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  1. That said, what some people refer to as weird white space, others find refreshingly clean, even Tufte-esque (Edward Tufte). The design goal of removing distraction is vital for any product these days. Stretch goal might be to cultivate productive focus. EN is an information storing vault. Productivity in this context is to access a lot of information in a short time. A list of notes divided by huge pieces of nothing, the way the notes / notebook list is out of view unless clicked, and the opening single notes in a new window does not help prodictivity, it hinders it. I'm afraid what we are looking at in the web version is what is planned for the desktop versions, too. That would be a terrible thing to do to us. 1) I half agree. I like a bit of white space to keep things nice and easy to look at. However, the Beta is a bit overboard in that regard and it looks... sparse. 2) I think Libin explicitly stated that the entire purpose of this new web version was to differentiate it from the desktop versions. That is, as per Libin's keynote, their original goal for the web interface was to attempt to feature-match a desktop client. However, as he stated, this worked poorly. It was technically challenging or impossible to do that effectively, and it wasn't an effective user experience. The beta is a reflection of a new direction, a new way in which Evernote conceptualizes the web interface as a totally discrete client from the desktop clients. The web client will, as Libin suggested, highlight the very best of what can actually be done effectively on the web. It will offer, as I interpret Libin's statements, a profoundly different experience from the desktop clients. We can impute, then, based on the desire to make the web client different, that this is NOT the direction in which the desktop clients will go (because that would defeat the idea of them being different). The desktop clients will continue to be developed to take advantage of the desktop context, so likely designed towards doing the heavier lifting and whatnot that is just a bit cumbersome or impossible in the web. So, I don't buy the argument that Evernote's going to transplant the web interface or something similar to the desktop. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some design cues moving to the desktop clients for branding and coherence reasons. However I don't think the desktop clients will be simplified/streamlined/dumbed down in the same way the web will be.
  2. I agree. In general I think whitespace is good, but it's a bit overboard with the new interface. Things are too wide, too tall, or both! That being said, a three pane view in ANY application is always a width-hog, but many apps find the right balance. The current beta hasn't quite reached that balance yet.
  3. What you are seeing is not the finished product, not something being imposed on you. It is a beta you have opted into. While I think ranting is fine, we all need to do that from time to time, this is a beta test period, a time when Evernote is looking for constructive feedback on precisely how users use the web interface, what is important, what does or doesn't work, and so on (all filtered through their own vision of the product too). So, while rants are fine, rather than such a heated attack I'd say it would be more productive to offer some lucid, constructive suggestions, rather than accuse Evernote of pulling the rug out from under you.
  4. And evernote staff are tagging and accumulating posts about the Beta web interface which are being shared with the developers, according to a staff post elsewhere on the forums I'm too lazy to find for you.
  5. 1) Make sure you have iOS 8 installed. 2) Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Evernote installed 3) When you hit the Share button you might need to first hit the ellipsis (...), then flip the switch on "evernote" 4) You can then long-tap and hold the Evernote icon to wherever in the list you want it relative to the other apps.
  6. I'm sure we'll get a much clearer idea when the application is actually released sometime in the next three months.
  7. As part of several beta testing communities for some companies considerably larger than Evernote, I have seen many betas where initial beta releases do not include all the features that will be present in the final product, or where features are included in incomplete form. These aren't public betas though, so things can be a bit rougher around the edges for hired/private beta testing. I think it depends a great deal on how the company coordinates its developers, and the scale of the product/release/update itself. There's no law of beta testing. That being said, beta release notes including a "known issues" section would help a great deal here and prevent a lot of users sounding-off about what are really non-issues (e.g., reminders being absent... they'll be back! But without "Known issues", how is any individual tester in a public beta supposed to know?)
  8. It isn't clear where the desktop interface has been dumbed down.... (that is, as of the conference/the last year, in which the interface has remained the same on desktop clients, with the exception of what appears to be a bit of new paint on the Mac client in those screenshots)
  9. Thanks Geoff! I realize, of course, that this is a brand new feature, so I know you aren't going to have a list a mile long at launch. Just wanted to put it on record that there is definite interest (from at least one user!) in academic sources. An idea to toss in Libin's "ideas" business notebook perhaps?
  10. I think there are a few challenges here. While I don't know the ins-and-outs of browser extensions, I do know they do not have the same type of privileges that standalone applications have with respect to accessing local files in the Operating System. I suspect that for storing extension preferences and information about extension states (e.g., "have I ever been opened?" "when was the last time I have been opened?" "What was the last window I displayed?"), the only option is to store in browser cookie, since extensions don't have permission to access any other part of the computer operating system. This means that if you are in the habit of clearing your history and cookies every time you close your browser, you effectively remove the caches for all of you browser extensions as well. They start out thinking that this is the first time they've been executed on this system and display all their welcome information. Since extension state information and preferences can only ever be retained in browser cookies because they do not have permission to store data elsewhere (my assumption), I don't know if there is a workaround, aside from deciding not to blast your cookies away after every session. Someone with some more technical knowledge of browser extensions might be able to clarify.
  11. As has been stated numerous times by staff, Reminders will return, they just didn't make it into the first public beta version.
  12. While it doesn't make me unhappy, I definitely agree that this is an odd place to start. Start me in my default notebook or in All Notes, that's a more logical starting location for me! (Even better, let users choose their landing page!)
  13. On the desktop the hotkey is cmd-k (ctrl-k), so cmd-L/ctrl-L is unlikely. It is possible that this hasn't been implemented in the beta yet.
  14. Yes, but the trend we are seeing is discouraging. I think those of us that prefer data density and UI options are going to get increasingly disappointed with the product and I really hope I'm wrong. Well, it is hard to say one way or another here. I agree, I don't think I'd like it if this was how the desktop client ended up looking. Libin's speech on stage gave the impression that the web client was being designed as an entirely new, independent entity, rather than a replacement for the desktop clients. So, you might end up with a distraction-free writing-oriented web interface with comparatively (hopefully not too) sparse interface, while the desktop clients continue to be the location for heavy-duty stuff that requires more info-density. Libin seemed to be vehement that it was no longer attempting to replicate the desktop functionality on the web, and that it was trying to create an entirely new tool tailored specifically to that environment. That is, avoiding the shoehorn, or, perhaps, trying not to place the square peg in a browser hole.
  15. For the Context service, does Evernote have any inclination towards dealing with some academic sources too? Wall Street Journal and Fast Company are fine and dandy, but what about ScienceDirect, Elsevier, or JSTOR? This would definitely help your users in the Ivory Tower (there are a couple of us!) and a good number of these publishers have accessible APIs.
  16. Wow, and a bit of a hint at some UI changes for the Mac Client? Exciting.
  17. Personally I really like the new web interface. I almost never used the old web interface largely because it was a cludgy version of what the desktop could do considerably better. The new interface is one I might actually use! I'm not sure if this is a new/old, power/light user kind of debate. I am neither a new user (been at it for over 4 years) and I am not a "light" user, I use it every day and do a lot of power-user things. I really think this is more about HOW a user is using evernote. For me, the new web interface gives me very quick and easy access to notebooks, tags, and the notes within them. I can bring up the search screen and enter a query and have my results in SECONDS, while in the old interface I never really even bothered and it was never quite as slick. The actual note editing is a bit rough at the moment but that's beta life. Conceptually speaking I like the new direction. I would argue that in general this is MORE functional, or, it has the same functions with considerably less friction in using them. At least, that is my subjective, personal experience, expressed as an opinion, from my standpoint (can I add any more qualifiers?). Change is change. It's going to inevitably alienate some users, and there's no way around that. For me, the changes to the web are fantastic. UPDATE: That being said there are some clear omissions (REMINDERS!), as pointed out in the beta-hate thread. That being said, it is hard to tell whether such an omission is just because it has yet to be implemented to the beta. Time will tell. I also think they are going a bit overboard with the white-space and bigness in general. The grey header for a given notebook is way too big until you scroll down several notes. I think there room to go a bit more dense here. Again, beta. We can hope for changes!
  18. I think this might be a bit of a quirk due to how iOS 8 has changed photo management. If a developer like Evernote doesn't re-write this portion of their own application it might not work properly. I would imagine we'll see a penultimate update for full iOS 8 compatibility quickly... I hope.
  19. Clearly Evernote employees do read this forum. In fact, an everyone employee has participated in this exact thread, See the quote below (and the actual post above). Only Evernote can say whether they intend to add this feature or not (being hard or easy is irrelevant). It is quite possible this has been put on their list but is a low priority (below, you know, things like sync integrity and major bugs!). Time will tell. Sure. Let's say you want to set it to 6:49PM: 1. When you're setting the date, click on the 8 from 8:00AM 2. Type 6 3. Hit the Tab key 4. Type 49 5. Hit the tab key 6. Type P 7. Dismiss the date setter
  20. Zapier is like if IFTTT had a job.... Both are great services but zapier definitely makes much better use of Evernote's api than IFTTT does. The RSS thing cannot be done on IFTTT for example. Definitely a purpose built word cloud maker leveraging the EN API would be ideal.
  21. This is certainly possible, it would have to be done using the Evernote API, and of course you'd be giving a third-party access to your notes in order for this to occur. There are many online services that allow you to do it by copy-and-pasting text. Wordle and wordsift would be two such services. If you wanted to automate the process, the workaround I can see is a bit elaborate and involves using Zapier: 1) IN EVERNOTE Create a new, empty notebook with a name like "wordle" or whatever you like 2) IN ZAPIER Select "New note in Evernote" as a trigger 3) Select RSS "Create new feed item" as an action 4) Select your Evernote account and test it 5) Select the empty Evernote notebook you created in Step 1 (This is step 4 in Zapier) 6) For Custome Feed URL, choose whatever you like. For "title", select the "Title" attribute. For "Source URL" select anything, perhaps the "Content URL" attribute, which may be empty if you created these notes yourself. For "Content", select the "Content Text" attribute (This is Zapier step 5) 7) Test the zap and turn it on (just follow the buttons!) 8) IN EVERNOTE: Copy any notes you want to have converted to a word cloud into the notebook you created in Step 1. this will make Zapier think that you have added a bunch of new notes, triggering the creation of a pile of RSS feed items. 9) IN ZAPIER: Copy your RSS feed link that you created in step 6. 10) NAVIGATE TO http://www.wordle.net/create and paste this URL into the second text field on the page (The one that asks for a URL) and click "Submit". I haven't tested this to confirm that it works and you might have to fiddle a bit with the settings in Step 6. Also note that Zapier limits the number of entries in the RSS feed to 50 items, so you'll be limited to analyzing a maximum of 50 notes. Also, there is some tricky timing involved since Zapier only runs periodically. This will take some fiddling.
  22. Sounds about right! I know my johnny.a1b2c3@m.evernote.com email address is in my contact list, so if my email account started spamming, some of it would definitely go to evernote! Good luck getting everything sorted out.
  23. Skitch isn't capable of this it doesn't seem. You could try a more sophisticated application like Readdle's PDF Expert 5 or PDF Converter. If I have a moment today I'll see if I can do this with PDF Expert 5. Otherwise, I know that Adobe Acrobat can do this on desktop computers. If this is a really big deal you might have to bite the bullet and go down that road.
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