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  1. ah well, I'm not sure if you are the minority. I too encounter, and get frustrated by, iOS (or even OS X) data detectors erroneously interpreting a string of numbers as a date or phone number. That being said, unlike you, I don't have any use case where I would systematically be encountering this error so it would certainly be less frustrating for me than for you. I think it would be great if data detectors could be controlled by the user at the application level in iOS (they can be on OS X, if the developer includes the option), and I'm not sure whether this is something within Evernote's control or not, either way they play a part.
  2. I suppose this offers some flexibility in that Scannable can be useful for anyone, whether they are an Evernote user or not (which seems almost in contradiction to recent moves of trying to handicap anything that doesn't involve Evernote directly). Personally I think making it separate is a great move. I have recently significantly decreased my reliance on Evernote, but I have used Scannable heavily since it was released because it is one of the best of its kind in my experience. I'm please not to have to load up the entire Evernote application (which can take a while even on my iPhone 6), navigate through this menu and that menu, press this button then that button, scan the paper, send it to the non-evernote app I want it in (assuming I don't want it in Evernote in this case), then invariably have to return to Evernote to delete the note that was created in the process of scanning. Now I open scannable which loads quickly already poised to scan, bam bam bam, scan my pages and off they go to Evernote or anywhere else. Additionally, I think of my mother who just recently got an iPhone as her first smartphone. She routinely needs to scan documents but hasn't had the capacity at home (scanner at office of course) or on the road until she got her iPhone. While she isn't an Evernote user, Scannable was the app I directed her to because: 1) it's free; 2) it works very well; 3) its very easy to use. If she required an EN account to use it, I would have probably directed her to either ScanBot or Scanner Pro, both of which are capable apps, but cost a bit and aren't quite as swift. I think they really nailed it with Scannable (I haven't been able to say this about Evernote in a long time, so this is a standout moment in my opinion). *There are a few little niggles I'd like to see improved, perhaps ironically mostly with the procedure for sending to EN, but really its just a little thing. In particular I'm a bit frustrated that you cannot tag a new scan when sending it to Evernote. I don't mind having to go and load Evernote and tag the scan post-hoc, but really I feel like I should be able to slap the "receipt" tag on a scan when I pick the notebook it belongs to, rather than having to subsequently open Evernote, locate the new file, then tag it.
  3. You can import from anywhere that Finder/Windows Explorer can see and that you have Read permissions on (this would be most things). If you want to import only certain types of files you might be best to use Finder/Windows Explorer to search for files of that type on that volume, then drag and drop them to the dock icon (Mac) or the import folder (windows). If you tell us a bit more about what you are trying to do and what operating system you are using we might be able to offer some additional guidance.
  4. This is a data detector built into iOS, not an Evernote feature. An application developer can specify whether iOS data detectors are enabled or not for their application, but I don't believe there is a user-facing setting. Unfortunately I don't think the settings available to users or developers are fine-grained enough for a developer to give their user an option to turn on/off data detectors in their app. The developer either allows data detectors, or dis-allows data detectors. While I can definitely see why it would be frustrating in your case, I can also see how it would, generally speaking, be desirable (when it is actually detecting a real time/date). As such I can't see Evernote disabling iOS's data detector any time soon, as frustrating for you as that will be! EDIT: A potential workaround is to use Presentation Mode for memorizing content as the data detectors wouldn't highlight text in that view (at least not based on my very quick test just now)
  5. Completely not true. If you had any experience in research, you would know that the type of research being done, and what the researchers are trying to achieve plays a much more important role, than just numbers in bulk. We did not see the survey, so we don't even know if it was qualitative or quantitative in nature.. There are also practical restrictions... Research information takes time and effort to make sense off.. As more information comes in there is diminishing returns as you start saturating the representative population while costs increase in procuring the data. Most people work in a budget, with regard to time and resources. They may have gotten close to a million people responding as a hypothetical situation... Would you really need more numbers if that was the case? Again it depends on the goals of researchers. And the nature of the survey, which you did not take into acount or consider. You cant make generalised statements. Indeed, not only does a larger sample not necessarily imply more reliable results, it can actually result in biased results and increases the potential of making a type 1 error. While you want a sufficient sample size, the reliability of the inferences being made does not increase infinitely and in a linear fashion with sample size. There are some generic formula for determining optimum sample size, and many statistical analyses also have formula that can assist in determining what the optimum sample size is for that particular analysis given a particular model. Nevertheless, closing the survey after what appears to be a very short period of time is odd. It is either a bad decision, or they are trying to save face in light of some other reason for closing the survey such as: 1) It got flooded with bad responses from a bot or from sort of other malicious source 2) They reached their limit on responses available to them given the survey software license they purchased (e.g., many survey services offer different tiers of service that allow only a certain number of responses) 3) There was some other issue with the survey itself. We can really only speculate, but hey, at least they're trying to get some more insight from their customers...
  6. That sounds like a bug if the popup is persistent. Once that is cleared up, I don't imagine Work Chat will be in your way too much. I haven't needed to share anything since Work Chat was released, so honestly, I don't even notice that it is there. I have yet to see it interfere with my workflow (popups aside). A lot of people are complaining about WC and want it disabled, but none seem to be able to clearly articulate why they feel that way (other than saying "because I just do"). I'd be very interested to hear if/how Work Chat interferes with your flow (aside from popups, which are definitely frustrating) once your popup situation is resolved. I am definitely NOT dismissing your feelings! I am sincerely interested in understanding why people are so desperate to disable something that, to me, is barely noticeable.
  7. Previously, I have used zotero to manage references, but kept all of my reading notes in Evernote. I pasted Evernote note links into the Zotero entry for a given reading so that I could easily select a reference in Zotero and its one click to view the notes I have for it in Evernote. This has been (and still is, except I've migrated my reading notes, and all of my work stuff, to a different program) one of the most effective way for me to do things. You could use almost any reference manager other than Zotero. This same workflow would work with Mendeley, Refworks, EndNote, Papers, and probably Diigo (which I haven't tried). I've tried about 10 reference managers (paid and free) and found Zotero to be the one with the fewest frustrations for me. (That's key, you'l notice I didn't say it was the "best". No reference manager is terribly great, its all about finding the one with the problems that impact your workflow the least!)
  8. More details. What operating system, what version of the Evernote application, or was it the web?
  9. I'd suggest you submit a support ticket to alert Evernote about this bug. You'll know if a change to the clipper has been made because it will likely be part of an Evernote application update for your iOS device. No app update, no update to the clipper.
  10. Popups should only ever appear once per install (if you reinstall the app, you'll be subject to a barrage of popups again). Aside from the icon in the toolbar, Work Chat shouldn't really even be in your way if you never need it. It doesn't consume additional resources and aside from the (usually) one-time popup, it shouldn't really be something you ever notice. Are you seeing Work Chat use up resources or prevent you from doing what you normally do? Perhaps I've missed something in my day-to-day use.
  11. I find History to be almost useless, except in a small minority of cases where the one or two snapshots just happened to catch some important version of the note. In general I think it is a terribly implemented feature that is helpful only under lucky circumstances. If it were more robust, it would probably be much more useful under many more circumstances (e.g., by actually capturing a useful note state more than just once in a blue moon).
  12. I have other far more pressing things that will ruin my day. I just ignore the button and the feature and move on. After all, it doesn't occupy additional computer resources and it doesn't do anything unless you tell it to, so, no impact to the system or my workflow (except for a the pixels devoted to displaying the button in the vexingly non-configurable toolbar). It completely changed the way notes are shared is what it did. Has had a major impact on our business, so in fact it does matter. All of the old ways of sharing notes still exist. You can email notes to anyone (Note>more sharing>email note) (on iOS select the three dots>share>email, which is where it has always been) You can make notes public (cmd-/) you can make notebooks public (right click>publish notebook) The only time you need to use work chat is to invite a fellow evernote user to collaborate on a notebook. In this case, I don't see what harm is being done because the recipient must be an Evernote user by definition (and this has always been the case, even before work chat). Perhaps I have missed something. Where are you finding you are unable to share things the way you used to? When I try to share a note via email from a shared note, the send via email is grayed out. This is how we shared an update in a note before. Work chat also does not work from these notes. We had multiple premium accounts. A notebook is shared from account A. In the past account B could work on the note, then update our ordering person with an email share. Now the email is greyed out on Account B. This work chat really messed up our workflow, and made our lives miserable. We are now attempting business because it is easier to share a notebook. We do not need work chat to share anything. Actually if you put all of your employees and colleagues, such as your Ordering Person, into an Evernote Business account (which it sounds like you are based on the underlined text), then you will need Work Chat, because that is the primary means by which notes are shared between Evernote users. I suspect that on-boarding your other staff could make things like updating your orders person a bit easier actually, so long as they can wrapt heir heads around Evernote. That being said, some things just don't work for all people. It would be regrettable if Work Chat totally ruined your workflow even after you give it an honest chance. It might also be worth submitting a bug report via the support system about your greyed out email (I don't have two premium accounts so I can't test your situation for myself). It may be a bug, or another form of regression that Evernote may choose to address.
  13. I think the new Web Beta demonstrates that Evernote is into experimenting with these types of dynamic interface elements. Lots of things are fading/sliding in and out of view based on user input. Applied smartly (I think it is applied a bit heavy-handedly in the Web Beta), such as you are suggesting, it could be really good and help free up some space, especially for users on small displays or who split screen. That being said, Evernote has done little more than add a few buttons and coats of paint to the Mac interface in the last several years. I suspect if anything like you are suggesting will be implemented, it won't be until they do a massive interface overhaul (arguably v. 6 brought such an overhaul, but I don't think it did really. They changed the paint, but didn't knock down any walls). Only time will tell! It is a good suggestion IMO.
  14. Check the trash notebook on the device you were using. If you run into trouble, let us know what device you were on so we can offer some specific assistance.
  15. This isn't entirely true. Your notes can be exported as PDFs from within the Evernote app for desktop. Just open Evernote on the desktop, locate your Penultimate notes (likely in the Penultimate notebook), then print each one to a PDF. Alternatively you can drag and drop each penultimate "page" to a folder on your computer and it will be saved as an image. So you can take your content with you. That being said, if you have a large quantity of penultimate content, this could be an onerous process to print each one to PDF/drag to image, but it is possible.
  16. Can you explain what you mean when you say that this feature will be abused by advertisers? I don't really see "abuse" by "advertisers" to be a likely scenario for several reasons: 1) No third-parties get your data. Evernote does the indexing (which they have always done to offer search and "related notes"), and fetches the content from providers (rather than giving your data to content providers to parse). 2) The list of content providers is curated by Evernote and users can choose which providers they want to see content from based on what is relevant to them (or it can simply be turned off). 3) It isn't advertising, per se, because it is actual content being offered up (rather than just a promise of content)*, and Evernote doesn't get paid per click, as far as I understand based on what I've read. That is, Evernote doesn't make money off you actually viewing the content. *while not a formal definition, as I see it, advertising would be something like a poster for a product. What's going on here is that Evernote is actually giving you the product.
  17. Cal, I think you are correct. The issue is less one of actual bloatware and more of a perceived (or actual, but we can't infer that since we aren't in the company) mis-directed resources to features that should be lower on the development priority list (a priority list we [users] thought was set out in Libin's January 2014 blog post, but that was either abandoned by Libin, or profoundly mis-understood by us).
  18. Can't reproduce on 6.0.3 either. Have you updated to the most recent version?
  19. It doesn't seem to be possible to avoid this currently. Jefito suggest sharing a notebook between accounts which might help reduce the number of time you need to switch. You can put frequently accessed info into this notebook so you don't need to worry about which account you are logged into to access it. Not a solution, won't prevent you from having to switch from time to time, but it might mean doing it less often. It will likely remain a problem until Evernote chooses to introduce an efficient user-switching system for their mobile clients. As much as I can see the demand for this, I don't imagine it is a high priority for them. That's just my speculation though.
  20. This search field disappearing problem is frustrating! I imagine people with 11" macbook airs are seeing this left, right, and centre! I have brought it up with staff in the Mac Version 6 Design Feedback thread and they are aware of the issue and seem to be working to resolve it (Who knows when...).
  21. You shouldn't be seeing actual notes created by Evernote, other than those you have instructed it, or a third party to create (e.g., forwarding mail to Evernote, or using IFTTT to create notes based on some other, external action). I suspect you are seeing related content suggestions generated by "Context", a premium feature that was recently released that, at the end of a given note, suggests external material that might be related or helpful (For example, it brings up LinkedIn information for names mentioned in notes). I don't find this an immensely helpful feature for the work I do, but some people seem to dig it. You can turn it off, it is optional Evernote Preference>Context>Show Context More details: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/11/03/context-dont-just-work-best-work/ and https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/78418-evernote-for-mac-6-context-feedback/ Are you seeing ACTUAL NOTES from the Wall Street Journal? If so, then this might be a different problem.
  22. This might also have been an issue with iOS/the App Store, rather than Evernote itself. Either way, frustrating!
  23. Thanks for the kind words. As you noted in your other post, much of the knowledge floating through this topic is derived from our experience and speculation, so we can only hope that anything we are saying on this topic is at least somewhat accurate!
  24. The screenshot you are posting is from the sidebar. You cannot modify the organization of notebooks from the sidebar. Try clicking on "Notebooks" (which should be above the list of notebooks in the sidebar) to show a list of your notebooks in the main window, then right-click on any given notebook, or you can also drag and drop notebooks into/out of stacks.
  25. Just did some poking around, it looks like Gazumped is right. It does not appear to be possible to filter the Atlas view by notebook. His workaround, sadly, is about the only thing I can think of at the moment. Atlas is something that looks cool, and I am sure some people are putting it to good use, but which really hasn't been given a lot of love from Evernote. Great idea that hasn't been fully executed in my mind.
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