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  1. GrumpyMonkey wrote: "Hasn't Evernote solved this problem already? Evernote has a "Make Plain Text" option in the Mac and iOS clients." Thanks for the tip on Macs! I figured out the Windows Firefox problem: The ctrl+shift+v trick works in both Chrome and Firefox, but AdBlock's default settings conflict in Firefox. Users need to type about:config in the address window and hit enter (you'll get a warning), search on adblock, look down the Value column until you see "Accel Shift V, Accel Shift U". Double click to edit and make it simply "Accel Shift U". Close out of Firefox and reopen it. The ctrl+shift+v trick should work now. Since both Firefox and Chrome have fixed this problem in general, I can't see Evernote spending any time on it other than making it a helpful hint somewhere, if they haven't already. I withdraw my request (update +0).
  2. Gmail's "Remove Formatting" key and "Plain Text" mode are are fantastic. I add my voice to the chorus calling out for these options in Evernote. Not having to constantly undo formatting dragged in from webclippings is a big plus for Simplenote and Google Keep for me. I'd love to see Evernote solve this problem. PS: I have to admit Chrome's built in ctrl+shift+v option for pasting only plain text is pretty sweet. It forces me to use Chrome for Evernote instead of my preferred Firefox, but it is an efficient workaround for the moment.
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