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  1. I have no problem copying notes from shared notebooks and business notebooks that I don't own into my personal notebooks. If you are leaving, just select all the notes in that notebook and copy them to a personally owned notbeook.
  2. First it is important to understand that iOS 7 on iPad and iPhone severely limit the extent to which applications can communicate with each other. For example, on the iPad, it is not possible for one application to see or access files that belong to any other application. This means Mail cannot see files controlled by Word, or Application X or Application Y, or Application Z, for example. So, if we have a scenario like Evernote and Word, then we end up with a situation where Word and Evernote cannot directly communicate with one another. This is how iOS 7 was designed (NOTE: iOS 8, which will
  3. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/62259-evernote-for-mac-56-public-beta-1/?p=286457 Not seeing anything in the release notes that pertains to this problem. Is this one of the "500 bugs" squashed in this release?
  4. Ok so all we need to do is make sure this rumour doesn't make it to the internet! Wait...
  5. For glossy cards, rather than obscuring the flash, try holding your phone off axis and at a bit of an angle. Evernote will correct for the tilted aspect.
  6. I think you hit the nail on the head. For whatever reason, Evernote has chosen to not allow for an elaborate hierarchy. If the flat structure of Evernote works for you, or you can make it work for your needs, great. There are 100 million users who seem to be able to make it work. If you absolutely need hierarchy and are unable to adapt to the flat structure of Evernote (I'm sure there's about 100 million or more people in this camp too), then it seems perfectly rational to move along to something else.
  7. Flagged. Hopefully you'll see some action before the weekend, otherwise you'll be waiting until Monday at the earliest.
  8. Post your ticket number here and I'll flag it for staff attention to hopefully get things moving along for you.
  9. This is not typical. Have you received an automated message with a ticket number for any of these requests? Normally this message should appear in your inbox within a few minutes of you submitting your support request. If you are free, you are lowest priority for support, so if they are busy it could several (up to 5...?) business days for a human response. If you have not received automated messages with ticket # it means your support request was never received. You can always sign up for premium for one month at $5/month to test drive. No big loss if you don't like it.
  10. I don't believe the note list can be hidden because it is they only way you can access notes. Some suggestions: 1) Create a notebook dedicated to your personal and private notes so that can isolate them from your work stuff. When at work, simply do not select the personal notebook. 2) double click any given note in the note list to open that note in its own window, which can then be resized to occupy any proportion of the screen you like. Do this with all the notes that may be relevant to a coworker peering over your shoulder and minimize the main Evernote window so it cannot be seen.
  11. This does not appear to be possible at the moment. Currently you are able to add images from your camera roll to peniltimate but that's about as far as it goes.
  12. No progress that I am aware of. You can clip the entire contents of a page, then convert that to a PDF or image if you wanted, but that would likely be about as cumbersome as your current method.
  13. I don't see any way of doing that from the web interface? You can only encrypt using the mac and windows clients. You can decrypt on web and mobile clients.
  14. You'll need to contact Evernote Support then. They are the only ones who can help you. You can use whatever account you are using to post here, or you can log into support as a "guest".
  15. You deactivated your gmail account? You can't even access it from www.gmail.com? If you have totally completely deactivated your gmail account and do now know your evernote password, you should contact Support. They MAY be able to help you out.
  16. Where else would you suggest storing your recovery keys that is safer than 1Password? Paper? sure, but that is easily compromised, lost, or damaged. A file one the hard drive? That's more easily compromised than 1Password.... As for keylogging, if a keylogger compromised 1Password, it would compromise every single account in 1Password. Then again, for those who do not use 1Password, a keylogger would still compromise any account the user happens to access by manually signing in (and unlike devoted 1Password users, these users are very much more likely to recycle passwords across accounts, m
  17. Super comment - thanks for adding it. I am moving to central Maine and there is zero reception for my T-Mobile phone there. So I will have to get a new service (and phone). I presume there is a way to move the 2 factor authentication from one phone to a new phone, but I don't want to take the chance on risking the entire setup with a keystroking mistake. So I stick with huge random generated passwords managed by LastPass. In a situation like yours where you can anticipate a move like this, I think the best plan would be to disable two factor NOW, and re-enable it once you have settled i
  18. Well, indeed there is room for improvement, but in all honesty, a lot of things would have to go wrong simultaneously to actually result in you being locked out of your account. 1) You could need to lose physical access to a device that was approved to keep you logged in (like you personal laptop which you might tell Evernote to "remember"). 2) You'd need to lose physical access to an approved verification device 3) A phone you have authorized to receive txt codes to (if you aren't using Google Authenticator or Authy) would have to be bungled (E.g., phone # Problem) 4) You'd need to lose
  19. That seems to be a correct assessment. Although I haven't looked at what automator/apple script could do here, so I can't say for sure.
  20. I've flagged this for staff attention. Hopefully this will get you some attention and get you in the premium support queue where you belong. Keep in mind that the weekend will have slowed things down since support is only in the office weekdays, as such, response times are always calculated in business days. Either way, you're flagged and should hopefully get some attention soon.
  21. I am not entirely certain that clipping to local storage will resolve your speed issues with clipping.
  22. If you have actually been over-charged, you'll certainly get your money back. No need for luck, just a support ticket. See my signature.
  23. I'm sure Evernote welcomes your suggestions, of course. However, I should point out that Evernote staff have stated elsewhere in I similar discussions that 1)most browsers make it very difficult to write extensions that directly interact with local storage, if not impossible. 2) that Evernote does not intend to change the behaviour. Sadly despite the feedback, I wouldn't keep your fingers crossed for too long. Looks like EN has put their foot down on this one.
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