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  1. The fact is: if I copy anything, paste to notepad, then copy again and paste to Evernote, all is ok, as the "paste as text" is expected to work. Now if I copy a selection of formatted text, for example in an Outlook message and paste it in a note, I always get weird results, in most cases all the text goes on one line, line breaks are lost and no blanks are inserted between lines. Sometimes I even loose all blanks.
  2. Me too: have asked on Twitter, and will not renew my subscription. I'm going to move all to onenote.
  3. I really miss a "paste as text" function, that pastes TEXT ONLY !
  4. have anyone tested it on Wildfire? What's NewWhat's in this version: Fixed in 5.0.3> Crash at start on specific devices > Added Vietnamese glyphs > Performance issue on Kindle Fire > Crash in Multishot camera Camera improvements > Page Camera mode beautifully digitizes photos of physical documents and pages Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine! > Evernote for Android now works with the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine > Order yours at http://evernote.com/moleskine
  5. Installing v4.5.6.2 worked for me; first time I've done this and surprisngly easy Can you please advise as to the repository you downloaded the 4.x apk from. I'm obviously keen to avoid any unpleasantaries from 'non-offical' apks or unsafe sources. http://www.androiddrawer.com/10039/download-evernote-4-5-6-2-app-apk
  6. I'm really glad the effort I spent to get my Evernote back is usefult to someone else, but I'm a bit scared about future support for older/limited devices, anyway there are alternatives rising, like the google one.
  7. it's easy to find web sites that let you download previous apk files.
  8. The solution I'm using at the moment is simply going back to previous version 4 !
  9. Always used Evernote Android on my HTC Wildfire phone. Installed v5, all seems ok, sign in, Widget works and display notes. Any try to open Evernote, or a note from widget does not work, screen goes blank for few seconds, then goes back to desktop. Creating a new note from Widget o Stich works well, I can't just enter Evernote. mike
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