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  1. Ok so I am on a Mac, I am sure there are very similar menus on Windows. In list view you can simply sort by many different criteria by clicking on the header for that column, so by Date Created, Date Updated, Note Title etc. For alphabetical, click on the note title header. In other views (card/snippet) you can use the menu to choose: Note that these are global, so ALL notebooks are sorted the same way. You cannot have one notebook sorted by Date Updated and another by Alphabetical.
  2. I can't speak highly enough about CrashPlan. I use that in conjunction with the equally brain-dead-easy Time Machine on my Mac. Both back up my entire Evernote database at regular intervals. It doesn't get much easier than that. If CrashPlan is too complicated, then I suggest you hire an assistant to take care of this for you.
  3. Yes, header includes title, an image thumbnail/first line of text, location data, date created/updated, and tags. Yes, reminders - the title at least - should likely "work" offline insofar as you will get notifications, notification are "local" and not from a push server so long as the reminder was previously synced to your device before going offline. And yes, creating reminders on a mobile device while offline will just let them sync back to the server when you connect again.
  4. Oh yes, authenticator is ideal. I hope that you can re-set-up authenticator by turning off two-step verification and then turning it back on again to set up your new device. You may also want to contact support to see if they have some "official" way of setting up new devices.
  5. If are for some reason unable to use the authenticator you can always click on the "I need help with a verification code" link underneath the request for the authentication code which takes you to a screen where you can get a text with a code, use a one-time code (I have all my recovery codes stored in 1password so I can always access them if I need them if my two-factor device isn't near me or is lost/stolen/broken), or contact support. I think you might then need to disable, then re-enable two-factor in your security settings to get force it to display a barcode again. Someone who has gone through this might be able to chime in with a more efficient way.
  6. Yes I have to agree that being able to load a PDF into Penultimate for annotating would be great. It has been discussed elsewhere so I imagine Evernote staff are aware of the desire among users. I suppose for me, while Penultimate seems like the most logical location for this feature, I'd be happy no matter where the feature was implemented.
  7. Also, it sounds like you've gone into system preferences>Users and Groups>Login to remove Evernote. It should be the case but try right-clicking the dock icon for Evernote>Options> and ensure that "open at login" is un-checked. It SHOULDN'T be because this setting follows the system preferences setting, but.... you never know. Also, are you on the most up-to-date version 5.5.1?
  8. Unless you changed it, it should be: C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases
  9. Actually it does not display real name, it only displays your Evernote long-in name, which may or may not be your real name. If my Evernote user name is different from my real name, most correspondents would not guess this email came from ME. And that’s a problem. A big problem. Ah, my Evernote name IS my real name so I didn't pick up on this. Yes, legitimacy aside, these changes intentional or introduced as a bug —especially without well-publicized warning— come with several problems...
  10. Strange that the reply-to wasn't correct. In my test on my Mac and my Mac's mail app it was properly filled with the address associated with my Evernote account.
  11. 1) I can confirm that this no-reply@ thing is indeed the case. That being said it does say from "Scott Lougheed", and the reply-to is my actual email address. I agree that this no-reply@... thing is not nearly as nice in a lot of respects. However: 2) There may some very valid reason that Evernote has made this change, but which we are not aware. Most of the time things aren't changed for no reason at all. Just to speculate a bit, since I don't know anything for sure: Previously in order to make it look like it comes from youraddress@youremail.com it had to spoof your account, it can't actually send from your real email. This is actually a rather janky approach and many email providers can detect this kind of spoofing and count it as spam. At least this new method is legitimate, and your name is still properly displayed even if the email address appears different. A blog post from Evernote or some kind of announcement may have been nice though....
  12. Just set it up for myself and works fine. make sure you have the menu item typed exactly correct https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/af8eeea4-8b51-413a-aff3-d7473b0fe267/fdd8c7d2163b5be8c265e628bb9711ee
  13. Save the image to your computer then drag it to an Evernote note (or just onto the desired notebook). You can drag the photo straight from your browser into Evernote, or into a specific note. You could probably just highlight the image, copy (ctrl-c) and paste it into the body of a note (ctrl-v) You can also try setting up an IFTTT recipe for repeated tasks (www.ifttt.com)
  14. Yes, as I stated above you can create your own shortcuts for any menu bar item in any application, including Evernote: System Preferences>keyboard>shortcuts Simply add Evernote to the list, create a new entry, type the menu item EXACTLY as it appears in the menu, in this case: Open Note in Separate Window and assign the desired key combination.
  15. First, a bit of info about syncing and mobile devices. 1) Your data are stored on Evernote's servers. They are also locally stored on any computer you have running Evernote. These locally stored files are available without a network connection. You can access all of your notes, modify notes, create new notes while offline on your computer. They will then get pushed to the cloud when you have a network connection. 2a) By default, Evernote only syncs headers on mobile devices which are stored in a local cache. When Evernote says that, on Android, it syncs every hour, it means new header information is sent to the device. The rest of the note is pulled down from the server and cached locally when you open that particular note. The effect is that even when offline you should have limited and temporary access to most of your note headers (largely useless on their own), and a selection of complete notes, typically the last few notes you have accessed and which are stored in their entirety in the cache. 2b) notes created on a mobile device while offline will be stored locally and uploaded to Evernote's servers (and subsequently to any other device you run Evernote on) when a connection is re-established. This is true for both free and premium. 3) Premium users can tell their mobile device to download some or all of their notebooks to be stored, in their entirety, locally on the device. This would be subject to the same hourly background sync (or immediate sync when the application is running). This means, for the selected notebooks (or all notebooks, depending on the setting you select), the ENTIRE note, not just the header, is stored on the device and available when offline. The short answer is: if you need offline access on your mobile device, you need to have a premium subscription. If you are concerned about data integrity, synchronize to a computer and make regular backups of that database. Data synced to your computer is also always available offline, even for free users. If you only need offline access on your mobile device periodically, buy premium one month at a time. For $5, this isn't such a terrible thing if offline access is that important for you and you only need it for a short period of time. This is how I got started, only buying a month here or there as I travelled. (I am now a full-time premium subscriber going on 2 years).
  16. To address your first concern: there is no pre-set shortcut. you can create your own System Preferences>keyboard>shortcuts. As for your post script, I don't understand what you are describing.
  17. At the moment, there is no interface on the iOS version of Evernote where you can see notebook covers, so this would also have to be entirely rethought. There would be no sense in having custom notebook covers if they aren't displayed on EVERY device you are using right? This would require a relatively dramatic UI overhaul. Plus, there'd have to be the technical back-end infrastructure in place to sync these custom images across your devices and across various platforms. This could actually be relatively technically complex. You'd also have to make sure that the dimensions of the image are suitable or can be properly scaled or cropped to display on a desktop, a tablet, a phone and so on. this might mean automating the image processing and storing several copies of each image based on the user's devices. This is not trivial either. The only solution would be to allow for a limited number of pre-fab notebook covers to choose from (say, different colours) that could exist as assets that belong to the application file and would therefore not have to be synced (just a small line in a preference file would need to be synced, no actual assets would need to be synced). The downside to this simplified implementation is that while it is technically less onerous (though still would require a fair bit of effort to bring to all platforms, which would likely be a requirement of implimenting this feature effectively) it only partially fulfils your feature request. Personally I would rather they devote resources to refining their text editor before they do custom notebook covers. I am not saying this is a bad idea. I am just drawing attention to the fact that even if this were something Evernote might want to implement, it would not be an overnight affair. It would be a very large scale effort.
  18. Coincidentally, nearly a year ago I made the very same suggestion: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/38804-hotkey-for-adding-reminder-to-note-in-mac-client/ I agree, at least adding a menubar item so we can set up the hotkey ourselves (system preferences>keyboard>shortcuts) would be great.
  19. I have Office 2013 and the latest version of Evernote (5.2.1) and the problem still exists. Extra bullets issue is still there and the font size isn't used in the paste (e.g., Tahoma 10 in Evernote pastes as Tahoma 13.5 in Office). Problem exists both in Word and Outlook did you try my "paste and match style" suggestion? That has often worked for me when extra bullets appear.
  20. The app can choose to disregard global OS settings. Chocolate will not conform to your OS settings, Microsoft Word will not conform to your OS settings. These applications override the OS setting with their own. Pages, Evernote, sparrow mail app, and many others will simply take up the preference as set at the OS level, It is up to the developer to choose. Looks like Evernote has chosen to follow the OS setting. Not sure why some developers choose one way over the other.
  21. This is a user forum. While users do have a lot of insight, there are many issues that require the attention of Evernote staff, in which case filing a support ticket is the way to go.Personally I do not experience crashes or slow load times with Evernote on my iPhone 4s. I think the last time I had regular crashes was around the time of the Evernote 7.0 update last fall. Given that very few users are experiencing your issue, it is all the more reason toget Evernote directly involved,
  22. This is a global Mac OS thing, not an Evernote thing: System Preferences->Keyboard->Text->Use smart quotes and dashes
  23. I have had issues copy and pasting from Evernote into Microsoft Word for Mac, and the issue sounds similar to your Outlook for Windows problem. You can try Paste and Match Style... I don't know what the Windows hotkey is, but that resolves my issues pasting into Word.
  24. Have you tried (completely) uninstalling Evernote from your windows machine and re-installing it? (Make sure you backup your notes first just in case!) Are you absolutely sure that are logged into the same account on your windows machine?
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