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  1. Another vote for this feature. Should be able to turn sync on and off on a per-notebook basis so that devices with limited capabilities or roles do not need to have an account's entire note database stored locally. Example: Want to have one notebook on a client-furnished computer, must not update notebooks related to other clients. Forcing sync of everything would violate all sorts of contractual agreements. Example: Don't have enough storage on a small tablet/laptop/phone. Self-explanatory. It's great to be able to compose and edit a few notes on a phone, but it's preposterous to pa
  2. OK, then, please take this as a suggestion. If I knew the name of the tag I wanted, I could use auto-complete, but if I don't remember, it's no help at all.
  3. I'd like to be able to click in (or near) the "add tags" field and get a drop-down of all my defined tags. I've even seen reference to this feature as if it already exists, but if it does, I have not the wit to find it in either Firefox 19.0.2 or Chrome 25.0.1364.172 m. Is there something I might have misconfigured? I'm using Web Clipper 5.5.1, Evernote The feature would be better if the drop-down list started with a (configurable) number of the most recenty used tags, followed by all the tags in in alphabetical order.
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