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  1. Sounds like a bug, without a doubt. I suggest submitting feedback to let EN know. In the mean time, closing the app by pressing the home button ONCE or restarting the phone does not actually "close" the app in any real sense. Have you tried double-tapping the home button to bring up the multi-tasking screen and swiping up on evernote to actually force-close the application? that should reset the app and next time you open it the app should return to the main screen.
  2. Hmmm I wish I could tell you that all is clear but unfortunately not. Perhaps there is some portion of the activity log that you did not capture? Worth opening a support ticket for nevertheless.
  3. This is strange indeed. Are there any errors in your activity log on iOS?
  4. I have responded in the other thread you are participating in, but I'll post here too: Could you take a look in the activity log for anything that might suggest why this is happening. You may even want to post it here so we can take a look and perhaps help figure out what is happening. As you have indicated in the other thread, the file size of all combined files would neither exceed your quota nor the per-note limit. The activity log may give us the answer.
  5. one option would be to keep all of your secure stuff in "local" notebooks. These are notebooks that are only stored locally on the machine they were created, they do not get synced to any server. This means that only you (or anyone with physical access to your machine) can access those files. When you create a new notebook in Evernote for Mac or Windows, you are presented with the option in the dialogue box that comes up. Please remember that because these files are only stored locally, you NEED to have a backup system of your own (such as Time Machine for Mac). While synced notebooks can always be retrieved from Evernote's servers in the event that your device fails, no such option exists for local notebooks. Backup backup backup!
  6. Files may not be imported if either the resultant note size would exceed the note size limit or if they are being imported into a synced notebook & would cause you to exceed your monthly upload limit. Of which neither of those issues being the case. These are small files less than 200kb and as a Premium user, I've not come near to my 1GB upload limit. Have you taken a peek at the activity logs after this type of error? Perhaps there's something in there that will help you troubleshoot. Post them here, perhaps one of us can spot something.
  7. This is normal. You need the evernote app running to sync, and it will sync at whatever interval you have selected in preferences.
  8. while I don't have 350 text files to try and reproduce this with, I had a series of 10 files I could try. I made a new, empty notebook, drag and dropped he ten files onto the book. Dialogue: "Creates notes x out of 10" Once created, the notebook began to populate with new notes. It took a moment because it looked as though it only let the new notes appear as they got synced to the server. It took about 15 seconds with 10 files. With 350 I suspect it would take a fair bit longer. I have tried everything you have said you did (except for the exact 350 file thing), and cannot reproduce. I am using the Mac client. What client are you using?
  9. I really doubt they will allow for nested stacks. At the very least because there are so many other ways of achieving a third level of hierarchy.Stack>Notebook>tag>note>content Tags offer an additional level in a hierarchy and have the advantage of being able to span notebooks as well as being capable of being nested one level deep. Seems like tags and notes could be leveraged to add an additional level of organization within a notebook and notebook stack. That being said, everyone has their own unique workflow and needs. At the very least I have trouble agreeing that this is a "serious" limitation... A minor limitation, yes.
  10. Make sure you are taking responsibility for backing up all your offline notebooks. They are not synchronized with the Evernote cloud.Actually it is a good idea to do regular full back ups on everything in Evernote, but especially the non-sync'd info. Just to be clear, in iOS, when you make a notebook available "offline" they are absolutely still synced to evernote's cloud as soon as a network connection is re-established. What jbenson2 is referring to are unsynced "local" Evernote notebooks, which is an entirely different thing from offline access on iOS with Evernote premium.
  11. The quick answer to your question is: yes you will be able to access any attachment in any note in an offline notebook.
  12. Yes, I think the best test is simply to turn on Airplane Mode and then open Evernote. When you select a notebook to keep offline, it should show at the bottom of your screen "Downloading [Notebook Title}...", and a small green progress bar beneath that text indicating the progress. Many notebooks come in very fast and you may not even notice it. If you leave the "offline notebook" menu while a download is in progress, it will continue and you can return to that "offline notebook" menu to check the progress. So yes, there is an indicator of download progress. You can make a double-triple-quadrupal check by turning airplane mode on and trying to access the desired notebook. Hope that helps.
  13. The evernote app for iOS does not limit how much you can store offline, you can add as many offline notebooks as you want until your device is full! As for the PDF issue on mobile (iOS devices), this stems from an issue with iOS. iOS does not have any native provision for displaying PDFs "inline", essentially "previewing" a PDF file. This means that short of Evernote coding their own from the ground up (which is both resource intensive from a development standpoint and would also require considerable resources from the device), you'll always have to tap tap tap that pdf icon. It is definitely a drag, I fully agree!
  14. Is anyone aware of a hotkey to add a reminder to a currently selected note? If not, I sure hope the EN team will either add a hotkey, or at least put "add reminder" somewhere in the menu bar so I can create my own using OSX's keyboard prefs.
  15. Since different development teams work on each platform there may be some latency in rolling out features for one platform or another. The teams may not entirely be on the same schedule and there may be unique challenges implementing a feature on one platform that require a bit more time. In the history of Evernote, the Mac client has not always been given features first, but this time it has. In the mobile domain, reminders for Evernote for Android came a couple weeks after it was available on iOS, so I suspect Windows will get theirs too shortly.
  16. Ah, shame on me for not reading the post more carefully! My apologies.
  17. I'm happy that it works for your customers. It does not work for mine. It sounds like you are simply selling them the wrong service. You've clearly identified their needs, but you have not matched it to a product that meets those needs. Evernote is not the only thing that exists.
  18. Long time evernote user, not-so-long-time forum poster. With respect to the original question regarding the disparity in "core" features and functionality between platforms and whether users find this confusing, I'd like to toss in my two cents. First, I primarily use Macs and iOS devices. I very rarely use windows. I sometimes access Evernote through the web interface. While clearly there are some differences in the available "core" functions between platforms, it is evident that Evernote has tried to achieve some degree of consistency throughout particular ecosystems. For example, the general functions available on the Mac client and the iOS client are pretty consistent (except insofar as iOS operates in a touch environment that is heavily sandboxed which has some implications for how it operates). This means that although I work on several different platforms, there is a degree of consistency that ensures I do not get too confused. Second, you (Boatguy) say that you do not see notebook stacks in the web interface. However, I see my stacks in the web interface. Perhaps you are experiencing some other issue that is preventing you from seeing stacks? Third, As I understand from your (Boatguy) description, being unable to add tags to notes in shared notebooks is not a platform issue because you don't indicate that it happens on a specific platform, just that is happens in general. So that is a separate issue. As you (Boatguy) yourself recognize, developing across platforms is challenging. Implementing core functionality should be a priority because, as you say, they are core functions. However, the definition of "core" is not self-evident. Stacks are important but not core. You can organize notebooks without stacks, and yes, it may get unruly but this doesn't necessarily change the actual operations or capabilities of the software. Whether your knives are in a drawer or in a knife block doesn't change how the knife functions, just how they are positioned spatially. So there is some potential for debate about what should be implemented immediately on all platforms, and what can be added over time, as time allows. Fourth, Clearly evernote has made efforts to create reasonably unified features across related platforms. While there are likely many users who split their time somewhat evenly between say, Mac OS and Windows, there are probably many more who spend the majority of their time on one OR the other. While the former group will inevitably struggle, for the latter who I imagine constitute the majority, they simply have to get comfortable with their platform and its quirks. I can see how this could be difficult if you are collaborating with users who are on other platforms, e.g., if you are primarily a Mac user while your collaborator is primarily on Windows. However, much of the issues you bring up relate to specific organizational techniques and strategies. Your collaborator on Windows may be less miffed about not having stacks because that may not be part of their organizational strategy. This shouldn't be a problem unless you are the leader of a collaborative group and you have chosen to impose some organizational scheme that depends on these features that are missing on all platforms, although I doubt that this situation is reflective of reality. So to answer the original question: No. I do not find disparate features across platforms confusing. Many of what I consider to be "core" features (e.g., sophisticated searching, the very presence of my notes and their content, the ability to view their content) are already available across platforms. The other stuff, such as the way that notebooks are visually represented (e.g., in stacks or not) are not, in my opinion, core features, even though I do use them.
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