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  1. search intitle:CardMunch Select all the results apply the tag 'cardmunch' or whatever you like. Now, removing that cardmunch suffix from the title, unfortunately, is a different story!
  2. The angle has produced generally good results for me too. Takes a bit of practice, but once you get it, you'll be off to the races.
  3. Which means that, like Schrödinger's cat, we really don't know if it is or isn't on the agenda!
  4. Indeed the "month" is calculated based on your signup date, not the calendar month, so for example, my "month" switches over on the 28th of each month. So looks like you might be on the 9th of each month. Indeed, 32kb is as good as 0kbs. As Jefito says, when accessing Evernote using your web browser there is no syncing per se, since you are directly manipulating the information on Evernote's servers.
  5. Just to add, your sync limit is not influenced by anything already in Evernote. As such, removing content already added to Evernote (and thus, already counted against your quota) will not restore any quota.
  6. The difficulty is that, as gbarry (Evernote staff member) has mentioned, these notebooks are made by, and distributed by Moleskine. As such, it is not something that Evernote has direct control over, thus the ball is largely in Moleskine's court. If they who control production do not want or are not able to make stickers available separately, then Evernote's hands are tied (barring some major intervention which I doubt is in the cards).
  7. Hmmmm interesting. I have absolutely no help to offer but thank you for shedding some light on this use case. Looks like zapier can create an RSS feed based on new notes added to a given notebook, and filtered by tag (among other criteria): http://www.zapier.com Looks like both the Evernote trigger and RSS action are available on the free tier, and other limitations on the free tier shouldn't likely interfere with your specific needs.
  8. I find the idea interesting. What would you use this feed for? Perhaps if you shared what your need was with us fellow users, someone might know another way of doing what you'd like to do.
  9. You should be able to use d.b.walker's applescript posted in this very thread (two posts above yours). https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/4046-importing-from-apple-mailapps-notes/?p=236445
  10. Echoing Jefito, like on Android, Evernote for iOS also does not allow you to print multiple notes simultaneously, just one at a time. Best done on a desktop.
  11. I don't know if I see it defeating the purpose. I almost never annotate the PDFs I store in Evernote using Skitch, I open them in preview. It's pretty seamless and I personally find preview better for large multipage PDFs anyway. preview also offers an annotation summary (cmd-i or cmd-opt-i, I can't recall exactly). While I wish that the built in PDF reading and annotation features were what I need, I find those features inadequate on both desktop and iOS. As a result I primarily use Preview on the Mac (mobile is a whole other story I've posted about elsewhere). Preview suits my needs better
  12. Opening the PDF in Preview is likely to offer you the best "traditional" annotating experience. Just double click the attachment icon and it should open in preview (or whatever you have set as your default PDF reader)
  13. Quite possibly not hard at all. From the beginning Evernote has been pretty clear that they are not big on hierarchical systems of organization. I suspect this is far less a question of lack of technical know how (they seem awfully smart) and for more of one of philosophical disinclination. Was looking for this same info tonight. I've read 4 different threads on this topic and the only thing I've learned is that "Group: Evernote Evangelist" next to someone's name means "quick to make excuses for Evernote developers." What a worthless function the "evangelists" play on these boards. We're pre
  14. So: Stacks contain ONLY notebooks Notebooks contain ONLY notes So you can have a stack called "Business" filled with several notebooks: Perhaps "Articles" and "Products" In "Articles" you create notes that contain.... articles or whatever. "Products" you put notes that relate to product info. Now, this means you can limit a search to your business stack, for example: stack:business gruntmaster2000will search for both articles and product info for information on the gruntmaster2000 Perhaps you want ONLY product info on the gruntmaster2000 so you would search notebook:"products" gruntmas
  15. No problem and good luck!
  16. Great to hear! I would say at least 50% of the "lost notes" issues I see here are actually resolved by the trash! Easy enough mistake to make I think. On the desktop clients, just pressing the delete key (without the modifier of cmd or ctrl) will delete a note if you aren't in the note editor. Easy mistake to make! Thank goodness for the trash! As for your android Sync error... that's a puzzler. You can always check your activity log to see if it points you to a problematic note. You may want to submit that log to support too if the problem persists.
  17. Is it possible that you have accidentally deleted these notes and that they are in your Trash? You can find that in the Notebook view on the web or desktop.
  18. I'm not sure I follow. What "page" are you referring to? Evernote doesn't paginate notes or notebooks. Could you explain where you are here? How does this relate to your lost information? And could you also explain how the web clipper is involved in this, or what the specific problem you are experiencing is with the clipper?
  19. This is really rather odd! I can't say in my several years using Evernote that I've encountered this/these particular issue(s) so I can't offer much more help than what is already posted in this and other threads about losing and recovering data, though others on this board have experienced this, they may have specific suggestions, Also I wonder if this might be two separate issues...?.Either way I strongly encourage you to submit a support ticket if you haven't already. Data loss is very bad.
  20. No, this is a back-end thing that can only be taken care of on Evernote's end of thing. Regardless of what client you are using you need to submit a support ticket. This can be done from within the iOS and Android applications.
  21. If you take my scenario (and thanks jefito for pointing to a solution to my governance/governmentality problem): Don't know if I tagged "governance" or "governmentality" so search: tag:govern* no accumulation of unrelated notes with "governance/government/govern" in their body, but should bring up all my governance/governmentality notes which are explicitly tagged as such.
  22. I can think of a few examples where tags have a benefit over searching content, though the benefit may be minor. If, for example, you have notes concerning a particular academic topic, something like "governance", or philosophical deliberations on "nature", or geographical discussions about "space". I store a lot of things in Evernote, and many of these things might have the word "governance" or "nature" or "space" in them, but aren't actually about these topics. So if I go ahead and search: natureor governanceI'm bound to get a whole slew of false-positives. However, if I tag all of
  23. This isn't possible on iOS. My workaround is to paste the URL in the body and when I am on my desktop move the URL to the proper field. I too would rather not have to use this workaround, but there are some definite limitations to the metadata editor in the iOS app. Fingers crossed for the future....
  24. Can you describe what you see instead? A totally blank note? An attachment icon?
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