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  1. While this is only speculation, one reason why this may not be implemented is that it would essentially prohibit shared users from implementing their own stack organization on notebooks they are invited to. For example, lets say you are part of a group with several concurrent projects (project A, B, and C). You have a notebook for each project, plus a general group notebook. You might be inclined to make a stack "Group", and share the whole deal with your users, who will all then have this stack. But what if Jacob wants Project B in a different stack, or wants the group notebook in a different stack from the project notebooks? Perhaps the biggest issue is, what happens if you add Polly to the group, but she's only involved in Project A and Project C? Then you'd have t o independently share just those notebooks with her and NOT the stack. So everyone else gets the stack but Polly gets individual notebooks. But then Lauren gets added and she's Project B only at first, but then joint projects A and C. So what do you do with Polly? Share each individual notebook, or do you revoke access to Project B then invite her to the stack? Too complicated for little benefit. If your organization is this complex, the additional features of Evernote Business may be worthwhile.
  2. I agree a renewal notice for annual subscriptions would be an easy and non-instrusive way to helping users keep on top of things, but I don't know if I'd go as far as to say this is sneaky. Alternatively, you could always use Evernote to store a copy of your receipt and set a reminder
  3. Yeah I thought about the local notebook thing, but also had the some conclusion, it makes no sense to kep it out of Evernote's hands only to toss it into google's hands! As far as skirting the quota, I suppose that may be an interesting way to do it, but I agree, knowing how poorly database files can be handled by some sync services I feel like the very likely possibility of a database corruption isn't worth it!
  4. It is not clear why you would want to do this. Everything in evernote is already synced to Evernote's servers. If you need access to your content on other devices you can either 1) use the web interface if you are on a system you cannot install new applications on 2) Install the evernote client and have access to all of your content. Can you explain why you might need to store your database with some other cloud provider?
  5. Ha! There's a certain humorous irony in a problem with your calendar subscription "fixing" your evernote name suggestion problem....
  6. So you are unable to swipe left and reveal these options on ANY note? In that case I recommend you: 1) Log out and log back in. If that doesn't work: 2) uninstall the app from your iPad and reinstall it. I would imagine that should resolve BOTH the fact that you have a stubborn note AND that you can't reveal that menu.
  7. When you have a different note selected in iOS, are you able to swipe to the left on the unwanted note to bring up the delete button?
  8. My searching would suggest that you are NOT missing something. Currently there does not seem to be a way to add a source URL on Evernote for iOS.
  9. It looks like such fine-grained setting is not available. I also had a similar issue where I had an all-day event that spanned 2 months, so every note suggestion was simply the title of that event! Evernote tries to use your "location, calendar, and other information to suggest note titles", I guess making very basic decisions about which source is most likely to be relevant to the user. Using calendar information as a first choice for suggestions makes sense, because if the current event is "party planning committee meeting", there's a really good bet your note will be related to the part planning committee meeting! However, Evernote is not smart enough to know that "Overcast 4C/1C in St. Petersburg" is not the same as "party planning committee meeting". I think a setting that allows the user to select calendar, location or both as sources for suggestions would definitely be helpful. Do you use that weather calendar on iOS at all? Or is it mainly something you use on your desktop? For the moment, until/if Evernote decides to improve this feature, you may consider un-ticking that weather calendar from your iOS device's calendar settings, which should prevent Evernote from interpreting that event as important (but also preventing you from seeing it on your iOS calendar...).
  10. Ah, I understand, you want the text in line in the note and not stuck tucked away in some attachment. I think Metrodon's link to a few options will likely be helpful (i just came across the same thing last night, coincidentally!)
  11. No problem Mark. Fortunately these forums ARE read by Evernote staff, if you take a minute to drop into a few other posts you'll see them identified by the big green badge (not to be mistaken for the evangelists, who are NOT employees). So you are not wrong at all! In many cases evernote staff will read posts but may not reply if they have nothing to say. In a case like this I don't expect they will respond because they aren't going to reveal there development plan.
  12. Well, I'm not ducking anything because I am just a normal user like yourself. I accept that you have an unfulfilled need and I am not justifying Evernote's decisions. I'm here to talk with you as one user to another, hoping to give you a hand, perhaps learn a bit about what you are doing and what you need, perhaps I have some insight as a fellow user, perhaps I'll learn something from you too (much of how I use Evernote comes from learning from others indirectly). Evernote doesn't generally publicize their timeline and their development goals, so there is no way for anyone to answer the question you pose at the end of your post. We'll just have to wait and see. Now, if you aren't interested in sharing some of your needs and ideas, or perhaps talking about why the alternatives don't work for you (because you are aware and have tried all of them? Every single one?) then farewell and good luck. If you are interested in some "shop talk" with a fellow user, then I'm happy to talk and share too.
  13. Well, I mentioned Word but I really meant any program. My point was that if that link is treated like a URL (such as in Calendar or Google Calendar), it opens evernote without a problem. If the program in question does not understand it as URL like any other then yeah, I guess it isn't too helpful. Unfortunately there is no native way to browse notes without opening the application. One option, however, would be to check out the workflows available for Alfred's (With the Powerpack), there are a number of workflows that allow you to search Evernote and get realtime results. You won't get much beyond the name of the note in the results so if you need more you'll have to accept the result which would open Evernote. http://www.alfredapp.com/powerpack/ But why the reluctance to leave evernote running? Evernote is not the biggest resource hog and most computers have no problem functioning with Evernote running. You can do exactly what you are wanting to do (e.g., quickly search for and view a note) through the app itself.
  14. You make a great point. I agree completely, this is definitely an issue related to usability and every company needs to consider this, and not just for those with impairments, indeed, for all users. However, I have never really thought Evernote to be terribly guilty of this. You seem to suggest it is an issue with an Evernote website, I just went to Evernote's home page and everything seems reasonably high contrast, where specifically are you seeing poor contrast?
  15. So it is possible to do this, but there is a caveat. You can attach individual messages, but NOT conversations. If you have Mail combine multiple related messages into a conversation, you cannot select the conversation and drag it to Evernote. You must select an individual message by moving your cursor to the top of the message, near the message header, at which point the pointer should turn into a hand, and you can drag that message to Evernote. In my testing, this works well. I can drag any single email to evernote and it is attached to a note. I can then double click the attachment and the message opens up just fine. Let me know if this works for you.
  16. Ok so I am not clear on what it is you are asking. You have a few important notes that you need regular and easy access to from several devices. You want CENTRAL storage and you don't want duplicates. Does Everynote's syncing feature, which syncs all of your notes to their servers so the can be accessed from any desktop and web browser not fit the bill? You can even create shortcuts in Evernote's sidebar to those important notes, and those shortcut preferences are then synced across (most) devices as well as the web interface. Can you provide more information about the problem and your specific needs? One thing you can also do is right-click/ctrl-click any note and select 'Copy note link'. This will copy a link that looks like evernote:///view/2315313/s25/212312d12326-r1251123-489b-8bb3-81eaf10076f2/12312d12314-d216-489b-8bb3-81eaf42342123/ You can paste this link into Apple's Calendar application, or google calendar, or a word document, or whatever. Clicking on this link on any Mac or iOS device (and probably others) will then launch the evernote application and bring forward that note.
  17. What client are you using? Mac? Windows? iOS? Android? On iOS, navigate to home screen, then: Settings>Privacy>Photos, you'll see a list of all the apps that have requested access to them and a toggle for whether you have permitted or denied their access. Simply flip Evernote's toggle.
  18. This would depend entirely on the backup software that your employer is using. If you can post some information about that perhaps we could help. I would suggest though that you simply talk to your employer about this.
  19. Hmmm Glad you have found a workaround. I just tested emailing to a notebook in a stack and had no problem so I am not sure if that is there reason for your difficulty... Puzzling!
  20. You say "At the end of the subject line". Order of operations This MAY be your problem. Are you specifying any other metadata such as tags or due dates in the subject line? there is a special order for metadata in the subject line: Note Title @notebook #tags !reminder However, if you are only specifying notebook, then ordering doesn't matter because there is only one item (the @notebook). Case Sensitivity Another thing to make sure is that you have the case correct. For example, if your notebook is "am" make sure your subject line does NOT read @AM or @Am or @aM as none of those will get categorized correctly
  21. Ah! So you are right! I had never tried to actually edit them. Thanks for clarifying this.
  22. Thanks for the screenshot. I am still completely puzzled! I cannot reproduce this at all. To change the hotkey, open the clipper, and at the bottom of the pane you will see your name (in my case "Scott Lougheed"), click on that, and select "options" and then "Keyboard Shortcuts" So, to recap: Clipper>Evernote Name>Options>Keyboard Shortcuts.
  23. Odd, I do not have that problem. When I am on any web page and my cursor is NOT in a text box on that page, pressing ` causes the clipper to open and close as expected. If a text input box is currently in focus, pressing ` will, of course, type ` in the text box. I have not ever had Safari automatically bring up the "find" dialogue when pressing anything other than cmd-f. Could you elaborate on what you are experiencing? Perhaps check your System Preferences>Keyboard>shortcuts to ensure you haven't accidentally mapped that key to Safari's Find command
  24. If you are on the mac you can try cmd-opt-shift-v to paste without formatting (or with simplified formatting, or with destination's formatting). That may help in SOME cases.
  25. Does the lock-up occur on all websites, or is it one particular website that is causing the lockup? Could you post a link to that website so some of us here can try and reproduce the error?
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