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  1. 1) Why don't all of your devices know you are premium? - It can take a while for things to get processed on Evernote's end. Up to 24hrs, perhaps longer, depending on if you transacted through a third party (e.g., iTunes or Google). - You may try signing out and back in on your devices to see if that helps it realize you are premium. - If after 24hrs and re-logging in, I recommend opening a support ticket 2) How do you turn off those promotions? - When you are recognized as a premium user, you will have the option to do so. 3) Why is the web interface different from the program interface? - The user interface across web, windows, OS X, iOS, Android, etc, all differ because Evernote just does it that way. - The information you are seeing could differ because on the web (the most up-to-date and accurate account information available) knows you are premium, but the clients (Your desktop program, your mobile application) do not yet. re-loggin in could resolve this. The max number of notes, increased monthly uploads, related notes, docx and pdf search, increase sharing capabilities (among a few other things) are about all you get out of premium. I personally find these features indispensable. If you do not think these features are worth your while then you may find upgrading to be unnecessary.
  2. My partner and I own a cat, I share a household notebook with her where we can keep scans of all of the cats paperwork so it is always accessible to either of us. Wh have reminders set for renewal dates so the pet license renewal comes up a week before it needs to be submitted. We also track his weight in there since we are trying to keep that under control. We both travel a fair bit too, so we put our flight itineraries and other relevant information in there so that if she is out of town, I can see her flight info and accommodations, or she can see mine and so on. We also share a cooking notebook. We scan magazine recipes and use the web clipper to clip website recipes, as well as scans from our mobile devices of recipe cards when we visit family. We also use a calendar to plan weekly meals. Using note links, each meal event in the calendar has a link to the recipe in Evernote. Click the event in calendar, click the note link, and the recipe is right there at hand And that's just two notebooks out of 15! I also have notebooks devoted to individual products. Any notes on academic literature get put into the academic literature notebook tagged appropriately by project or subject matter. This is a hefty notebook. Another notebooks stores receipts. If fit is a travel related item, it gets tagged "expense", I usually scan, for example, a meal receipt, right at the restaurant. If it is just for archival/warranty/reference, such as for an appliance, it may or may not get tagged. So Evernote is kept fairly busy by these three notebooks alone! Hope this helps give you some insight,
  3. I noticed this with an earlier version of Evernote 7 for iOS but subsequent releases have fixed it. Are you up to date with your Evernote app? Try uninstalling and reinstalling, or at least logging out and in again.
  4. Yes, I think 4.99/mo | 45.00/year is a very reasonably price, personally. I am a happy premium subscriber and I appreciate the extra perks that come with the premium account. Happy to support a SERVICE that is indispensable to me,
  5. They aren't hiding it from users such as us, rather, they are ensuring that people aren't seeing it (hopefully) more than once. When a non-user passes through the nag screen, they shouldn't see it again until their cookies are cleared.
  6. You might consider DevonTHINK. It's not as cheap as Evernote but it is a bit more flexible in terms of how it can be deployed in institutional settings. Local sync is possible. I have never used it, but I have heard many people talk about it, mostly with praise. http://www.devontechnologies.com/products/devonthink/devonthink-pro.html
  7. What more do you want to hear? They are considering your request and will talk it over with the development team. This is precisely what any of us could have hoped for really. I am sure you are not the only one to open a support ticket about this, and Evernote also reads these forums, so I am sure they are aware that some of us are a little unhappy with this nag screen. All we can do is wait it out and see if they make a change, because unless we are sitting in their meeting room, it is unlikely that we will hear anything definitive UNTIL it actually happens, or doesn't.
  8. Are you able to access your notes without error on the web? What happens when you log in there? Also, try deleting your Evernote database on you mac, and logging out, reinstall the app. This will force the entire database to be downloaded new.
  9. This sounds like an attachment for a particular note is causing Evernote grief for some reason. Try accessing Evernote from the web, locating the note with this attachment, and deleting it (after saving the attachment to your hard drive and/or exporting the entire note). Try launcing the Mac app again. If all is well, re-import the note or create a new note and re-add the attachment.
  10. Agreed, while I doubt it would be easy to implement, it would be a great feature IMO!
  11. I am sure that Evernote, as would any good company, has diagnostic and support data that could give this information.I really doubt that there is any platform that chronically experiences more issues than another. Certainly the types of issues plaguing a Mac will be different from those plaguing windows, and different from those on android. There may be periods where one platform is more problematic than another, for example such as right after a major version bump, but that is relatively normal.
  12. This is not possible. Location data comes from the Apple Maps database, so it will be however your current location appears on the map. A similar effect would be to just change the title to "location:work" or to use a tag called "work" wouldn't it.
  13. Do stacks appear open by default on both the Web AND your Note? This may just be a quirk of using the web interface as unlike a native application in my not remember the whether your stack was open or closed between sessions. The web interface will, as with most web-based interfaces, have some quirks and limitations. Using a native application (for Mac or Windows) may be more reliable in this regard. Unfortunately there is not a way to creat a new notebook within a stack. New notebooks appear outside of a stack and must be dragged to a stack afterward. This has been discussed elsewhere on the forum.
  14. Also you may need to clear your cookies to emulate the experience of non Evernote users.
  15. I think the best option at the moment is to use the calendar service you like best, and in the comments or URL field for any given haven't, copy and paste the note link (not the shared link, the NOTE link) into that field, you can click on the event, click on the Evernote:/// link and it will take you straight to that client's note.
  16. Yes, this is a bit intrusive, especially for my less tech-savvy family and colleagues who may not realize this can be skipped, and consequently waste time ditzing around the sign up screen and either signing up or more likely giving up!
  17. It's amazing how big of an impact a small glitch can make eh?
  18. In the little pop down menu that emerges from the search field, you should have the option to save search, once saved you can drag it to the shortcuts area.
  19. I did about 15 cards and it worked very well! Sometimes cards with non-typical layouts caused some grief, and sometimes perfectly good photos were oddly cut off on one edge or another, usually cards with dark backgrounds. But really on,y a small minority needed manual fixing.
  20. The most recent release is 5.4.4. I do not recommend switching to the App Store version. An uninstall and reinstall of 5.4.4 might solve Your issue.
  21. I have not experienced this. Can you check your settings in System preferences>privacy and security>general What is your setting for "allow applications downloaded from..."? Also, what version of Evernote are you running and is it from the Mac App Store or was it downloaded from Evernote.com?
  22. This cannot be done. Both operating systems have hugely different underlying capabilities and requirements and limitations. Just "porting" is impossible and would ultimately produce a hugely inferior app on BOTH platforms. To adequately accommodate those limitations and optimize for the specific capabilities requires building from the ground up on each platform. Personally, having just set my tech-moderate mother up with Evernote on her android and Windows devices, I have to say I cannot stand the appearance and organization of the android app, which is, of course, solely my opinion and not actually a problem with the app.
  23. A user who is using their free account upload limit with 10 recipes is perhaps going about it in a way that is less than efficient. That is, it is Possible that they are photographing recipes or scanning recipes with an unnecessarily high resolution. I have extremely clear scans of recipes that clock in under a 1mb. I typically use a scanner application on my phone to produce high quality but low file-size scans. Evernote food offers some functionality to help with that. 60mbs is not a lot, but it can go a long way. As a user you need to take some care in what you are scanning or clipping, there are some ways to do it more efficiently, so take the time to consider your approach.
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