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  1. 1.Suggest about searching in evernote : should be more searching algorithms or method to access more accurate of note . I have more than 2000 note now and i uses tag to categorize them but i want more effective searching algorthms eg. Search only topic or in file content etc. 2.Suggest about bookmark and favorite : When i read pdf file in ipad and i want to do some work with other files, i have to close pdf file. It was not easy to go back to pdf file i have had reed before. Should have bookmark or favorite in every platform 3.Problem when uploading file size more than 10 mb on ipad evernote, it will make a file to multiple copies and use up more storage, i try to correct and send message to evernote team but they cannot help ,the said that uninstall and reintall --> problem persists... Thank you ...
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