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  1. 1) I can confirm that this no-reply@ thing is indeed the case. That being said it does say from "Scott Lougheed", and the reply-to is my actual email address. I agree that this no-reply@... thing is not nearly as nice in a lot of respects. However: 2) There may some very valid reason that Evernote has made this change, but which we are not aware. Most of the time things aren't changed for no reason at all. Just to speculate a bit, since I don't know anything for sure: Previously in order to make it look like it comes from youraddress@youremail.com it had to spoof your account, it can't ac
  2. I do only periodic manual backups. Crashplan and Time Machine do regular (hourly) backups of my entire HD including the EN database. I can recover my EN database that way whenever I need it.
  3. Yes! Backups are definitely crucial! Evernote support is great but if I can AVOID them and deal with the problem myself, immediately, even better!
  4. I have this same problem. It seems that in the new version of Evernote, the "copy note link" command gives you a link to the website, and not the custom URL evernote:///view which opens the note in the app. Could anyone (devs?) explain how to get this functionality back? How do we get the custom url for notes in the Mac app? Discussed elsewhere, on mobile so I'll let you do the searching.Currently, pasting within Evernote will create n Evernote:/// link. Outside Evernote is an https:// Opt-right click any note to show "copy classic note link" which, when pasted will always paste Evernote:///
  5. Just set it up for myself and works fine. make sure you have the menu item typed exactly correct https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/af8eeea4-8b51-413a-aff3-d7473b0fe267/fdd8c7d2163b5be8c265e628bb9711ee
  6. Save the image to your computer then drag it to an Evernote note (or just onto the desired notebook). You can drag the photo straight from your browser into Evernote, or into a specific note. You could probably just highlight the image, copy (ctrl-c) and paste it into the body of a note (ctrl-v) You can also try setting up an IFTTT recipe for repeated tasks (www.ifttt.com)
  7. Yes, as I stated above you can create your own shortcuts for any menu bar item in any application, including Evernote: System Preferences>keyboard>shortcuts Simply add Evernote to the list, create a new entry, type the menu item EXACTLY as it appears in the menu, in this case: Open Note in Separate Window and assign the desired key combination.
  8. First, a bit of info about syncing and mobile devices. 1) Your data are stored on Evernote's servers. They are also locally stored on any computer you have running Evernote. These locally stored files are available without a network connection. You can access all of your notes, modify notes, create new notes while offline on your computer. They will then get pushed to the cloud when you have a network connection. 2a) By default, Evernote only syncs headers on mobile devices which are stored in a local cache. When Evernote says that, on Android, it syncs every hour, it means new header informa
  9. To address your first concern: there is no pre-set shortcut. you can create your own System Preferences>keyboard>shortcuts. As for your post script, I don't understand what you are describing.
  10. At the moment, there is no interface on the iOS version of Evernote where you can see notebook covers, so this would also have to be entirely rethought. There would be no sense in having custom notebook covers if they aren't displayed on EVERY device you are using right? This would require a relatively dramatic UI overhaul. Plus, there'd have to be the technical back-end infrastructure in place to sync these custom images across your devices and across various platforms. This could actually be relatively technically complex. You'd also have to make sure that the dimensions of the image are
  11. Coincidentally, nearly a year ago I made the very same suggestion: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/38804-hotkey-for-adding-reminder-to-note-in-mac-client/ I agree, at least adding a menubar item so we can set up the hotkey ourselves (system preferences>keyboard>shortcuts) would be great.
  12. I have Office 2013 and the latest version of Evernote (5.2.1) and the problem still exists. Extra bullets issue is still there and the font size isn't used in the paste (e.g., Tahoma 10 in Evernote pastes as Tahoma 13.5 in Office). Problem exists both in Word and Outlook did you try my "paste and match style" suggestion? That has often worked for me when extra bullets appear.
  13. The app can choose to disregard global OS settings. Chocolate will not conform to your OS settings, Microsoft Word will not conform to your OS settings. These applications override the OS setting with their own. Pages, Evernote, sparrow mail app, and many others will simply take up the preference as set at the OS level, It is up to the developer to choose. Looks like Evernote has chosen to follow the OS setting. Not sure why some developers choose one way over the other.
  14. This is a user forum. While users do have a lot of insight, there are many issues that require the attention of Evernote staff, in which case filing a support ticket is the way to go.Personally I do not experience crashes or slow load times with Evernote on my iPhone 4s. I think the last time I had regular crashes was around the time of the Evernote 7.0 update last fall. Given that very few users are experiencing your issue, it is all the more reason toget Evernote directly involved,
  15. This is a global Mac OS thing, not an Evernote thing: System Preferences->Keyboard->Text->Use smart quotes and dashes
  16. If you want a guaranteed response from Evernote staff, I'd recommend you contact support. I would never count on them chiming in on a particular thread.
  17. I have had issues copy and pasting from Evernote into Microsoft Word for Mac, and the issue sounds similar to your Outlook for Windows problem. You can try Paste and Match Style... I don't know what the Windows hotkey is, but that resolves my issues pasting into Word.
  18. May not be an evernote problem. Have you tried the directions I describe here to force a spotlight re-index?: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/48241-spotlight-search-in-evernote-for-mac/?p=264750 That has solved some people's issues.
  19. Has spotlight finished indexing your hard drive? If your install is so fresh it's still steaming, spotlight might still be churning away.
  20. If you tap the image in the note, it should open in its own little viewer. From here you can tap the swirly little "a" icon in the top right, then the three dots and select ""crop"
  21. Have you tried (completely) uninstalling Evernote from your windows machine and re-installing it? (Make sure you backup your notes first just in case!) Are you absolutely sure that are logged into the same account on your windows machine?
  22. Fair enough Adey, that sounds very frustrating. That is a lot of time to lose. I realize you may have already given up, but if you are looking to get a bit more insight have you opened a support ticket? Support might be able to shed some light... maybe (sometimes these things are elusive). Nevertheless, it is a shame that your experience was so poor! Cheers.
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