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  1. I think in this case the best practice would be to wait until you get back to a wifi or cellular connected zone (your hotel, a cafe, whatever) to do your scanning.
  2. As we have seen in the last few years, even some of the most robustly secured cloud services are vulnerable when hacking occurs. This is not to excuse Evernote's current state of security, which is not terribly different than a lot of mainstream cloud providers, and could be improved. Rather what I am saying is that ANY cloud is vulnerable when hacking occurs. In most cases, even highly secured cloud storage services will be compromised, it just takes longer. EDIT (OOPS this time I really did get my posts mixed up!) Keep in mind that data mining and being hacked are two very different ty
  3. Yes, to be absolutely clear, my post was not directed toward you, and I never claimed it was you writing about data mining. I was responding to EvernoteUser78 whose post is directly above mine. And, as BnF suggested, if you are keeping medical notes, I would absolutely NOT put that data in the cloud if it could be avoided. You might consider DEVONThink, which has some facilities for LAN sync, so you can keep several devices in sync via your local network rather than transmitting your data over the internet. Now, you'd have to ensure you have a very secure (hopefully offsite) backup as w
  4. I don't believe Evernote does much in the way of data mining. They aren't an ad company like google. Most of their need to access your information is so that it can be processed by their OCR system and any indexin it does on the server. These aren't really revenue generators for them. Your concern about a breach is valid, and Evernote isn't trailing too far behind any other mainstream cloud service provider. Definitely there is room for Evernote and many others to improve, but I really don't think we'll see zero-knowledge encryption, at least not any time soon. Anything that is really that se
  5. 1) It is not clear to me that DOESN'T want us to encrypt our data. Granted, encrypting our data with no serverside knowledge of the encryption would prevent any server side services like OCR.... but again I don't think Evernote is against the possibility of users encrypting. 2) Evernote does give us some level of protection for our sensitive data. In the desktop clients users can select any amount of text and encrypt it. Web and mobile apps can decrypt any encrypted text. So, they do give SOME protection. 3) I imagine increasing security is on Evernote's radar, especially with their push
  6. This already exists (in an admittedly limited form). In any notebook you can select the little tag icon to list all the tags used in that notebook, and you can select one or more tags to drill down to notes in that notebook tagged with one or more of them. See the following screenshot: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/c9c06baf-e5c6-4e12-9786-295944968ebb/4ef9b1414e0c2f92d569e017b19c0157 With respect to the other concerns: Only the tags YOU have used in the notebook you share should get transported to the person you shared it with. If you have tags that are used in other notebooks than
  7. Not currently possible. Only less-than-ideal workarounds such as copy and pasting, or exporting to a series of PDFs and merging the PDFs in an external application. Agreed the big title that gets inserted when merging notes is a bit... over the top. Toning this down or making it optional/configurable would be ideal.
  8. Evernote is tight-lipped about their development plans so whether they are working on more or not is mostly a matter of just waiting and seeing. There are some challenges with export due to the richness and variability in note content. Plain and rich text are reasonably easy to export, but web clippings and other stuff that might have some underlying HTML is a bit more of a challenge. The HTML and XML are the most straightforward because the results will almost always be predictable regardless of content. Pages is especially hard since it is a highly proprietary format and Word is not much
  9. As I see it there are a couple of workarounds. 1) if making a TOC, select all of the notes you want tabulated, and, if on a Mac, click "make new Table of Contents Note". This should populate a new note with links to each of the notes with evernote:/// links. 2) If you are manually creating a TOC or are adding a TOC to an existing note, you can drag and drop notes into the body of the note you are creating a TOC in. 3) You can copy and paste a classic link into the note body, creating a link with the name of the note you are linking to. If you want to change the text you can begin typing w
  10. Yup, "classic" note links ALWAYS paste as evernote:/// no matter what. The new default non-classic links post as evernote:/// within evernote* and http:// outside Evernote. *(except for a bug where pasting in the cmd-k/ctrl-k hyperlink window pastes http)
  11. This may be worth submitting a support ticket about, as either there may be some troubleshooting you can do to resolve the issue, or something Evernote can do on their backend to fix it for you, and it may indicate a broader bug.
  12. No evangelist would EVER say that because we are not Evernote employees. If we said that, it would carry as much truth as if it were you or your neighbour who said it. It is a good suggestion, but it isn't currently available, as such it is what it is! To say that does NOT take away from the legitimacy of (what eventually became) the feature request, nor does it say anything about whether Evernote will implement it, as that is only for them to say and they are (in)famously tight-lipped.
  13. Yes, it does have a.... unique look. More traditional forms of annotation would certainly be welcomed by me too.
  14. "So it would be nice if EverNote would treat those notes and highlights with the priority warranted. Maybe within the note container, EverNote could include a summary of the notes and highlighted passages that are found within the PDF file, with links that open the PDF to the spot where the note or highlight resides. " It is worth noting that any marking up or annotating you do with skitch or with the built-in annotation features WILL do this. Anything you do with an external program is outside of the ambit of Evernote to try and interpret so I wouldn't hold my breath on this feature comin
  15. This is an odd bug that seems to pop up from time to time and Evernote staff are aware of it but seem to be having a heck of a time reproducing, and thus, resolving it. One workaround to force EN out of a frozen browser is: From a separate application (your email, for example), instruct your iOS device to open a file... a PDF or an image for example (choose a reasonably small one so as to not eat up your quota), in Evernote. This will open Evernote and make a new note containing the file as an attachment. This should boot you out of the frozen browser. You can now delete the note you just c
  16. search intitle:CardMunch Select all the results apply the tag 'cardmunch' or whatever you like. Now, removing that cardmunch suffix from the title, unfortunately, is a different story!
  17. The angle has produced generally good results for me too. Takes a bit of practice, but once you get it, you'll be off to the races.
  18. Which means that, like Schrödinger's cat, we really don't know if it is or isn't on the agenda!
  19. Indeed the "month" is calculated based on your signup date, not the calendar month, so for example, my "month" switches over on the 28th of each month. So looks like you might be on the 9th of each month. Indeed, 32kb is as good as 0kbs. As Jefito says, when accessing Evernote using your web browser there is no syncing per se, since you are directly manipulating the information on Evernote's servers.
  20. Just to add, your sync limit is not influenced by anything already in Evernote. As such, removing content already added to Evernote (and thus, already counted against your quota) will not restore any quota.
  21. The difficulty is that, as gbarry (Evernote staff member) has mentioned, these notebooks are made by, and distributed by Moleskine. As such, it is not something that Evernote has direct control over, thus the ball is largely in Moleskine's court. If they who control production do not want or are not able to make stickers available separately, then Evernote's hands are tied (barring some major intervention which I doubt is in the cards).
  22. Hmmmm interesting. I have absolutely no help to offer but thank you for shedding some light on this use case. Looks like zapier can create an RSS feed based on new notes added to a given notebook, and filtered by tag (among other criteria): http://www.zapier.com Looks like both the Evernote trigger and RSS action are available on the free tier, and other limitations on the free tier shouldn't likely interfere with your specific needs.
  23. I find the idea interesting. What would you use this feed for? Perhaps if you shared what your need was with us fellow users, someone might know another way of doing what you'd like to do.
  24. You should be able to use d.b.walker's applescript posted in this very thread (two posts above yours). https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/4046-importing-from-apple-mailapps-notes/?p=236445
  25. Echoing Jefito, like on Android, Evernote for iOS also does not allow you to print multiple notes simultaneously, just one at a time. Best done on a desktop.
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