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  1. I just added about 25 files to my usual Import Folder.  About 1/3 of them successfully made it into Evernote. The rest are still sitting in the original folder.  I can right click and send them to Evernote but what's going on? It's not an upload limit because I've only used 2% of my monthly upload this month. 

    the only thing I can think of that changed was that I changed the rubric from Keep to Delete today. I'd formerly had it as delete but recently had to reinstall EN after a hard drive format and didn't realize it had defaulted to Keep everything. 

    I have tried signing out and closing EN, opening and re-signing in, no change. 

    Using Windows 6.14

  2. I frequently have pdf notes from meetings that I need to highlight or annotate.  I just open them in a pdf viewer on my tablet (android) - PDFmax, etc., annotate and then save, then import into Evernote for filing when I am done changing them. This also keeps me from exceeding my upload limit (uploading a new file each time I add to the notes), as I'm still on the free version.

  3. When I first set up EN, like many people I made lots of notebooks.  Now I see the reasoning behind fewer notebooks and would like to do this.  I've set up 2 new notebooks which will contain all of my personal in one and then all of my work info in the other.  However, within each notebook I'll still be using tags.  is there an easy way to tag a whole group of notes at one time, like for instance I have a notebook for pets - could I tag each note with "pet" all at once or will I have to do it manually to each one?


    edited to add - I'm using Windows if it makes any difference.

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