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  1. Hard +1 on this— the helper is one of the main reasons I've used Evernote for as long as I have, and this makes it damn near unusable
  2. +1 on this. And I realise this has been proposed ad nauseum, but a distraction free write mode would be spectacularly useful. I used to use the web app on full screen for this purpose, but the new update (while very pretty) messed up the margins. Am I alone in not wanting to write on the whole screen, and needing my text centered?
  3. Same problem as above, the hot fix is clearly not working evernote, and this is too important a feature to be brushed away. Just had to spend hours re-clipping notes clipped over the last month. Fix this ASAP, or I'm moving elsewhere after 6 faithful years.
  4. Same issues for nearly the last month on a new Google Pixel 2 running android 8.1.0. I've tried clipping using multiple phone browsers (including Firefox Focus), but the problem still remains. I have to essentially go to each pages source on my desktop to ensure that the article has been clipped. This is extremely frustrating, evernote, and unacceptable for long term pro users like me who've designed their workflows around evernote. Please push this up the queue.
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