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  1. I had this exact problem with my S4. Just froze up. I then tried to scan the doc I needed with my Note 10.1. Evernote did it but the flash light refused to turn off! Had to reboot... But a day later the S4 decides that it will scan! (by 'scan' I mean the document setting)
  2. Starbucks?! I thought you said you were going to buy him/her a coffee? SNote on Note 10.1 works well and share it across if needed (- Skitch is worse than useless IMHO)... not as slick as an integrated app... but SNote has a lot of useful features that Penultimate doesn't have ... Lecture Notes are ok as well... but lacks the tech drawing features of Snote - and the SNote UI is easier... the only issue with SNote is .snb file type - doesn't open to anything else
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