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  1. I agree - this would be extremely valuable, especially on iPad where fewer notebook are visible at once on the screen. Since we can't control sort order, it actually takes quite a while to find a particular notebook when they all look exactly the same. Evernote could offer an initial set of well-designed notebook covers, and I'm sure the community would rapidly supply many many more.
  2. Evernote: This issue and the lack of communication from you on it have been extremely weak on your part. I've been an Evernote user for two weeks, during which there has been a constant stream of installation error messages on my computer. Your note software is great, but it's just barely worth the hassle if I need to dig through forums, mess with registry keys, etc.. Software updates should be invisible to users. Please see how Google Chrome and Spotify update themselves - at high frequency, without notifying you, and for the love of god, without making the user dig through forums to manually modify registry keys!
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