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  1. 21 hours ago, TheMagicWombat said:

    Your theories are fascinating. However, I would bet cold hard cash that on your computer you use deeply nested folders.

    Again, as always, some people love feeling like rebels who eschew convention and  use those tags to emulate an almost good enough nested filing system. 

    Actually that's a perfect example of why tagging works much better than nested folders.  On my work computer I have my own C drive and the server's "P" drive.  I make documents and save them in a folder on C but then have to copy them to P for others to view and use.  To get to where I need to put it, I have to tunnel down through P:/spay-neuter clinic/animal care/rounds/2019/June.   If I want to view a file in one of those nested folders I have to do the same thing (and many of them go deeper than just 5 levels).  But if I use the search function it will usually bring up the correct document if I know the exact title. More often, I know part of the title and my search brings up pages of documents that may have a few words the same.  Tags in EN enable me to quickly run a search for ONLY things with that tag, not things that may have that word somewhere in the title or document.

    No one is saying tags are the ONLY way to go and you MUST use them!  But those of us who have tried them and given it a fair shake often find it works better for us.  your mileage may vary of course and you are free to find software which does what you want.

    FWIW, when I started with EN years ago, I too wanted nested folders and made a ton of notebooks and stacks to emulate that.  It didn't take long to realize how much time i was spending putting things in the correct notebook, or remembering whether I "filed" it in "Work" or "School" since that overlaps. With a few tags I can now find it for either purpose.

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  2. I just let Firefox update and it's disabling nearly all my extensions, including Web Clipper.  When I search for it in the add-ons and try to add it back Firefox tells me it can't download as I have no connection, which is not true. Did you have to re-add the Web Clipper or did it work automatically for you?

  3. FWIW, I have done the opposite of what you were planning to do in the original note - I use Google Drive during the semester as it's an easy way  for me to keep my notes for each week's module in Google docs and then in folders on the Google Drive.  I also have a lot of articles I have to read as part of my courses, so those are also filed as pdfs in those folders so it's all together.  AT the end of the semester I export each document as a pdf and tag it with the course name, semester and year and then put into Evernote so everything is searchable for the future.  I have one notebook which is just for school work (my masters degree), one notebook which is a home/personal filing cabinet, and one for articles which I use in my work on a frequent basis.  I don't keep the school work in separate notebooks by course but just rely on the tags

  4. Just thought I would post how I am using EN for genealogy research.  I've been using EN for many years but just started with genealogy last month.  While I keep my tree in genealogy software, I have been making a note for each ancestory that I am researching.  The title of the note is the full name and year of birth and death (to easily distinguish between multiple ancestors with the same name) I have these in a notebook called Family History, and in the note itself I list research details I've found, along with their source (census, etc).  I then save copies of those sources like birth certificate, etc as separate notes but then merge them together.  I tag the note with just the last name, so I can easily pull up the notes associated with that line of descendants. 

    I can take pictures of grave sites or documents which can't be scanned and also attach those.  

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  5. I just found a note in my Personal Filing Cabinet Notebook (which is not my default notebook, that is !Inbox for the web clipper, etc) which was created on 9/30 and is titled "(84) Facebook"

    The contents of the note appear to be a huge list of my FB messages overlaid with notifications, etc. I did not consciously make this note but I was on FB that day and probably had EN open as well. Any ideas what created this?


  6. Hmm, just to check again I went to download a few more new templates. I click on Save Template, it says it was saved and offers to open Evernote.  When I click on that, EN opens on the web and there is no new template.  Figured that might be due to using the older web version so I checked my desktop app as well, synced it, still no new templates.  Tried this with 3 different ones, none are saving now, although a few days ago I was able to save several.

    new bugs I guess....

  7. @TheDBar I am on Windows 10 and using it in the desktop.  Have you tried that?  When I try it on the web client, first I get the notice that the new version is not supported by my browser (Firefox) and since I don't have Chrome on this laptop (and refuse to install it), it offers to use an older version.  When I do that, I can still type within the template itself, BUT I can no longer right-click and get the option to copy it so I don't mess up the original.  I assume that's b/c it's an older version.

  8. No, you should be able to type into them. I have mine stored in a separate notebook called Templates, just right-click on the one I want and then hit copy, which makes a new one that I use, leaving the original blank for another time. But I just checked and I can type in the original as well if I want.

    I'm using the Windows desktop client, not sure about other platforms

  9. I, too, am disappointed not to be able to use the web client on Firefox. I've mostly used the Windows desktop client but read in another thread that the web client is now much improved, comparable to the Mac version and wanted to try it out. I refuse to install Chrome on my new laptop, already got rid of MS Edge.

  10. On 9/24/2018 at 3:17 PM, DTLow said:

    I have daily incremental and weekly full backups in html format.
    I have no problem accessing my data if Evernote goes dark, temporarily or permanently.


    Do you do this from EN or just as part of a regular backup? I have tried exporting but it only wants to choose the one note that is open?  How to export the whole database or even as individual notebooks?

    edited - OK, now i see how to do notebooks as a whole, but not the whole database unless it's part of a Windows (or Mac) backup in general. Also, from EN, do you choose individual html or one html file? I'm not sure how having one huge html file would be useful?


  11. I have a bunch of old Wordperfect documents I'm going to convert and then put into Evernote. Which would be preferable, to convert them to plain text and then copy/paste directly into a new note, or just "print" them as pdf files and import that way?  Does it make any difference in EN's ability to index or OCR them?  These are just text files, no graphics or fancy formatting, just things like old letters, funny anecdotes I collected, book lists, etc.

  12. I just added about 25 files to my usual Import Folder.  About 1/3 of them successfully made it into Evernote. The rest are still sitting in the original folder.  I can right click and send them to Evernote but what's going on? It's not an upload limit because I've only used 2% of my monthly upload this month. 

    the only thing I can think of that changed was that I changed the rubric from Keep to Delete today. I'd formerly had it as delete but recently had to reinstall EN after a hard drive format and didn't realize it had defaulted to Keep everything. 

    I have tried signing out and closing EN, opening and re-signing in, no change. 

    Using Windows 6.14

  13. Thank you.  I just went back to that page and finally see the button for Manage Subscription.  It's hidden in the middle of the page, not on the side with the other links as expected (?).  Clicking on that does get me to the correct page with options.

  14. I am having the same problem. When I go to that link, the only related button i have is Renew, which takes me to a page where all 3 levels are listed but the only clickable button to purchase is to renew the same Premium subscription I have, which expires later this month.  If I click on it, I'm taken to the payment page and there are no options to downgrade.

  15. rubenb, what pdf viewer are you using that has the EN link in it?  I also do not see this in Adobe Reader.  I'm currently using Save As, and then into my import folder, which is simple enough but a direct button would be even nicer.

  16. I have EN on my Windows 7 laptop at home and it correctly imports from 2 folders I have set up for it.  I also have EN on my Windows desktop computer at work, set up a similar "into Evernote" folder that I've been dumping things into , and find that it is not importing them. (It's a single premium account, not a business acct) The only difference in how the 2 systems are set up is that at work, I unchecked the part about deleting them once they are uploaded (thankfully). I've double-checked the path in the import dialog and it's pointing to the correct folder.  The computer at work is part of a shared network, but both EN and the Import folder I'm using are kept locally on my hard drive, not the server.   Any ideas?

  17. Not the OP but I am having a similar situation.  I am using the Windows desktop client (win 7). I have a very large pdf (1200+ pages) I saved in EN from conference proceedings.  I opened it with the Annotator and highlighted several passages, then clicked "save and exit."  The note now does not show the first page's (where I made the highlights) actual text, but does show all my highlighter lines.  When I opened the pdf with Foxit, same thing - only highlighter lines for the first page.  I also had highlighting on the 2nd page and that page appears normal, both text and highlighting. 


    Edited to add - I just tried printing it even though it looked abnormal, and it prints a 'summary' of the highlighted page which is only the highliter lines, but then printed the text normally.  Not sure if this is a Foxit issue or EN but I guess I can make it work. 

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