application.
  17. What client (Mac OS, Windows?) are you experiencing this issue with? When you view your notes at www.evernote.com, are your shortcuts there?
  18. If you go to View>sidebar Options>Show Shortcuts (May be slightly different on Windows), is that "ticked" or 'un-ticked'?
  19. Thankfully this has been requested numerous time on these forums and Evernote staff do read these forums even if they do not always respond. Since EN doesn't publish their roadmaps or future features, we'll just have to sit tight!
  20. When viewing any note, there should be a button comprised of three dots. That's what we have perhaps erroneously been calling "more"
  21. Ok, so here are a few suggestions: 1) Fix your settings at Google.com so that google doesn't pull your Facebook events. (Not a google user so I can't help you here). 2) In Evernote on iPad tap your username to enter the settings menu. Turn off "automatic note titles". This will prevent Evernote from inserting title suggestions from your calendar and location. 3) In iOS, open the device's settings app>Facebook>Calendar and Switch that off. That will prevent your iOS from displaying facebook events.
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