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  1. If I recall from the keynote, the actual processing is done on the local machine, and then related material fetched (that is, whatever they use for "contexts"... keywords, themes, etc are sent, but not the entire granular contents of individual notes, that processing is done on your machine). I may have mis-heard this.... If I can find a source for my claim, I'll link to it, unless staff chime in to clarify themselves.
  2. Very strange. Not able to reproduce any of that at all. Have the usual troubleshooting steps helped at all? (Restart the application, restart the computer, a re-installation of the application, etc.)
  3. No problems here. Newly entered text wraps to the note window size, and when I change the note window size after entering text, the text re-wraps based on the new size. What kind of text are you placing in the note? Are you copying it from some other application, or is it coming from a web clipping? Those might be more complicated and you might be seeing a big. My testing was with plain, manually entered text.
  4. I'm not sure what you are trying to demonstrate with that screenshot. There has never been, to my knowledge, a "stay logged in" option because that is the default (and also, the only) choice. Just like your desktop email client, it is implied that you will remain logged in after the application closes. That being said I think that password protection of Evernote is a valid feature request. I'm not sure we'll ever see it, but I can definitely understand the desire for it. In addition to that, I think, as has been discussed at great, great, great length on these forums, per-notebook passwords (along with zero knowledge encryption at the notebook/account level) would be immensely useful. In the meantime, the extra security of having individual, password protected computer user accounts is a reasonably easy thing to configure, I'm not sure why you wouldn't do it for the myriad other benefits, even if it is overkill for the single reason you need it.
  5. Strange. Seems like a nasty bug either way. No reason a note shouldn't be saved rather instantaneously using the web interface, given that when using the web interface you are more or les directly working off EN's servers, so no "sync" is required (per se, and in a traditional sense).
  6. Are you using the Web Beta? If so, then this sounds like a bug with the beta. I would highly discourage using any beta software for mission critical stuff, precisely for this reason. If this was not using the web beta, then I'm not sure what a solution would be, and it might also be related to a bug. Could be worth reporting to support if you have the moment to spare.
  7. I've never seen such an option, and that is in about 4 years of Evernote use on my Mac. The best option, if you are concerned about security, is to password secure your computer user account, and create a separate user account for other regular users of your computer (or a guest account for infrequent guest use). That not only limits access to the Evernote application, but the data that it stores on your hard drive and is accessible ​regardless of whether you are logged into the Evernote application or not. In addition to Evernote, this would also secure all of your email client's local data (if you use a desktop email client like Mail or Outlook), which is also accessible to anyone logged into your computer user account. While I agree perhaps some option to require a password to access the Evernote desktop application might be nice, it wouldn't offer a whole lot of security other than for the most basic or innocent accidental snooping.
  8. Hmmmm there must be some other factors here, I just tested it on a few more PDFs and had no issue annotating them on Yosemite with 5.6.2. Lets hope this issue is ironed out for those who do experience it in a release soon!
  9. What version of Evernote are you running? 5.6.2 is the most recent, if you are below that you should update.I don't have an issue annotating PDFs... At least not the two I just tried to test on.
  10. ScottLougheed

    other Ocr

    Penultimate content is put through handwriting recognition. If it isn't searchable, either there is a technical issue and it isn't being processed, or it was processed but your writing might not be interpretable by the processor. That being said while my printing and cursive is pretty messy it is generally pretty good at figuring the words out and searching results are generally surprisingly accurate.
  11. I too use pocket as a go-between when using reeder or Zite. I find unlike reeder or zite, pocket most reliably punts full text to Evernote rather than an excerpt. The reading experience in pocket, as Frank has said, is also superior to Evernote, Sometimes when reviewing this in pocket I also end up seeing it isn't worth saving to Evernote, that extra little bit of curation helps reduce the clutter in Evernote ever so slightly.
  12. Dragging and dropping onto the dock icon is probably one of the fastest.
  13. Evernote has not stated publicly whether they intend to create a share extension for Yosemite, and the do not appear to have created yet. If they do create one, only at that time will the option to include Evernote in the share menu become available. You'll see in the list there that all of the options currently available to you are apple applications/services (airdrop, messages), or services apple has baked in (flickr, Facebook). There are only a few third-party sharing extensions I have seen. For example, I use Wunderlist, and it has a share extension (screenshot below): https://www.evernote.com/l/ABm3xirk011F5azcIFVgRNAtuZr9rezRN0U We'll have to wait and see if Evernote chooses to create an extension.
  14. This would really be an issue for the developers of Zite to resolve. However, since Zite was bought by Flipboard earlier this year, not on,y has it not been actively updated, it is slated to be shutdown sometime this year. There's a news article or two out there to this effect.
  15. Have you set your iPhone to sync contacts with Google?
  16. If you sync your iPhone contacts with Google, then saving your Evernote contacts to your iPhone ckntacts as you have done, should result in them being pushed up to googles servers, just like if you manually entered a new contact in the contacts application. If you do not sync your iPhone contacts with Google, then you would have to set that up and it should merge your two lists upon the initial sync.
  17. With a totally revamped Penultimate coming in the next couple months, I'm sure we'll see some changes here.
  18. As good of an idea as that may be, it's unlikely. In no other instance has Evernote, to my knowledge, ever had any public bug tracker for any of their betas. This forum is the best place for the time being.
  19. Looks like that isn't possible in the beta web interface at the moment.
  20. Editing shouldn't be a problem in iOS. Normally its just a matter of opening any note by tapping on it in the list of notes and tapping once in the body of the note to enter the editing mode. Is this not what you are seeing?
  21. You cannot browse using multiple tag selections (yet... that may come with a future update to the beta, who knows....) You can, however, search for notes with multiple tags. If you want to find notes with tagA and tagB, search tag:tagA tag:tagB
  22. Reminders, among a large number of other features, will be added to the web beta in a subsequent update. Here's the release notes for the most resent update (last week), as well as a non-exhaustive list of pending additions: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/69846-web-beta-release-notes-108/ While that post doesn't include Reminders, staff have said elsewhere in this forum that it will be added. Stay tuned to this forum for release notes for each beta update. And remember, too, that this is a beta and isn't feature complete.
  23. Emails sent from within Evernote do not appear in your email "sent" folder since they aren't technically sent from yr email account t. If you want a copy of the email that gets sent from Evernote, check the "cc myself" box when entering your friends email address. This way you can ensure that YOU receive it and you can just resend that email if your recipients have trouble.
  24. Evernote will analyze any image of handwritten text and allow if to be searched. This includes handwriting done in Penultimate or any other applications where the writing can be exported as an image and placed into Evernote. Images of handwritten notes on paper will also be searchable. Whatever way you want your images of handwriting put into Evernote will have more or less the same effect. Images of text (either hand writing on your tablet, or scans of paper) will be searchable, and generally this is pretty surprisingly accurate if the writing is clear, and the image is of a sufficiently high quality (usually digitally produced writing such as through notability or penultimate is good in the latter way because, of course, you eliminate poor photos from the equation). EXCEPT if you are referring to the actual conversion of handwritten characters into typewritten counterparts. Penultimate does not do this. I cannot think of any application off the top of my head that has this capability, let alone one that has direct tie-ins to Evernote. The closest thing I can think of might be some product or service offered by Livescribe.
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