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  1. No issues for me... and https://evernote.com/contact/support/ shows that all things are running smoothly. are you sure there isn't an issue with your device/configuration?
  2. Ah, sorry, I jumped the gun here. I suppose I had assumed you would generalize our little troubleshooting above to resolving the actual problem. Here's how I see you proceeding: Now that we know that newly created notes sync and can be modified without issue, we need to re-create your grocery note. To do this: 1) On ONE of the devices, create a new, blank note. Make sure it is in a synchronized notebook. 2) Give the note a placeholder title of "Grocery 2"3) Instruct Evernote on that device to sync. Wait for it to finish syncing (should be only a second or two).4) On the second device, initiate a sync and wait for it to complete. Once we verify that the blank note with the title "Grocery 2" has made it to all devices, lets go back to our first device, the one we created the note on. 1) Manually re-write your grocery list in the body of the note*2) Instruct Evernote on that device to sync. Wait for it to finish syncing (should be only a second or two).3) On the second device, initiate a sync and wait for it to complete. Once we verify that the new note contents have propagated to all the devices, we can go ahead and delete the original problematic grocery list note following these:1) Make sure both devices have conducted a sync by manually syncing both of them. 2) Once you have verified both devices are reporting having recently synced, delete the troublesome note on ONE of the two devices. NOT BOTH. Just one. 3) On the device from which you just deleted the note, hit the sync button. Wait for it to finish syncing (should be only a second or two).4) One the second device, force a sync. Wait for the sync to complete. Once we have verified the bad grocery list note has been deleted we can hopefully get on with our lives knowing we got rid of the problematic note and have replaced it with a perfectly functioning note. * DO NOT: Write the list in another application like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, then copy and paste it into Evernote. Sometimes applications like these can introduce additional formatting code underneath that might be the source of some grief.I'd also avoid copying the contents of your problematic note and pasting them into the new note. If the problem lies with something quirky in the note contents themselves, manually re-doing the new note avoids copying the problem to the new note.
  3. Actually it should work fine. I just tested it. In the system preferences menu, make sure the menu item is typed exactly as it appears, including the trailing elipsis. The configuration in the screenshot below works for me: https://www.evernote.com/l/ABk_pETXkqZGBZE54WHZoz1ZlPx6HSy3Ngs
  4. Ok so it sounds like perhaps you were working and making revisions to a note that for some reason just didn't want to cooperate! From here on out, I'd avoid hitting the sync button and just be diligent about making sure a sync occurs upon launch and before quitting on any of your devices (this could be a sync you initiate manually or just you verifying there are no notes pending sync). Even the launch/quit syncing should be taken care of automatically, you should only need to verify that the actually took place. Lets hope that you no longer see issues with this newly created note. Definitely post back here if you find another note that is causing you grief, though I'd say first thing would be to troubleshoot that note using the same method I outlined in the previous post (e.g., creating a new note, copying the contents from the troublesome note over, deleting the troublesome note, etc), to see if that fixes it.
  5. You might have just been given "points" which you then need to redeem for premium (or any number of other upgrades) If you log into Evernote.com and go to "account settings", then select "Points" from your lefthand sidebar, do you have unused points> they should correspond to the amount of time you redeemed your premium code for. For example, if you had a one year code, I think you should have 120 points.
  6. Email Note is still in the menu bar under Note>More Sharing>Email Note. Because of this you can use OS X system preference to set up a keyboard shortcut. This can be done in System Prefences>Keyboard>Shortcuts Directions that apply to any app found here: http://thenextweb.com/apple/2011/11/14/how-to-master-the-keyboard-on-mac-os-x-a-comprehensive-guide/ and also: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH18415?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
  7. Copied from my reply to a discussion on the same issue: Ok, so there are a few distinctions that need to be made: 1) There is the private sharing of a notebook 2) There is the "public" sharing of a notebook. With respect to 1, there has never been a way to privately share a notebook with a non-evernote user. The only way to share a notebook with a non-evernote user is to go with option 2, which is to generate a "public" link. I put public in quotes because it is only public in the sense that you could post that link in a public place and everyone could access it. If you never posted that link, it'd be a stroke of luck that somebody stumbled upon it. When you privately share a notebook as in 1, you can grant view and edit privileges. This requires (and always has required that the recipient be an Evernote user) When you publicly share a notebook, as in 2, you can only grant view privileges. This does not require, and never has required, a recipient (or visitor?) to be an Evernote user. Changes There have been no changes to either option 1 or option 2. First, for option 2, you can still invite any existing Evernote user to your notebook and grant them view, or view and edit privileges. The main change here is that the default mechanism is to send this invitation via Work Chat instead of by email alone. This isn't such a big deal since your recipient will always also be an Evernote user with Work Chat. Second, for option 1, you can still generate public links that allow non-evernote users to view your notebook. This is done by right-clicking on the notebook and selecting "publish notebook". So, as of version 6.0.1, you can do all the same sharing that you could in 5.X.X.
  8. Because of the change in how things are organized in Penultimate, former notebooks are now "notes". You'll have to get accustomed to this change, and it definitely has implications for sharing. You'll likely end up having to create a great deal more penultimate notes (which used to be known as notebooks) now, than you did before. you're right, the method I suggest does only provide a link. I should have checked that before suggesting it. It looks like the only way to share the actual contents is to do so some Evernote, as you already are, which is a bit of a drag... It seems like they are leaning pretty heavily on the Evernote clients to perform functions related to penultimate (like sharing the contents of a note, or moving a note to a different notebook...) Looks like your workaround, as clunky as it is, is the best way to do it at the moment, unfortunately.
  9. Not noticing this at the moment. If you are using the app store version you'll be getting an update soon that should improve the delay in displaying note content. If you are using the direct download version (e.g., the one you download from the webs its) you should update to Evernote 6.0.2 which seems to resolve a slew of problems.
  10. Ok, so I suppose if he forgets to log out of Evernote he could conceivably forget to log out of his computer user account too, in which case the separate user account stuff wouldn't help (though I'm not sure how this would "double" the problem, it seems like the problem would be the same), But a new user account solves a plethora of issues: 1) Kids have their own user account that cannot access José's data, so they cannot view or delete it by accident or otherwise. This also prevents the kids from accessing other types of Data such as his email, browser history, personal/work documents, etc. 2) José can set his user account to auto log-out after a period of inactivity so that even if he forgets to log himself out, the computer will do it for him, hopefully before his kids run to the computer. This is fairly easy to accomplish on a Mac. 3) José can take some responsibility for his data (all of his data, not just Evernote data), as all users need to, by taking steps to safeguard it, such as by logging out of his computer user account. Can you explain how creating separate user accounts for his children will double the problem? To me, as long as José remembers to log out, or his computer logs him out automatically, the problem is reduced to zero, and if he forgets to log out, the problem remains the same it has always been.
  11. Yes, I think this is spot on. In a lot of cases the (often unannounced) changes to where things are located can be troubling. Changes to workflow, even if they make no meaningful difference to the end result, can also be frustrating. It just takes time to adjust in most cases.
  12. You should be able to tap and hold on any given penultimate note to view a little trio of dots, one of which should be the share icon (a square with an upward arrow). Dragging your thumb to that should give you the option to email: More details on some Penultimate 6 basics: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/104488346
  13. People seem to be making a big fuss about this but I'm not sure I understand why. All the previous types of sharing exist, the only difference is that if your recipient happens to be an evernote user (which they most likely are, if you are inviting them to participate in a notebook), then they don't need to leave the evernote application to join the notebook.
  14. What social stuff? Work Chat? That isn't a social thing (per se). That is for workplace collaboration. It is also the new mechanism for sharing notes and notebooks with other Evernote Users. If you don't need it, you can just ignore it. Personally I don't use it aside from when I need to share something (and most of my sharing is already set up), so I never really think about it. Connections to Twitter, Facebook, and LInkIn have been there for several years and can be ignored (as I do) if you don't need them (which I don't), why is this only a problem for you now?
  15. If you didn't receive an automated email from Evernote with your support ticket # it means your support ticket as not actually received (or that your spam filter ate the automated email). Check your spam folder for automated messages, and if there are none, re-submit your support ticket.
  16. Create a user account on your computer for your kids.
  17. Could this be the reason: https://discussion.e...23421&hl=poodle? Ty, i´ve done everthing, but it doesnt work. It looks like the synchronization works, because the is no errormassage, but it dosnt synchronize my webclips, and it dosn´t synchronize my desktop with my webevernote. Any other ideas? Ty Zoty are you totally sure that you have logged into the exact same evernote account in all locations?
  18. You can follow my directions and do a complete uninstall (with the help of something like App Cleaner). Then reinstall. Since your uninstallation was complete, including eliminating the local copy of your EN database, you can take your pick whether you'd like to redownload the App Store version or convert to the Direct version. Keep in mind that unless you have any "Local Notebooks", those will be lost if you haven't backed them up to a separate location.
  19. Nevertheless, I still stand by my advise. Even if the app logs you out your database remains and is accessible to snooping eyes. Your only true way to avoid other users of your computer from snooping on your Evernote (and your email, and EVERYTHING else), is to create separate user accounts. This would be true whether the app offers to log you out upon quitting or not. (Albeit, it is slightly harder for a user to snoop when you are logged out, a determined user could do it in a matter of seconds).
  20. In the last four years I've used Evernote I've never seen an option to automatically log a user out of the desktop client on close, but others around here seem to think that used to be the case. Anyway, this was not a feature of version 5.X and is isn't a feature of version 6.X The best way to deal with privacy issues is to make sure any other users of your computer have their own User Account. I'd be wary of letting other people use your same Computer User account regardless of whether Evernote is password protected or not. Even if you log out of Evernote, your database is still on the hard drive and accessible to anyone else who has access to your computer user account. Logging out does not protect you from this (or other, similar snooping such as accessing your local email database from your email client). I'd highly recommend just making sure that on a shared computer you have your own, password protected user account that only you use, or if that is not possible, that you refrain from storing personal information locally and rely on web clients (that goes for email too...).
  21. Have you updated to 6.0.2? Some of these bugs, the note title bug, for sure, seem to have been resolved.
  22. I can confirm that Evernote does not find the words on the second line. It doesn't even find the words if you copy and re-paste them, copy and re-paste as plain text, or type the same words underneath. The only thing I can think of is 1) You brought over some hidden HTML baggage when copying the first line that is influencing the second 2) The second line, which you copied from an rtf file, is carrying some for of rotating baggage. 3) Either 1 or 2 contain some little weird code underneath (html or rtf formatting) that has screwed up subsequent lines of text and made them uninterpretable. Very strange. If I reproduce the text you have there in a new note by manually typing it out, it has no problem.
  23. 1) Missing Search Box: Is your Evernote window shrunk to be very small? If you shrink the Evernote window down it will eventually be forced to hide certain elements like Search because there is not enough space. Try expanding your window slightly. 2) CMD-f Does Not Work: Two possibilities. First, because you are unable to see the search box, when you press the shortcut to enter search, you cannot see it. Second, the hotkey to do a global search (rather than searching within a specific note) is cmd-opt-f. Does expanding your evernote window resolve the issue?
  24. Right-click>Remove from sidebar is still present in v.6
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