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  1. Hi C6REW. Thanks for the reply. I was pretty frustrated when EN didn't work as per my understanding of what it says it can provide with a premium account in the website, ie, collaboration with other people, enabling them to add and edit notes with the shared notebook function. And after emailing support since Friday morning last week, I have yet to get any sort of reply at all. Hence, the comment that EN support is rubbish. But you're right, I should complain about that in another post - it won't help here. Anyway, I have allowed my free account to modify notes in the share notebook. It worked fine when I uploaded files into the shared folder with my premium account and my free account could download it too. But when my free account created a new note, typed in some text and put in one jpeg file (4MB in size) in the same note, my premium account (after syncing) could only see the text in that newly created note and nothing else. I just tried it again today and it's the same thing. There is no way I am even remotely close to the size limit of either the note or the whole account. Thanks for the suggesting mediafire and the other cloud storage service sites but unfortunately they are both blocked in China too. EN's limit of 1G upload per month is enough for this project... if only it will work...
  2. I am working on an emagazine designing and publishing project with a client who is in another country. Basically what I need is something like an FTP server where I can receive high resolution photos from my client. I am living in China and China has blocked sites like Dropbox and other web storage sites. EN isn't blocked and according to EN: "Evernote Premium users can allow others to edit their notes". So I went ahead and upgraded to a premium account. I have found (after much googling) how to use the shared notebook feature but EN isn't as user friendly as I thought it would be: 1. I have shared a notebook with myself - premium account on my company email address and free version on my personal email account just to test it out. After inviting myself to a shared notebook, I seem to only able to open the notebook using EN Web - the shared notebook didn't show up after I logged in and synced in my free account. The web version is extremely unfriendly and seem to lack a lot of features. Or am I doing something wrong here? 2. After much clicking about I finally found a way to create a new note in my free account within the shared notebook. However, I can't seem to add pictures in the notes. Only the texts show up. So... my question is, is EN even capable of fulfilling my requirement apart from giving my client the password to my premium account? EN support is rubbish and hasn't replied to my ticket for days now. Thanks in advance! -S
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