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  1. And as dumb as this answer sounds, installing 4.6.4 in this case leaves you with BOTH versions somehow so the update nags continue unabated. As I said, I wiped 189 registry entries by hand so that there's NO sign of Evernote and it now cannot be eradicated (some hidden entries apparently).
  2. Well, I THOUGHT I was done with this. One of the fixes allowed me to install 4.6.4 but then I still was getting bugged by the updater. Odd. So I check and I have both 4.6.4 and 4.6.3 running somehow. I then try to remove the old version and I get the same problem. I then decided to eradicate it manually. I uninstalled 4.6.4. Removed all folders. Wiped 189 registry entries. I then tried to reinstall and now the installer immediately complains that another user already installed Evernote (this is my home PC and I'm the only user and always admin) and that I need to uninstall that before this can continue. Frustrated I wrote support. Their response? A reply that clearly glossed my e-mail suggesting I go to Control Panel and uninstall. At least READ the e-mails you get in as a support rep. How hard is that to process as being your job? I now can't get rid of Evernote and yet can't use Evernote and may consider never bothering again.
  3. FINALLY. The only option that worked for me is the one above using the Temp file.
  4. I don't get it. Evernote is continually bothering me to update but fails every time with an error 2732 and then a "bootstrapper" error message. Now I find I can't even manually update or uninstall the old version. What the heck is going on?
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