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  1. I agree, at some point a more sophisticated and flexible integration with Penultimate, for example, would be fantastic.
  2. This works for bulleted lists on Mac and there are dedicated keys above the keyboard on iOS. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a way to do a "block quote" style indent or a paragraph, that is, indent a passage without a bullet.
  3. I still have it. Are you a premium user? If so, it may have, for some reason, become hidden. Scroll to the bottom of Evernote's main screen and click the "Edit" button and unhide it. if you aren't premium, is it possible that it has just simply slid to the bottom of the screen and you need to scroll to see it?
  4. Quick test on my ipad. Opened a PDF in safari on my ipad and Evernote shows up in the "open in..." Menu. Is it possible that he needs to scroll through his a list? In some cases the possIble applications spans several "pages".
  5. What platform/client are you referring to?. Windows, Mac, android, iOS, etc. reminder style varies across these platforms.
  6. Like metrodon and grumpy, I have found it inconsistent. Sometimes when I write: "Notes tagged expenses in receipts notebook" or any permutation of that phrase or similar it is properly parsed and shows results or suggests a previous successful search, but most of the time it produces no results and no suggestion. Will play more and report with details
  7. So this is a work-flow specific request. I can certainly see from your workflow how title-first would be important, particularly in title-only notes. However, thinking about many notes I make, I use it often to "jot things down" (many others are more "substantial" and carefully constructed so with these notes I don't care where my cursor begins as I am not in a rush). As such, the title of the note is not immediately important, it is the content of the thought I am trying to record before I forget or before the information I am trying to capture is no longer available (e.g., a powerpoint presentation moves to the next slide...) I want the content NOW, i'll deal with the title later. So for example, it may be one line (like your title-only notes), I'll toss that one line down, and title it later (perhaps by cut/copy-pasting into the title field). So I guess my main point is that there are a lot of ways this could be done each one equally advantaging/disadvantaging one workflow or another. What really matters more than anything is that the user can get the content somewhere as quickly as possible. (While not the point of my posting here, I would argue the body-first method is ideal for all workflows even you title-only folk, but I'm biased because that is how I work ).
  8. I have only noticed this using the business card scanner, but yes, it crashes almost every other time I try to scan a card.
  9. I don't know about windows, but on the Mac client (and the Evernote Web client when accessed on a Mac) allows you to: 1) Select text 2) right click on selection 3)Transformations>Upper Case/Lower Case/Capitalize This allows you to convert the selected text to ALL CAPS all lowercase or Title Case.
  10. Ok so it looks like the workaround is to use HTML on iOS. Using <a href="http://www.google.com"> This is a link to google</a> will work EVEN THOUGH the http://www.google.com component of the code gets turned into a live link by Evernote (just as it has here on this forum!). So, not the end of the world but a heads up to all you Postach.io users who are using Markdown!
  11. You can find the settings for syncing in the application's settings. You can choose intervals ranging from 5 minutes --> 1hr. Unfortunately you cannot make it instantly push changes to the server, but 5 minute intervals is pretty frequent, and the client will do a sync just before quitting regardless of your setting (except Manual). There are no differences between the account on your PC and the account on the web. They are the same account and, except in rare instances where there is an error, the content is identical.
  12. I've been humming and hawing over a tracker for a long time, but I think the new UP24 will be my device, I'll be picking one up in the new year. For me, I have a research job, so lots of desk time. It is easy for me to go entire days with minimal activity other than when I get to the gym. I have used phone-based trackers like Moves (e.g., with no external hardware) to learn that my day-to-day activity can vary considerably and I'd like to get my baseline (non-gym) activity levels up a bit. from my time with Moves I've learned to spot patterns in my activity that I can change. I hope that the UP24, with its more accurate tracking and sleep tracking integration will help me out more in this regard and allow me to set goals and what not in order to get some external motivation (which I desperately need). the UP integrates with Evernote through IFTTT and it looks like there is a pretty good diversity of commands. I'll definitely be playing around with this and will post here with my thoughts in the new year.
  13. I have dabbled in IQTELL a bit and it looks to be a solid productivity platform with good email and evernote integration, among other things. I did find it relatively complicated so if you plan on using it to collaborate with less tech-savvy people, be prepared to become ad hoc tech support, or for them to reject it because they're too busy to learn something new. Ultimately I didn't need what IQTELL offered so I stopped using it, but not because it wasn't good. I think IQTELL is definitely powerful, so long as you bring all of your stuff into it, I think that is when it works its best. Also it has been around for a few years so not necessarily "infant". A lot of the complaints from that review you posted looked pretty idiosyncratic, or workflow specific, aside from the obvious complaints about being a website based service (which is a pretty big drag, but then again, that's why we have our evernote clients open in our docks too right? for those desktop filesystem things we need to get done!)
  14. You may want to contact the developer of Everclip for support, as it is not an Evernote product. but there may be a user here that may know.
  15. This post by John Gruber, the creator of Markdown, might help you out a bit: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax#precode
  16. I can sympathize with the desire to have everything in one place, but I don't mind too terribly much the two-system approach. Some day the system of my dreams may come about but for now I'm happy and more effective than I was before! Gneo is intriguing, but I think a desktop version will be needed to win me over, and I understand one is in the works. The only other problem is that my spouse and I use evernote and Wunderlist to coordinate personal and household things, and while I am happy to pay for evernote premium—and Wunderlist is free—I doubt I could sell my spouse on Gneo at $10 (plus whatever the desktop version costs). So there's that inertia for me I guess! I do like the look of Gneo though...... hmmm.....
  17. Hmmm the only hang up I can see with this is that shift-tab also doubles as a way to move a bullet up one level, so that may be difficult to accommodate. In the meantime, because I also like to switch as little as possible between keyboard and trackpad, I experimented to see how to get around after you posted this. Check this out: 1) Tab forward into note editor field. 2) Shoot... need to add a tag 3) press ctrl-tab to get taken to the notebook selector 4) press ctrl-tab (or just tab) to tab into the tag editor. Unfortunately it does not look like ctrl-shift-tab works in the reverse. so the behaviour is a little odd, but there you go, ctrl-tab to your hearts content.
  18. Yeah I suspect this would be for (mostly) Facebook and (partly) apple to hash out with how the Facebook APIs are being used (or can be used). Unforunately I think evernote is completely at their mercy! I find the Facebook calendar integration more of a nuisance than anything else since I just manually enter any event I am actually going to (only a few ever planned through Facebook anyway!) so that setting remains firmly OFF! LOL. Glad we were able to get this sorted!
  19. Evernote pulls data from: 1) Your device's calendar (events your own calendars or those you subscribe to. Currently occurring events FIRST, then all-day events if no event is currently occurring) It is not querying Google or iCloud or Facebook directly, it relies on data from your device. I don't use Google's services so I sync with iCloud, but it doesn't matter. I could have a calendar LOCALLY stored on my iPhone at Evernote would pick that up. Evernote does not have access to any of those services directly, only indirectly via your phone's calendar app. ONLY your phone's calendar has access to those services. 2) the iOS devices location services. For example, I am at my office and have no calendar event occurring right now so my note title suggestion is the university my office is located at. When I am at home, it says "Note from [insert mis-spelled housing complex name here]". When I drop a pin i the complex where I live, Apple Map's shows the name (mis-spelled) of the housing complex I live in. Evernote picks this up. Some of those note titles you describe look like calendar entries like "Ned's Birthday"seems like it comes from a calendar entry. I have two thoughts: 1) Try dropping a pin in a location where one of these odd titles appears and see what Apple Maps calls it. this is the database that Evernote queries for location information. 2) in your phone's settings application navigate to Settings>Facebook and look for: "Allow these apps to use your account" and check to see if Calendars is "ON" (green). try turning this OFF. If calendars is accessing your Facebook account, and you get invited to random events (like many of us do), they could be the source of your odd note names.
  20. I personally use Wunderlist (I suppose you could use whatever list-oriented application you like here like Remember the Milk. I've chosen Wunderlist) for the majority of my day-to-day stuff since it is available on all my devices. Wunderlist gets the less information intensive stuff and the items that recur very frequently such as ever few days or every week. Other longer-term recurring tasks that are not information heavy go in there too such as "take the ring to jewellers" - recurs every 6 months but no additional information is needed so Evernote is excessive. I also use Evernote for tasks but usually those that are more information-intensive. For example, if there are forms that need to be filled and submitted on a particular day (pet licence renewal, for example), or if there is information relevant to a future meeting or project, it goes in Evernote, filed appropriately, with a reminder set for the date on which action is required (such as a few minutes before a meeting). Sometimes I combine the two. For example, I might create an item in Wunderlist but use an evernote note link in Wunderlist's comment field (I do this with my calendar too!). The great thing about this is that Mac and iOS devices both understand the evernote:/// link, so in wunderlist/Calender, when you click that link it opens the appropriate note in Evernote. This is my strategy! Hope this helps.
  21. Ah jeez, you know what, I didn't even look at the timestamp on the original post!
  22. If I'm not mistaken, the mac client should give you the option to mark up the PDF in the Evernote App itself. See the screenshot and the red highlighted icon:
  23. Could these be entries in your calendar application? Evernote on iOS usually goes to calendar events FIRST then location, when suggesting note titles.
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