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  1. I had done some searching on the Evernote forums on this topic prior to contacting Evernote Support Chat because I was concerned, as many of you in the thread are, about the 250 limit on notebooks. I couldn't find the answers to all of my questions about it, so I ended up chatting with an Evernote Support rep today. I'm sharing the info I got because many of you seem to have the same questions. Hopefully, this will help you Currently, free and premium Evernote accounts have a limit of 250 notebooks, 10,000 tags and 100,000 total notes. These limits only apply to synchronized services. Local notebooks and notes are unlimited for all users. Per Will @ Evernote Support: There is no limit for the local notebooks as those are saved in your computer and not the server. In addition, if you find that you need more than 250 synchronized notebooks, you can upgrade to an Evernote Business Account. Evernote Business Accounts can have 5,000 synchronized notebooks. Per Will @ Evernote Support: # of Business Notebooks: 5000 synchronized So, Evernote does have a plan to meet everyone's needs. People who need more than 250 synchronized notebooks may pay the higher cost of a business account, but they will get more for their money. Currently, Evernote Premium (250 notebooks synchronized) is $45 per year and Evernote Business (5,000 notebooks synchronized) is $120 per year. My premium account more than meets my needs now that I know I can have unlimited local notebooks. I store a lot of data in Evernote that I really only need access to on my MacBook. For instance, I don't need access to all my saved PDFs of utility bills and receipts from my mobile devices. Many of you are probably the same
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