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  1. I have an Epson ds-30, a simple portable scanner I use a lot.  The software, Epson Document Capture Pro, does most of what i want easily, but I am having 2 problems I can't find an anwer to from Epson's support


    1)It comes with a button for sending directly to Evernote.  When I click on it, it tells me I don't have EN installed, which is not true (had EN long before this scanner, and am running the most current version on Windows). The work-around is to save to a folder, and I use my "Into Evernote" folder on my hard-drive. It's just an extra step and I wondered if anyone else had the same problem.


    2) there is a button in DCP to make pdf's searchable.  It came bundled with ABBYY fine reader 9.0, but I eventually bought ABBYY FineReader 11.0.  Both are still installed. When the searchable button is on, I get an error message that it can't connect with finereader's ini.  I have re-installed the FR 9 software with no help.

    Mainly, I'm trying to figure out if I should just leave the searchable part off, and let EN do it, or is it better to have the OCR done locally first and then upload?  I have a basic account, and I thought only jpgs are searchable, which is why I was doing it this way.

  2. I frequently have pdf notes from meetings that I need to highlight or annotate.  I just open them in a pdf viewer on my tablet (android) - PDFmax, etc., annotate and then save, then import into Evernote for filing when I am done changing them. This also keeps me from exceeding my upload limit (uploading a new file each time I add to the notes), as I'm still on the free version.

  3. I have a Samsung Note 4 phone running android 4.4.4 and the latest Evernote for android app.  When I try to take a picture through the EN app, I line it up carefully within the screen, only to find the top 1/3 of it cut off when I then view the result immediately afterwards.  However, after taking several shots and syncing them, I find the one that ends up in EN is actually correct after all.  But, I can't tell that until I exit the camera part and check, so I've been retaking multiple shots trying to get the info I need.  Also, I don't see a way to immediately discard a photo if it's not good, without it creating the note.


    Additionally, is there a way to turn off flash from within the EN camera app or do I have to have set it prior, using my phone camera settings?


    eta - one more thing - when should I be using the Document camera button vs the regular camera button?  Most of my pics are of things like packages of items I want to remember the name/number to get again -ie, today it was the new spark plug for the lawnmower.  So it's a photo with text

  4. When I first set up EN, like many people I made lots of notebooks.  Now I see the reasoning behind fewer notebooks and would like to do this.  I've set up 2 new notebooks which will contain all of my personal in one and then all of my work info in the other.  However, within each notebook I'll still be using tags.  is there an easy way to tag a whole group of notes at one time, like for instance I have a notebook for pets - could I tag each note with "pet" all at once or will I have to do it manually to each one?


    edited to add - I'm using Windows if it makes any difference.

  5. My question is about the security of having these types of documents in EN, with bank account numbers, SSNs, etc.  My plan is to have a local-only notebook (backed up separately to external hard drive)

    to keep these in, but it somewhat defeats the searchability aspect.  Also, I currently have my scanner set up to go directly into EN, but that's through a folder that is monitored by the EN sync and it goes into my Inbox.  To keep these local I would have to change the scans to go directly to the local folder on my desktop EN and not allow any syncing at all, correct?  Once it's gone through the server, even if I then moved it from my Inbox to the local folder, it's out there, correct?   

  6. I currently  have a multi-function HP printer/scanner/copier, ie flatbed.  while I'd love to have one of the quickie document scanners that do both sides at once, this will have to do for now.  However, I wanted to point out that for kids' artwork, if it's anything like my kids' stuff, it far exceeds 8.5 x 11, which is the max size for all the personal scanners I'm aware of.  Easiest thing to do is just snap a picture with it, then put that into a note in Evernote.  You don't really need anything fancy to hold the camera if you're just shooting a picture of  picture, just hold it steady and take it close enough to fill the frame.  My phone camera has a button for Share, after taking the picture, which goes right to Evernote since I have that installed on the phone too.

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