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  1. Sadly I have to agree - I love(d) EN and use it all day every day for everything. For now, I'm clinging on to the old version but will have to cancel membership & look for something else (argh!) v10 is on so many fronts is a retrograde step giant leap off a cliff Basic core OS functionality has gone (intuitive stuff like shortcuts, renaming or dragging Notebooks) It's slower (!) and sucks system resource Sync missing Note formatting that looked fine on v6 has gone to ***** in v10 - reformat all your notes anyone? Can't present etc etc etc Sad.
  2. Yep - even 2 or 3 years after EN users complaining about it, this is one of those strange bugs where Evernote can't do the most basic of functions you'd expect, whilst development budget and staff time goes into new shiny stuff that looks good in the funding portfolio. Shame, could probably be fixed in 5 minutes by a developer...
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